ShogunCat KSjee Chapter 1870

ShogunCat KSjee Chapter 1870

With his great energy, Jiang Chen shouted out loudly using the Sonic Hawk Cry. The sound waves flew toward the man and caught him off guard. Being hit by the sound-wave, the man's body immediately started trembling nonstop.

"This golden egg contains the source energy of Firethorn Savage, and the energy is massive. If I can absorb it all, I will be able to form another 100 Dragon Marks and break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. When that time comes, those ordinary Mid Divine Core warrior won't be my match any more."

"Serves them right! They should be thankful that chief Jiang decided to spare their lives! If we were the ones defeated by them today, we wouldn't have a chance at survival!"

Yun Li was a meticulous person. The moment he saw that Jian Chen didn't have any plans of letting the Tianxiong clan go, he didn't plan on trying to convince Jian Chen anymore. To him now, Jian Chen was worth far more than the Tianxiong clan was.

If Ming Dong was a person to be idolized and worshipped in the hearts of the students, Jian Chen was a deity in comparison. One that they could never dare to offend.

Wu Ningzhu knew that Yan Chenyu was Jiang Chen's fianc¹Če, but Yan Chenyu had no idea what the current relationship between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu was. However, based on her womanly instincts, she knew that Wu Ningzhu had fallen in love with Jiang Chen.

Early morning, next day!

As Jian Chen trailed off, the Flaming Cloud Beast roared, and opened up its jaws to release another serpent fire.

Li Hui roared, and his face darkened. As an outer circle Sect Elder, and a Heavenly Core warrior, if he was hung up and beaten in front of so many people, there would be no way for him to continue staying in the Black Sect anymore.

Tie Ta moved quickly as well, the moment he heard Jian Chen start, he had already started to store all of the monster cores. Tie Ta had finished by the time Jian Chen did.

Jiang Chen let out a thunderous roar. He unleashed a bright, shining beam from his battle axe, and at the same time, he descended from the skies above. In an instant, he came face to face with the Blood Devil leader.

Jiang Chen threw his glance at Wu Jiu first. Wu Jiu was the most important person right now, because with his status, position, and strength, he could ensure the safety of Jiang Chen's friends. But at the same time, Wu Jiu was the person Jiang Chen worried about the most.

The Imperial Emperor was surprised. With the Crown Prince's status and position, within the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, even the entire Eastern Continent, there seemed to be nothing he couldn't get if he truly wanted.

Jiang Chen continued his explanation.

Li Wu Shuang was cursing in his mind. He was determined to get first place in this competition. According to his expectations, it should have been the Little Devil King Han Yan up here for the final fight. He had never expected that in the end, he would be fighting for first place against a rogue cultivator.

Hearing the announcer's judgement, Ming Dong finally let out a deep breath of joy as Qin Xiao and the others cheered while Senior An hugged everyone in excitement.


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