u are not alone Chapter 1213

u are not alone Chapter 1213

On the other side, Old Man Ling Shan also cursed. Even the Golden Lion felt shame for the trio. But, Old Man Ling Shan didn't help directly. After all, there was no one from the Eastern Continent who really wanted to offend superpowers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, and Old Man Ling Shan was just a rogue cultivator.

Nan Bei Chao was only 17-18 years old, but even Fan Kun addressed him as big brother. This went to show how much respect they had for Nan Bei Chao.

Suddenly, the war god like Zhar spoke from within his silver armor, "Jian Chen, although you are using some sort of special method to hide your presence, I can tell that your Saint Force is not far away from my own. With your young age, I am sure that with time, you will reach the peak of the Tian Yuan Continent. So in this battle whether I win or lose, I hope that we will remain friends and not enemies."

Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously for a moment as he looked at the leader. "Fine, I'll defeat you in 5 moves then." In an instant, an intense amount of Saint Force appeared within his hand as a silver sword materialized.

This person had a bounty placed on him for ten thousand purple coins. Although he was in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he was alone and badly injured, so his strength would be sharply declining.

However, Firethorn Savage simply ignored Qing Styx's demand. He opened his mouth and spat out a few huge fireballs towards the formation.

The moment Jian Chen heard the words "Heaven Tier Battle Skill", he instantly snapped open his eyes. Although everyone was cultivating within the cave, in this sort of condition, they remained vigilant to the outside world. Not even the subtle and sudden gust of wind would be able to escape their notice.

"Both guardians are dead as well! We can't defeat them, these people are too strong!"

Then, Jian Chen's eyes registered something as they swiveled toward the fatty before speaking softly, "Who are you?"

By the time Jian Chen and the other two arrived, there was already plenty of people congregated together. Around half of the group were seventy year old elders that Jian Chen had never seen before. Right in front of them were four large flying type magical beasts perched nearby, from the look of things, these magical beasts were at the Class 3 Magical Beast level.

Right at this moment, ferocious roars could be heard from the crack. The roars came from three powerful Dimensional Creatures. More and more Dimensional Creatures would start coming in batches as the dimensional crack got older.

The clash between the two had caused yet another explosion with the Sword Qi being blown apart while the three Heaven Tier Battle Skills weakened once more. With this one additional step, Jian Chen had all about run out of enough time to do anything else. The very last thing to do was to allow the three battle skills to hit him.

Swoosh££ swoosh££ swoosh££

The faces on the people from the Lee family all changed. They did not dare make a single sound. Not because they were afraid of the pressure, but because they were afraid that the warrior at the Heavenly Core realm would get angry and kill them.

With this, the cold looking envoy looked at the other one with a meaningful glare, "This is your fault for looking for trouble."

"Disciple understands."

Jiang Chen's body was shaking as well.His facial expression was pale, and he was having a difficult time standing.Using a High Earth Combat Skill was just too hard with his current power.It had consumed all of Jiang Chen's Yuan power, and the Dragon Mark in his Dantian had even started fading.

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