Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend Chapter 2260

Dual Cultivation: Birth of Legend Chapter 2260

-Pill workshop!-

Thus, it could be inferred that a Ruler Armament was no weaker than a Saint Ruler's Skeleton. It had a high value as a treasure; after all, something like this could only be left behind by a Saint Ruler who had died.

"What is that combat skill? How could it be so powerful? I think it must be at least a high earth-ranked combat skill!"

But they could actually feel that the atmosphere in this place was similar to Inferno Hell. Therefore, this place should still be within Inferno Hell, but the formation had isolated the area.

An ear-splitting shout spoken in devil language sounded out from the Devil Palace. After that, a being over 30 meters tall shot out from the Devil Palace, chasing after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

"Imperial Protector, all of the items have been placed within our Space Rings now." One of the soldiers in charge of managing the items made his way to Jian Chen before respectfully handing over several Space Rings in his hand over to him.

Everyone had already prepared themselves for this situation. So the moment the black blur came into view, it had already been spotted by Kendall and Deere. Looking at the incoming target, Kendall laughed and cried out, "One finally came!". A large axe sharp enough to cut the air around it appeared in his hand. With a fluid motion, the axe was swung in a downward motion toward the black blur.

"Indeed, after saving Yu'er, he saved the entire family! Brother Jiang Chen's kindness towards our family can't be described with words anymore!"

"So that means either the mercenary called Mu Yun is just some mindless idiot, or he is relying on some type of support that makes him so fearless." The white robed middle aged man muttered to himself.

Right now if Tian Jue had wanted to die, then he would have the solution right in front of him. Originally, he had wanted to use Jian Chen in order to make Qin Xiao lose some face by pitting them against each other. What he didn't think was that with this sudden development, not only had he insulted the sworn brother of Qin Xiao, but he had also lost his chance of Jian Chen teaching Qin Xiao a lesson. Furthermore, he had even lost the ability to use the might of his clan to threaten Jian Chen because if Qin Xiao were to pick a side, he would stand by Jian Chen. If that were to happen, then Tian Jue would have no other chance.

"What's going on? Who's going to face Heavenly Tribulation in the Asura Palace?"

"You don't know about this? I was told that not long before this, the third son of the Lee family, Lee Chang Hong, was killed in Fragrant Sky city. The killer is this Jiang Chen! The Chief of the Lee family went to Fragrant Sky city himself a few days ago, and I don't know why, but he came back empty handed. No one would have thought that Jiang Chen would come to Red city and even stay in the Misty Rain Tower."

The Devil King was extremely furious. It quickly circulated the source of its devil energy, finally removing the flame on its fist. Within its fierce eyes, aside from anger, it also showed some fear as it looked at Jiang Chen. Perhaps it wasn't afraid of Jiang Chen, but rather, afraid of the flame. The flame was too powerful, as it brought a suppressive effect even stronger than the purest Buddhist lights. It seemed to be a weapon that could be used specifically against devils.

Within the vast storage of the Space Ring, there was a wide variety of expensive looking pottery. And in the middle, a single bookshelf with three sets of books towered over the other items. By its side, a slightly glowing purple card sat on the ground.

After four hours, Jian Chen's spirit had finally run out, and he had no other choice but to stop. Although his wounds weren't fully healed, they would no longer impede any basic motor functions.

"Your Royal Highness, I've heard princess Ge Lan is already twenty years old and is still not yet married. Our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom hopes that our two kingdoms will become allies for many generations, so this servant has come here today to propose a marriage. Our kingdom hopes that the princess Gelan will be wedded to our Heavenly Kingdom's second prince." The prime minister spoke with a faint smile.

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