Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife Chapter 1762

Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife Chapter 1762

A trickle of blood flowed out from the old man's forehead, his eyes wide-agape as he quickly fell down toward the ground. The golden light returned to Qing Shui and the whole world had turned quiet once again.

He was cautious even when it was about looking for a person to take over his position.

"Hehe, Liu-li, call him godfather. As long as you call him your godfather, there won't be many people who will bully you. I will let my daddy give you many gifts. To tell the truth, our master-disciple relationship didn't exist for a long time now. It is just a name, so now is a good time to end it officially." Canghai Mingyue said smilingly.

A powerful force surged towards Song Lang, and Qing Shui simultaneously executed one of the critical sword techniques of Heavenly Palace Sword Art, he had learnt recently.

However, Qing Shui wasn't the type to give up that easily. He continued on because he also felt that the technique wasn't as simple as it seemed. He wasn't sure about its potential yet. After all, this was the legendary Upper Dantian most people were talking about.

Qing Shui knew that it was not actually increasing but was just Hai Tian recovering his initial abilities. In the past, Hai Tian must have been a very powerful person, no weaker than the man-slaying bear. However, he would also not be stronger than Luo Di with his ¡®Thunder God'.

Qing Shui felt a sense of joy in his heart. He revolved the "Emperor's Qi" and clashed it against the "Ball of air" restrictions.?

People like Luan Luan would only appear once every thousand years. Luan Luan's spirit energy was decent but her level was not one that could tame beasts of this level. She still relied on the help of the Heart of Seven Orifices. Other people would require at least a thousand stars to tame the Spirit Deer but Luan Luan only required a thousandth of the same strength to achieve this feat.

"Even if I didn't pass by here, I'd still come to visit you. With such a beautiful and lovely lady waiting for me, I will want to come here every day." Qing Shui loved looking at her shy face.

"Rumors are but rumors. However, a site of ancient ruins has been found in the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. It was just that it had been sealed up. The estimation was that that three years later, the seal will weaken and the experts from the five continents may gather there," Yu He gave it some thought and said.

"Like I said, you... can't get away! Never forget that the person who killed you is named Chen Yue! Kill them!"

Sun Peng led him directly to Cellblock D and began to show him around. He had already decided that since Bai Hao had been delivered to him, and he couldn't get rid of him, that he might as well treat him well. After all, with so many people in Cellblock D, having an extra guard around wouldn't hurt anything.

However, even as the patriarch gained the upper hand, the trap golem's eyes suddenly flickered. At the same time, the patriarch's face fell as he remembered the stories he had heard about trap golems, and how they all had a terrifying self-destruct function.

Feng Shamo had begun to make his move. His speed was so fast to the point that it was difficult to follow with the naked eye.

Before long, the light of dawn filled the sky. However, Bai Xiaochun wasn't in the mood to go out and do anything. Instead, he stayed inside to fret and pray about the roster.

If he did that, he would reach the Gold Core stage!

It was in the still of night that he used the power of the mask to suppress the pressure of the flame. Not even someone standing directly next to the ornamental rocks would have noticed what was happening, or would have been able to detect the incredible power brewing inside....

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