"Damn it, I should get a scrap metal and sell it as well. I might be able to find some idiots."

The two sides began to roar, their cries piercing the heavens as their weapons collided against each other. But the mercenaries were still not able to see behind the bandits, and the streaks of black lights were still able to precisely strike at each mercenary without fail. Within a few moments, a dozen mercenaries had fallen.

"Eldest brother, you can't"

"Uncle Feng!" The woman argued. She had still felt wronged to the point of tearing in the eyes, almost ready to cry at any moment.

Seeing the look of hesitation on Jian Chen's face, Qin Ji's own face had a minute amount of worry to it. He and Jian Chen had only a regular relationship for now, but he was absolutely willing to have Jian Chen be an Imperial Protector since it would be a tremendously good thing for him.

However, upon arriving at the Western Region, Tyrant seemed spiritless and dejected, and a sorrowful expression was visible on his face. However, he quickly adjusted his emotions, then started flying at to speed. His ultimate goal was to save Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If not for this, he wouldn't have come back to this place at all. This was because he didn't want to see the look of disappointment on his master's face.

Right at this moment, another palm dashed out from the side, instantly blocking Wu Cong's strike. The man who did this was none other than Wu Lang!

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Xu Neng walked to a corner on the auction stage and stared at Jiang Chen without blinking his eyes.

Only after the Dragon Transformation skill was circulating at its maximum speed did Jiang Chen swallow the Earth Fruit.

This was terrible. Nevertheless, this was human nature.

"Yan Yang, when you're free, do spend some time with Brother Jiang Chen! Not only has he seen a lot and has great experience, he is also a genius alchemist. He is truly a genius amongst geniuses!"

Leaving the cave, the outside world was already quite dark with the bright moon shining down on the ground below.

"Sire, who are you, and why have you crossed paths with my Yangji Sect?" The third uncle spoke with a dark expression.

Half an hour later, a man suddenly landed beside Jiang Chen. It was Guan Yi Yun.

Big Yellow's tail begun wagging.

Looking down at his blood-soaked clothes, Jian Chen forced out a smile, "Tianmu Ling, spare me your sarcasm. While I can fight a Saint Ruler, I've done nothing but take a beating from them."

"How do you know he isn't in the passageway?" The princess asked with curiosity. She had been right by Jian Chen's side ever since they entered the imperial palace. She had not seen anyone ever come report to Jian Chen. So the fact that Jian Chen knew that the second prince wasn't escaping in the secret passageways was a completely mystery to her.


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