Number twelve Chapter 1691

Number twelve Chapter 1691

There was a clear bird cry from afar!

In that exact moment, a boom rang out from the node which Chen Yue had recently occupied.

He didn't care much about Zhou Zimo, but simply could not ignore Song Junwan. She was his closest relative! And when he saw her swollen belly, he also knew that he was fighting for his nephew, a nephew whose father could only be Bai Xiaochun!

"That's good. Talk to the Mu Clan when the time comes. Wait, forget it. Let me talk to the Mu Clan myself." The old man hesitated a moment before continuing.


When one was really nonchalant to things, they would have reached a certain level where even a person's life would be worthless as dirt. Ordinary people would get extremely frightened if they were to kill someone and it might even affect them mentally. However, to a person that treated human lives as useless as dirt, killing others and killing an ant had no difference. Their heart wouldn't even skip a beat while doing so, this was being nonchalant about life. Similarly, when one felt extremely disheartened, they could take matters involving life and death lightly.

Even as Bai Xiaochun scowled on the verge of tears, the Celestial looked at the gravekeeper and coolly said, "So what if you knew? Whether I lured you into the open, or you did it to me, in the end¡­ it will all come down to who wins the fight!"

Before long, they were out of Cellblock D. Along the way, any guards they happened across would smile and call out a greeting to Bai Xiaochun. And of course, he would always return their greetings. That was simply how Bai Xiaochun did things. When people treated him well, he did the same in return, which always led to people feeling more and more pleased with him.

"Looks like we really drove him crazy. He can't leave, can't concoct pills, and can't practice cultivation. Now he has no option other than to sell random stuff on the street!"

Nine Palace Steps!

Tears flowed down her face as Qing Yi sobbed silently. Qing Shui understood that she was involuntarily reminded of that man¡­ that man who was his father, that man who had abandoned them! Looking at the forlorn and helpless expression on her face, Qing Shui gritted his teeth and silently vowed. "I must seek redress sooner or later, and quickly gain strength to accomplish the wishes in mother's heart."

The White Feathered Condor stopped there steadily. At the sight of that bright color and the fragrant scent, Qing Shui knew it had already long riped, but it had just been hanging here all along.

The corrosive power of the acid raid went far beyond anything Bai Xiaochun had created in his pill concocting. Terrified, he began to back up.

At the same time, one of the Luochen Clan members in the seventh level of Qi Condensation performed an incantation gesture, causing mist to roil up around him, making him look like an enormous mist giant. Even as he closed in, Bai Xiaochun's hand suddenly shot out, and his thumb and index fingers connected. Black light flickered, and the defenses provided by the mist could do nothing to stop the black light.

Bai Xiaochun didn't even need to draw a marble; the remaining marble was the free pass.

Also within that ancientness was grief for the loss of home, family, friends, and loved ones. It was a sorrow abundant in helplessness and confusion.

They moved slower than before. The spiritual energy was getting weaker, making traveling more strenuous, and increasing the amount of time it took to recover from exertion. Furthermore, this leg of the journey was clearly more dangerous than the previous one.

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