One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate Chapter 1065

One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate Chapter 1065

Outside of Origin Mountain, a young lady dressed in purple was rushing towards the mountain. She looked like a 14-15 year old woman. Her face was amazingly gorgeous with a small childish look. Her bright eyes were as pure as the mountain spring. She was rushing with great speed, and the air around her was emitting a cold chill.

"Seems like you'll have to taste some pain before you turn obedient." Saiya's eyes grew cold as he extended both of his hands. All of the fire elements in the world began to gather around him as an indication that he was about to attack.

The targeted mercenary hastily brought up his sword to block the strike, but with the Light Wind Sword being so fast, his defenses were quickly overwhelmed, and he was ultimately stabbed through the right shoulder.

Wu Cong was instantly enraged. This dog was truly fierce; no ordinary man could stand still after hearing him speaking, let alone the prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty. Without hesitating, Wu Cong stretched his arm forward, grabbing toward Big Yellow.

He was going to be an Emperor, the Emperor of the entire Eastern Continent? Damn it, wasn't this a joke?

Soon enough, Jian Chen left the treasury and walked outside where a large group of strong looking soldiers and officials stood still, not fearing to stand their ground.

Lee Shan Yue was furious. He carried Lee Chang Ming's body and left. Yan Zhan Yun took a deep breath. The current Lee Chan Yue was really frightening. A lion with nothing to worry about and able to explode without a single care, the consequences of that were beyond his imagination. Lee Shan Yue had this kind of mentality right now. All three of his sons had died; what he would do next must be something crazy.

Jiang Chen's slap made young master Liu's head spin around like a tornado, and it didn't stop until after it had spun around a couple of times. The neck kept producing cracking sounds as it spun around. Once the head started spinning, the young master's body stopped moving. When the head stopped spinning, his face was looking in the wrong direction. He died a horrible death.

Jiang Chen was searching for the warmest spot here. Not only can it help him temper his Combat Weapons, it could also help temper his body. Most importantly, he was protected by the True Dragon Flame, and he had a strong body, that's why he didn't fear the magma's intense temperature. An environment like this was actually beneficial to him.

Tiangang Yi and Shangguan Sheng were both startled for a moment. Two emperors had been killed, and it was very obvious that Jiang Chen had grown to a very powerful stage. He was now beyond the control of these people; and it was time for the Imperial Emperor himself to strike. So, why didn't they inform the Imperial Emperor?

Ka Di Yun looked at Changyang Hu arrogantly, and casually said, "Changyang Hu, what will you use to fight me with then?"

It had taken a long period of time before Zhan Tian took a single step powerful step forward. "Gentleman, what is the meaning of this? Do you wish to start a war with the Flame Mercenaries?"

An hour later, the blood red light covering Firethorn Savage had completely disappeared. Even the golden color on his body had faded away. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could both tell that the Firethorn Savage was extremely fatigued, and the energy of his source had become extremely weak as well.

"Even the patriarch of the clan is there, he's one of the strongest three men in Thacia City. For an Earth Saint Master like him to run out in such a hurry, could something big have happened?" Another person spoke out.


The man laughed with no ill intentions, "Little brother, you can't be any older than 20 years old. Once you've successfully condensed your Saint Force into a Saint Weapon, then your potential will be unlimited." The man's words were sincere, but after he spoke, he gave a long sigh. "Thinking back, I was 25 years old when I first condensed my Saint Weapon and broke through to become a Saint. To think little brother here is only 20 years old and is a Saint. I don't think it'll be too far off until there will be another gifted Earth Saint Master in the future." When the three words £¦Earth Saint Master' were said, the man's face had looked almost expectant.

The Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were both gigantic existences in the Eastern Continent. Aside from the Martial Saint Dynasty, no one dared offend them. This group of people from the Shangguan Clan were also being led by a Combat Soul warrior.

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