VRMMORPG: Skeleton That Run Havoc Chapter 1831

VRMMORPG: Skeleton That Run Havoc Chapter 1831

Jian Chen gave a free smile as he spoke, "If we speak of that matter, then it was my fault. The unhappiness between Huang Luan and I has been resolved during our time in the isolated space. The two elders needn't worry."

Zhang Zhen cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen. He had been completely conquered by Jiang Chen's might, and he was really grateful as well. Right now, if Jiang Chen asked him to jump into a fire, he would do it without even frowning.

"That's right. I'm sure that monk must be very eager to absorb that sarira now. If my guess is correct, he should be looking for a secret place. However, this guy has killed so many geniuses of the four major powers, and they definitely won't forgive him. If they mighty warriors from the four major powers attack the monk while absorbing the sarira, the consequences will be devastating."

Yan Meng said sincerely.

"She's just a mere human, but she can actually unleashed Ice Source Energy from her body, this is incredible! It indeed looks like she is the inheritor of the Ice God, you weren't lying to me; you've brought me to the real inheritor of the Ice God, thank you!"

"It can't even withstand a single blow."

Zhuge Yun roared out. In an instant, countless golden beams were unleashed from his folding fan, heading toward Jiang Chen. At the same time, the rest of the men dared not hesitate any longer. In just a blink of an eye, two men had been killed by Jiang Chen. If they kept delaying, no one would know how many men would be killed. This Jiang Chen was really formidable.

"What Big Yellow said is correct. It's the same for humans. When we break through to the Saint realm, we have to withstand the punishment of the heavens. If we can survive it, we'll successfully break through to the Saint Realm. If we don't, we will perish and turn into ash. Cruelty is nature of cultivation."

Great Master Ran Feng was surprised by Jiang Chen's response.

"Of course they will, with Jiang Chen's temper he will surely accept it, and they have to accept it now that everyone in the city knows about it.They will become the city's laughing stock if they refuse."

Right when the Magma's Heart entered Jiang Chen's body, a heat wave suddenly exploded out from within his body. It was very sudden, and very powerful! If it was any other person, his internal organs might have already been burned to crisps.

"Prince, since we still can't find that Jiang Chen, what should we do now?"

Nangong Wenyang angrily said.

The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, as its name implied, this powerful combat skill was related to the five elements. The Five Elements Combat Dragon seal was comprised of five combat skills; the Golden Dragon Seal, Azure Dragon Seal, Water Dragon Seal, Fire Dragon Seal, and the Earth Dragon Seal.

In that split second, both envoys had used their Saint Force to protect themselves, however, something absolutely shocking had happened then. This mysterious type of power had seemingly ignored their defenses and went on to injure both of them. Even more shocking, they had felt countless of tiny blade like objects cut into them all over their bodies. Their thighs,waists, arms, hands, face, forehead, and chest had all been cut in some way and almost became a bloody mess.Chapter 237: Magical Beast Invasion

This step of the process required a monumental amount of energy, and so the extremely strong amount of energy from the Class 5 Monster Core entered Jian Chen's body via his pores and began to gather within his dantian.

The stone door was completely opened, and a deep popping sound could be heard after. Then, countless dazzling blood red lights shot out from behind the door. They were so bright that everyone were forced to close their eyes.

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