Lone Hero: The True Heir Of The Realm Chapter 761

Lone Hero: The True Heir Of The Realm Chapter 761

Following that, he equipped himself with the golden-ringed armor, battle boots, helmet, bracelet as well as the coldsteel needles before exiting the realm.

However, the shafts of light, and the red welts they left on her skin, caused intense pain, and required significant effort to suppress. Furthermore, the slightest lapse of attention on her part could lead to permanent consequences.

The fact that Bai Xiaochun had seriously injured the deva patriarchs of the other two clans caused fear to pulse in his heart. However, after a moment, his eyes glittered with cold light.

And yet today¡­ Bai Xiaochun had directly consumed it!

In the kitchen, Canghai Mingyue gazed dumbly at the basket full of vegetables as well as all the kitchen equipment. She embarrassedly turned her gaze towards Qing Shui as she had no idea where to begin.

"Your son brought calamity upon himself while your wife suicided. But regardless of everything, since you are here, and purposely targeting me, I'll take on all the debts." Canghai laughed.

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The sight of it caused Bai Xiaochun's eyes to become even more bloodshot. Just as he was about to use his Undying Hex to pierce through the shield, it shimmered, and three faces appeared on its surface.

The spirit automaton briefly considered using the sovereign aura he had command over to try to threaten or extort Bai Xiaochun, but quickly abandoned the idea. Considering how much he knew of Bai Xiaochun's shameless and crafty nature, it seemed likely it would only be asking for trouble.

"Going up the bed? Or else how are we going to begin?" Qing Shui put her down on the bed with a smile.

She suddenly realised why her father wanted Qing Shui to take care of her¡­¡­¡­¡­

Qing Shui was actually very surprised that Duanmu Lingshuang already had a child, but not overly so. He never thought that Duanmu Lingshuang had fallen in love with him. It was just a joke at that time. Moreover, so many years had passed and she wasn't getting any younger. He didn't have the confidence to have a woman crying for him to marry her when she had just met him yet. It seemed like she had the hunch that she might not even see him again for the rest of her life.

Bai Xiaochun stood there for a moment, basking in the gazes, and then cleared his throat and looked over at Li Feng.

"This is not my generosity. It's my principles. As long as you trust me, it will be fine." Qing Shui laughed.

"Old master, do you have any plans for the Skysword Sect in the future?" Qing Shui pondered for a moment before placing a black piece.

It wasn't a human skull, but rather the skull of some enormous crocodilian creature, stretching down into the necropolis. The bones were like mountain peaks, so shocking that Bai Xiaochun gasped out loud.

"What is it?" Qing Shui looked at the beautiful face which could seduce like a fox spirit. That smile could make a man worked up. Although Qing Shui ostracized her, he couldn't deny the fact that he was sexually interested in her.

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