You Of All People Chapter 745

You Of All People Chapter 745

Tyrant shouted out arrogantly. The image of an eminent monk from the Western Region was simply bullshit for Tyrant.

"Shadow, if you're unhappy, we can fight it out and see who's stronger. Though, I've got things I gotta do. I don't have the time to bicker with you. I'll fight you any time after I complete the mission Mr Cheng's told me to do." The big bald man said coldly.

On the way through the flower garden, the sounds of a zither could be heard as the second lady of the Tianqin clan sat within the center of a pavilion with her instrument.

Quickly, a big shadow could be seen within Jian Chen's line of sight. The shadows were like a current, with each different shadow moving along in a stream.

Outside of Wake City, a caravan group of two or three hundred people slowly trekked towards the city gates.

Ming Dong's match was right after Jian Chen, so after the announcement, he and his opponent entered the Space Gate.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and felt puzzled.

Wu Ningzhu said. When the Venomous Nether Toad was mentioned, everyone's expression immediately changed. These people were all very strong, and they knew a lot of things that ordinary people didn't. Thus, they understood how frightening this Venomous Nether Toad was. There were many venomous things in this world, but those with Nether in its name were rare.

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, "Come on, let's go to where I live. I'll introduce you to some friends." Jian Chen then guided Tie Ta in the direction of a palace-styled building. He came across some servants and said, "Go and notify Dugu Feng, Senior An, and Yun Zheng to tell them to meet me here."

"The stronger my inner potential is, the more resources I will need. Looks like I will need to search for Demon Beasts above my current level. Besides, in order to reach the Late Qi Hai realm, I think I will need to form at least eight Dragon Marks."

"Let's enter!"

Sitting on his bed, Jian Chen took out the Multicolored Stone that he had bought while at the Treasure Pavilion from his Space belt. The moment the Multicolored Stone appeared in his hand, the Sword Spirits within his dantian began to shake once more, sending a happy feeling telepathically to Jian Chen's mind.

After saying that, Jiang Chen moved his legs and started walking towards the inner area of the wasteland.

Jiang Chen smiled, and didn't even pay any attention to the crowds. He started walking toward the inner parts of the desert. Since he actually didn't want to fight these superpowers, he had hidden his real identity when he came to the Blissful Island, but fate had pushed him into all of this. However, Jiang Chen had no fear at all; different situations called for different measures. As the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, Jiang Chen's path towards the top would always be filled with powerful enemies and huge pressure.

The other four weirdoes unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time. At this moment, devastating attacks and colorful energies could be seen everywhere, wreaking havoc in the entire area.

The ancestor continued to explain, "A Heaven Saint Master can control the energy of the world in ways that can enable them to fly through the air. A Saint Ruler has comprehended the mysteries of the world can initially use the energy of space. I was using this spatial energy just then."

The two Saint Kings came to a quick realization of what was going on. They quickly turned to look at the white-robed Tian Jian who was still standing there without a care in the world.

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