DxD New Dragon! Chapter 2526

DxD New Dragon! Chapter 2526


"No wonder you are known as a beast of antiquity. Your body is so strong that my fist didn't break your arm." Jian Chen laughed. He was rather surprised to experience the strength of a Class 7 Magical Beast. Compared to a Saint Ruler, the contrast in strength was far too much.

As he ran, Jian Chen continued to think about his options. Changing directions every so often, he made a dash for the nearest city.

"Sigh££ This is what a real genius is like££ Compared to Jiang Chen, no one can call themselves a genius. In the entire Qi Province, I'm afraid only Nanbei Chao can compare with him."

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

After Master Blissful left, Nangong Wentian took off his bamboo hat and revealed a handsome face. He had a pair of straight eyebrows than slanted upwards, and a pair of clear eyes. Together with his sharp face and strong body, he gave off a manly aura.

Jiang Chen was speechless and helpless, he was once the greatest Saint in the universe, and now he had to sit here all alone and wait for a dog to wake up.

Without hesitation, the girl took the Earth Restoration Pills from Jiang Chen and said, "Young master, welcome!"

"It was me who tore the Imperial Decree, it had nothing to do with them."

"Alright, it looks like all of us have the same thoughts. Although that Jiang Chen and that big yellow dog are really strong, with so many of us working together, I'm sure we'll be able to kill them both. I, Zhuge Yun promise, once we kill Jiang Chen, we'll equally divide all his belongings."

Jiang Chen casually waved both his hands, and in an instant, the surrounding natural Yuan energies flowed into his body like a tsunami. Lifted by the natural Yuan energies, Jiang Chen's body slowly floated upwards, but this time, he didn't use his blood wings to fly, he instead did it by controlling the natural Yuan energies.

Still sitting in the stone chair, Jian Chen's eyes showed contempt as he looked at the two guards striking at him. His hand waved gently, causing Sword Qi to shoot out from his fingers, slamming into the two Saint Weapons.

Everyone were stunned. They felt like they had seen the dragon claw somewhere before, but they couldn't recall where. But soon after, they knew the answer.

Jiang Chen smiled.

Getting off his bed, Jian Chen got dressed quickly before heading out of his dorm. The sky was still dark, and majority of the students were still cultivating or sleeping. The sports field was relatively peaceful since there were no people in sight. Only in remote corners did Jian Chen see a few other early risers practicing.

The owner glared at Big Yellow furiously.

"What powerful energy! Haha, this kind of feeling is awesome!"

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