I Reincarnated to be a part of History! Chapter 131

I Reincarnated to be a part of History! Chapter 131

Shangguan Yiqing was appalled. As he felt his life force constantly slipping away, only now did he realize how cold it was when death truly struck, how frightening it was to face death. At this last moment of his life, Shangguan Yiqing finally understood what kind of person Jiang Chen was; he was a man who would never give his enemy any chance to survive!

Mao Sheng nodded his head in agreement.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

"Haha, cut the formalities!"

When they arrived in the Cloud Capital, the two of them had made an aggressive entrance. In the end, only one of those men left the city alive.

Jiang Chen also finally understood why Tyrant knew the Fudo Seal. His judgment back in the Chaotic Ocean was correct, Tyrant did indeed have a relationship with Ancestor Greenlotus.

Li Wu Shuang was finally able to react. The threat of being killed had made his soul tremble. But too bad, he was too late, he didn't even have the chance to say the word £¶defeat' before he was cut in half by Jiang Chen.


Not only were Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snakes very strong, but rumors said that they could fly through the air and burrow into the ground. Its venom was unrivaled, and even a Heaven Saint Master would be afraid of the consequences of being infected by one.

"The Yan family is done for!"

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Liang Xiao shouted once again while unleashing a strong imposing aura. He shouted in a manner that allowed no room for doubt.

The huge disturbance had alerted all the Evil Devils in the devil cave, and in just a short moment, countless Evil Devils appeared from all directions, storming toward Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, trying to stop and kill them.

"If you were willing to give up the family chief position, such a thing wouldn't have happened at all! I'm the eldest brother, the family chief position should be mine! Since dad made the decision partially, I'll just take what belongs to me!"

Jiang Chen was acting extremely haughty as he roared out in laughter. He knew that the Third Emperor and the others were feeling frustrated right now. However, it was too late. These guys were destined to help him greatly, and once he broke through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, all of these people were going to meet their end.

Nangong Wentian said in a gloomy manner.

"Brat, stop there!"

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