Darkness inside the Light Chapter 172

Darkness inside the Light Chapter 172

"Jian Chen. Good, good, good! I, Tianxiong Lie swear that even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will find you! You won't ever escape!" Tianxiong Lie roared.

Seeing Jian Chen and their leader brandishing their weapons, the other mercenaries began to move back to watch the two fight.

That mercenary lazily rolled away and dodged the warbeast's foot. When the warbeat strongly slammed its foot into the ground with a seeming endless amount of force, the entire area shook violently once more. But what amazed everyone was the fact that when the warbeast lifted its leg, there was not a single trace of a crater to be seen from the blow.Chapter 208: The Fearful Violet and Azure Sword Qi

"Big Yellow, let's go."

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow flew up into the skies immediately, blocking the way of the six Blood Devil leaders. Just as Yu Zi Han was about to follow them, Jiang Chen stopped him and said, "Zi Han, you stay together with Town Marshal and kill those Blood Devils on the ground, don't show any mercy, kill all you can. Let me and Big Yellow handle these leaders."

Jiang Chen's expression changed. Just right after his words, ripples started appearing on the surface of the cold pond, and a huge roar sounded out followed by a huge being leaping out from within the pond.

Jiang Chen showed no signs of fear. Faced with this formidable group, he took the initiative to launch an attack. He waved his arms and unleashed a few deadly flood dragons that swept toward the Third Emperor. He didn't target anyone other than the strongest Third Emperor. This kind of fighting method was not one the Third Emperor had expected.

"What a strong defense!" Katata cried out. The defense of the Green Scaled Ape was far beyond what he had expected. To think that even after using his entire strength, there would only be a small amount of damage.

"I know about the relationship between you and younger sister Little Yu, it must be hard for you to accept immediately. However, don't worry, I'll wait for the day where you truly fall in love with me. You're going to the Divine Continent, and so will I. I'm sure my mom's home is somewhere in the Divine Continent. Sooner or later, I'll go there as well."

"Who are you!" One of the men roared at the girl. They all knew who Jian Chen was, but not who this new girl was.

This demon lord was a Black Hawk demon beast that was subdued by young master Jiang Chen, it was an incredibly powerful existence that was even stronger than Mayor Jiang Zhenhai. It was actually taking on a lot of Dimensional Creatures all alone!

"Hehe, Big Yellow, just let me have a look, I promise I won't take it away from you."

Right at this moment, another loud cry could be heard coming from Jiang Chen's hand. When everyone turned to Jiang Chen, they could see that a huge golden sword had appeared in his hand. It was an amazingly huge sword, and the energy it was unleashing was no weaker than the Imperial Emperor's Profound Firmament Sword.

"Haha, prove it, kill me!"

Yang Shuo let out a thunderous shout. In an instant, all energy swords merged together and formed into one gigantic sword.

Dimensional turbulence, that was a place where coldness and darkness blended together. It was tough to find a dimensional node within, and even a Combat King warrior who has mastered the dimensional forces would find it hard to get out from it. Only those mighty Combat Emperors would be able to walk out from it with ease.

Just at that moment, a multicolored light suddenly burst into view of everyone there. At first, this light was so faint that practically no one felt it at first. But as time went on, the light began to grow even stronger, and soon enough, not a single person could disregard this light.

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