Mana: Goddess Of Destiny Chapter 1974

Mana: Goddess Of Destiny Chapter 1974

Bai Xiaochun was completely shaken. He proceeded along for a while until he caught sight of the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sectˇ­. The changes there weren't as dramatic as elsewhere. The sect was still surrounded by plains of ice; apparently, it was the only location in the north that still remained that way.

While Bai Xiaochun waited for his followers to accomplish their mission, he kept a low profile in the Bai Clan. He rarely left his hut, preferring to spend most of his time cultivating his Undying Live Forever Technique.

"Don't be so anxious, there won't be any problems. Luan Luan will be fine. As long as I'm around, I will not let anybody bully her." Qing Shui gently tugged at her sleeves.

"Qing Shui, you are so powerful now. There is no one in Heavenly Palace stronger than you. Remembering the time when you were fighting with those rich brats seems so long ago." Yun Duan had an indescribable feeling remember those past events.

The flower was clearly in the middle of blooming, and needed a bit more time to complete the processˇ­.

Even Qing Shui was extremely embarrassed. After all, Hai Shiya was their juniorˇ­

Situ Ba was nearing 60 in age. Because of his obsession in the martial path, he married late and had only two sons. One of them, was the strongest among the 3rd generation of the Situ Clan - Situ Luan. The other son, was Situ Shang.

"Eighteenˇ­. eighteen-colored flameˇ­."

Qing Shui glanced at the Violet Jade Earrings that hung on Mu Qing's ears and then sensed the poison that was rushing towards them. He knew that everything would be fine, so he stared at Gu Song. "Poison isn't omnipotent. Do not bother me and Qing'er. Otherwise, don't blame me for being brutal."

So for this time round, he channeled the Nature Energy into his Taiji Fist technique when he reached his finishing stroke and slowly drew it on!?

"Very well, what if you are accidentally killed by me?" Qing Shui asked seriously.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun had no idea about what had just occurred. Keeping his aura under tight control, he cautiously closed his fingers over his palm, causing the sea of fire to shrink back down, accompanied by intense rumbling sounds. Then, when he opened his hand again... he had a tongue of thirteen-colored flame!

He was none other than Song Que!

"Zimo, you need to listen to--"

"Why can't you change your attitude, don't you know that you have offended a lot of people with that bad habit of yours? And yet you still insist on doing it." Old Man Ying Xing said helplessly.

The truth was that not even Ghostmother was very sure about where the moonflower originally came from. After all, the battleship where Bai Xiaochun had found it was only a temporary dwelling place.

What was occurring right now only provided more evidence of that very fact.

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