Pampering Little Pixy Wife Chapter 1379

Pampering Little Pixy Wife Chapter 1379

Even if a Gold Core expert dared to show up, they would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Three-Headed Dark Flame Python!


Compared to the Three Moves Combination Sword Technique, its prowess had been raised by one-fold.

Circulating his martial techniques basically took him only an instant. He circulated them to the peaks and maintained the status, "Make your move. I'll give you a chance!"

"You just wait for Lord Bai, you old fart!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "I... I want that bow of yours!!"

"Heavenly dragonfish?" Bai Xiaochun had been curious about the nature of the visit, so when Chen Su brought up the heavenly dragonfish, he was a bit taken aback.

Flashing Shoulder!

"It was definitely fatherˇ­." she thought, gritting her teeth.

"If you don't want to acknowledge the marriage agreement put in place by the Giant Ghost King, then that's fine with me. But as the majordomo of Giant Ghost City, do you really think you can prevent me from leaving this camp?! If so, then you can't blame me for acting rashly!" To accompany his angry words, he unleashed his Nascent Soul cultivation base, causing a killing air to fill the entire area. At the same time, he kept his eye on the tent to see what reaction would come.

Qing Shui's right hand gently grabbed Huoyun Liu-Li's hand. After that, he went on to grab one of Canghai Mingyue's hands. At that moment, Qing Shui was grabbing two women's hands with just his right hand.

It was a charming scene that, if any random passerby happened to glance at without understanding the circumstances, would seem likeˇ­.

Ferocious Diamond Attack!

Originally, Qing Shui was planning to tease her. But now, he was aware that it's not an appropriate time for him to do it anymore.

He had no idea what the girls around him now or then meant to him. He was completely clueless whether it was admiration or love he had for them.

But that Wolf King was definitely at least a Peak Martial King, for it to be able to command one hundred thousand huge wolves, it definitely was not ordinary!

The massive blast caused the faces of the Blood Stream Sect cultivators to fall. As they edged backward, Song Junwan's pupils constricted, and she also fell back. The old woman from Irispetal Peak also seemed shocked as she looked over at the north bank.

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