Third Game: The Burning Dream Chapter 1175

Third Game: The Burning Dream Chapter 1175

A few days later, more and more disciples were showing up in the area, which could be considered to be the middle section of the sword world. Some of them attacked other disciples to steal their Dao bottles, others went after the banebeasts. By this time, Bai Xiaochun had studied more than ten different banebeasts, and his eyes were more bloodshot than ever. His hair was disheveled, and he almost looked as if he had gone mad.

Qing Shui wish to forge a set of armours for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. With the strength that it has, any powerful high-tier armour or "weapon" can increase its strength a lot.

Qing Shui finally knew why only Martial King cultivators that cultivate Earth Element techniques could consume this mystical core. The overwhelming effects of the core brought about a total overhaul to his system, bones, and energy channels. This pain wasn't something ordinary Martial King cultivators would be able to withstand.

The city walls were very imposing, and were constructed from greenish-colored bricks. Furthermore, each and every brick seemed to be inscribed with magical symbols that formed a spell formation.

When Bai Xiaochun heard that last part, his scalp started tingling so hard it felt like it might explode. He began to tremble visibly, and pant. He had never felt so shaken in his entire life. His entire mind was suddenly filled with the idea of being able to live forever.

"Heavens, he's standing on... on a...." All of the cultivators in the regiment felt like their heads were about to explode, and as for the soul cultivator, he was literally screaming.

The lands were filled with the rumbling of combat, which caused Bai Xiaochun to start to pant. He was feeling anything but safe at the moment, so he quickly produced some more talismans. After collecting the four bags of holding from his enemies, he cautiously made his way forward across the battlefield.

"Ah, it causes diarrhea! Hey, test tube, you're plagiarizing our medicinal pills! Is that all you can do?!"

The flickering light of the lantern just barely revealed a young man, standing there looking at them calmly. He wore a long, green robe, and his face was pale and devoid of any color of blood.

Qing Shui was speechless. That sturdy and muscular man still had two more items aside from the Nine Waves Great Buddha Palms. He also had the Spring Palace Portrait as well as the Heaven Yang PillĄ­

The old man charged towards Qing Shui like a roc that opened up its wings. The four meter long enormous ancient spear struck towards Qing Shui with a violet blue colored light. The spear caused a series of explosions as it passed through the air, it was truly shocking!"

Qing Shui's words were just too blunt. The Luo Clan was the largest and most prominent clan in Cold Ice City. Even the Tu Clan would not dare to cause a ruckus with the members of the Luo Clan. The Hai Clan had fallen into a complete mess, so they desperately needed the support of the Luo Clan to settle their matters with the Tu Clan.

"Young Master Hao!!"

Instantly, the deva soul shot toward him, merging into his chest. However, that was when Mistress Red-Dust's palm arrived, collapsing the air around him, shattering everything, and shoving him backward, blood spraying from his mouth, hair flying around wildly. His chest caved in, instantly revealing the flesh and blood beneath his flayed skin!

Looking at the pieces of fox fur that he bought earlier, Qing Shui decided to start working on them. Even with minimal effort, Qing Shui could create something much better than what was sold in the stores. Furthermore, in his Ancient Art of Forging, there was a specific skill just for creating fox fur coats.?

"En!" Shi Qingzhuang whispered in a low voice.

A piercing shrill which caused Qing Shui's scalp to turn numb rang out, and then it quietened down. Qing Shui gradually drew out his shiny Big Dipper Sword!

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