78 Chapter 459

78 Chapter 459


Shangguan Hui turned toward two young men with imposing appearances. Both of them were very strong, they were at the Combat Soul realm, although only the early stage. But, such a mighty cultivation at such a young age, it really told everyone how extraordinary these two young men were. They were both peerless geniuses amongst the younger generation.

Mu Rong Ying was thrilled upon finding out that Jiang Chen was willing to accept the challenge.

"When did that happen? The destruction of a big demon power should have caused a big stir, so why haven't we heard anything about it?"

Jian Chen's body was thrown back with great speed, but both of his legs dragged against the ground, using the friction to slow his momentum. Leaving behind two exceptionally clear drag marks on the ground, Jian Chen estimated that he had been forced to retreat 10 meters back.

"Do you think that guy has an illness or something? Look at all that dirt, I bet he just dug it from the ground. Is he planning on entering the city with that? Doesn't he know that it's forbidden to do that?"

Lee Chang Hong noticed the staring Jiang Chen.He turned his gaze to Jiang Chen, the person who had become the main attraction in Fragrant Sky city recently.

Jiang Chen was shocked by this monster. Even with his vast experience, he had never seen any monster like this. But, since its body was made entirely from solid ice, Jiang Chen just called it Ice Demon.

The man in black looked at Jiang Chen who had been wounded with amazement. With a thick voice, he said, "Amazing, you actually evaded my attack."

"Big Yellow, it's been quite some time since we last met."


After Jian Chen left the imperial palace, he began to travel back to the Gesun Kingdom. Although he had originally come here with the intent of destroying the palace, instead he had profited from this venture for the future.

Shangguan Yu coldly harrumphed. He turned to the Combat Soul warrior next to him and said, "Old Sixth, bring our men and arrest them! I'll have a look inside."

Just as the two envoys retreated, the two azure and violet colored swords suddenly disappeared from sight back into his body in a single instance. Following their disappearance, the shroud of Sword Qi receded as well leaving behind the remnants of the flower garden with scars everywhere.

After the vibrational force from the palm and fist subsided, Tie Ta staggered back a few steps. Ming Dong's body shook violently for a moment, but instead of staggering back, his feet dug deeper and deeper into the ground.

"Hmph! Looks like you are a genius disciple from some big sect. You're really extraordinary, able to kill two Early Divine Core warriors with just your Late Heavenly Core cultivation base. But too bad, this is Inferno Hell, it doesn't matter what status you have, or how big of a genius you are; only true combat strength is valued here. Although you were able to kill two Early Divine Core warriors, you are not my match. The different between an Early Divine Core warrior and a Mid Divine Core warrior is not something you can imagine."

"Once Wu Cong obtains the broken sword and submits it to the Majestic Emperor, I'm sure he'll be rewarded greatly. At that point of time, his status and position is going to move up another level."

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