Dragon is Soul Chapter 732

Dragon is Soul Chapter 732

The third elder was already aware of just how devastating the Origin energy was and knew better than to cross swords with it. Borrowing the speed boost his wind affinity gave him, the third elder tried his best to gain some distance away from him. Then, with his Saint Force pulsating into his sword, the elder shouted out loud, "Earth Tier Battle Skill--Cloud Piercer!" The wind attribute Saint Force that had been around the third elder had immediately condensed into a thicker wave of energy that helped propel his body towards Jian Chen with the speed of an arrow shot out from a bow in an attempt to spear him straight through.

The restless feeling in his mind just wouldn't go away.

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Jiang Chen spoke with a cruel voice. The edge of his battle-axe had cut an opening in Liang Xiao's throat, causing blood to start pouring out.

Jiang Chen inwardly sighed. The man didn't ask Jiang Chen to help him accomplish any weird unfulfilled desire at the last moment of his life, and neither did he have any special orders for Jiang Chen. He only requested that Jiang Chen burned his body and allowed him to have a proper death.

Jiang Chen threw a casual look at the formation. Although its name was the Skynet Formation, in Jiang Chen's eyes, there were leaks everywhere. He had dozens of methods he could use to break it. Shangguan Yiqing did have some talent in the field of formations, rarely anyone from the younger generations could be compared with him. But, since his opponent was Jiang Chen, who was once the greatest Saint underneath the Heavens, the gap between them was not small.

Jian Chen looked at the wooden house with confused eyes before gradually growing serious. After all, this was where a Saint Ruler expert had lived. Although Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master in strength, a Saint Ruler would still bring an unbelievable amount of pressure onto him.

The only good thing for Jiang Chen here was the Firethorn Savage, but it wasn't an easy job to deal with it. Therefore, Jiang Chen was trying his best to kill some demon beasts in sector two in order to increase his combat strength.

At this moment, Nangong Yunfan was facing one of the most difficult decisions in his life.

Memories from long ago were suddenly recalled back into his mind as Jian Chen thought about his eldest brother Changyang Hu and Tie Ta from Kargath Academy. These two were very similar to the Senior An in front of him. Because of this, Jian Chen's impression of him was decent.


The crowd started discussing this, and the discussion increased in volume.

Jian Chen nodded but did not say anything more. Jiede Tai's behaviour had allowed him to rise to a great place in Jian Chen's mind.

"How could he be so strong? The combat skill he used just now, I can tell it's a stage higher than my Great Fist of Devastation."

"Mrrr" As if sensing the unrest in Jian Chen's heart, the white tiger cub grabbed onto Jian Chen's neck and began to purr as it rubbed its head against Jian Chen's face. A purring sound could be heard as if trying to console Jian Chen.

Outside the furnace room, Guo Shan and Big Yellow were sitting face to face next to a stone table. This time, Guo Shan was generous enough to serve the best wine he had brewed with some herbs to Big Yellow. In his mind, Jiang Chen would need some days to concoct the pill this time, so he could use that time for find out more about what happened during their trip to Misty Mountain from Big Yellow.

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