Nightmare System Chapter 2115

Nightmare System Chapter 2115

"So, it grows hair. Heavens! How come I never thought of that? It's a bit itchy though!"

He tried to wave his arms, but his unfamiliarity with this form caused the giant to destabilize and then slowly collapse. Even still, the scene which had just played out left everyone who had seen it shocked.

Before long, the two halves of the fan had combined to create one whole fan.

"Bai Xiaochun," he roared, "nobody can save you today! Once I get my hands on you, I'll make sure you understand exactly how my phoenix suffered!!" With that, he shot toward the bridge like a bird of prey.

Qing Shui only stopped after he practiced the Tiger's Form for an hour!

Gritting his teeth, the Giant Ghost King added, "Xiaochun, the Grand Heavenmaster is right. Leaving is the only option. Neither the Vile-Emperor nor the Saint-Emperor will do anything right now. To them, it would be worth it to have this spiderweb erase us from Mistysea Prefecture!"

Never mind, let's try one regardless if there is an effect or not, to see if it is effective on the internal damage!

"Wan'er and Zimoˇ­ have my own flesh and blood in themˇ­ my childrenˇ­." Bai Xiaochun shivered as a tempest began to build up in him the likes of which he had never experienced in his entire life.

"Qing Shui, if anything were to really happen, are you confident in handling it? I can't bear to leave our daughter behind but yet don't wish to get her involved in danger," Huoyun Liu-Li frowned and said.

Behind him was a pile of corpses. In the short amount of time that the fighting had been going on, Bai Xiaochun's strength and madness had shocked the nearby giants to the core!

Soon it was evening, and the sky was starting to grow dark. Bai Xiaochun wanted to keep going, but his injuries were so bad that he couldn't. Furthermore, the Giant Ghost King's aura was getting so weak that at times that he couldn't even sense it. The man's body was also starting to grow cold.


Qing Shui called out the Spirited Snake Turtle and handed it the Ancient Spirited Turtle Pearl.The Spirited Snake Turtle appeared far from ordinary to Qing Shui. It was just like a combination of a huge python and a huge turtle. Moreover, it was a spiritual species.

"There are no private matters for subordinates of the heavenly kings," Duke Deathcrier replied. Eyes flashing with cold light, he took a step forward, causing a powerful wind to spring up around him. "Are you going to disobey the decrees of his heavenly majesty, Bai Zishan?"

"Doesn't seem like a rogue cultivator. Must be from some local cultivator clan...."

Finally, Qing Shui had managed to achieve 48 cycles of qi circulation per activation of his Ancient Strengthening Technique, it was as if all his pores were shivering in delight.

Qing Shui strongly believed that she and Canghai Mingyue could be in possession of the rumored Divine Bodies described in the Portrait of Beauty!

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