War of the Realms Chapter 483

War of the Realms Chapter 483

"Chen'er, don't you think there are problems with this written challenge?"

"Hurry up and hire some men to come over, report this to the patriarch straight away!"

Changyang Hu's face immediately began to surge with emotion while tearing up. His voice began to quaver as he spoke, "Fourth brother, are££ are your words££ are they true? Are you really a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master?" At this moment, Changyang Hu finally felt the strength to continue on living.

"It's the essence of fire, he's an Earth Saint Master!"

Seeing that Jian Chen hadn't cared for the matter with the Saint Ruler's skeleton, the patriarch could finally rest in peace. This was after all an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, meaning that he could not be easily offended. Furthermore, even if he was not an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Jian Chen was still a benefactor to the Huang family. To forget their favors and violate kindness was something that the Huang family didn't dare commit to.

"This is££" Seeing the expression on Jian Chen's face, the stall owner had a look of hesitation. Although he knew that this white stone was not an ordinary item by any means, he still didn't know what use it had. In order to understand the history behind this white stone, he had dove into multiple books about ancient treasures, but found nothing. He had even asked many close friends only to come up empty handed. So after thinking it over, he had finally set a concrete price for this white stone.


The white figure was Jiang Chen. His speed was so great that in the blink of an eye, he had blocked the path of Lee Long.

With a grunt, Zhar could feel his body starting to shake. The moment the azure and violet Sword Qi entered his body, it had begun to bounce around inside. Each and every moment, Zhar could feel that his organs were one step closer to being completely damaged to pieces.

Paling, Jian Chen quickly tossed a purple coin onto the table and walked out with the map. After distinguishing the way, Jian Chen flew into the air in the direction of the Gesun Kingdom.

"Haha, Jiang Chen, you should surrender now and stop with your useless struggle!"

"Too cruel! I have grown this old, and I've finally witnessed a true ruthless man! He has my respect!"

The people in the crowd were extremely shocked by what was happening. It was a rare battle, and nothing similar had even been seen before, and would most likely never be seen again. It was also the first time in the history of the Eastern Continent that a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen had appeared. As long as he didn't die, no one would be able to predict how great his future achievements would be.

"It's the captain! The captain has returned from the Gathering of the Mercenaries££"

The two men continued to walk through the mountain range, on the road, they came across the dead corpses of several magical beasts. Occasionally, they would see the corpse of one of the participants, both were killed by men, and their bodies were stripped of anything of value.

Jian Chen looked at the wolves around him calmly. Slowly bringing up his right hand, he stared at a nearby tree. In the next moment, the tree suddenly burst into several splinters with Sword Qi infused in them. They shot toward the wolves like shooting stars.

"The Martial Saint Dynasty solely rules a big province, it is really far from the Qi Province. Even with our current speed, I'm afraid it will take us at least three days to arrive. Furthermore, in order to reach the Martial Palace, we will have to cross the Jian Province. I think there will be a trap waiting for us ahead, it won't be a smooth journey."

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