Twilight of the Gods Chapter 373

Twilight of the Gods Chapter 373

"None of you shall remain alive!"

"There's a few scant records about the Winged Tiger God in Mercenary City. Its talent is beyond the norm of any single person and doesn't require the guidance of any human. Thus, what we can do to help it is quite limited, but the growth of such a tiger is very slow. The only way for it to grow as fast as it can is to feed it a large amount of heavenly resources. As such, we can only really give it some heavenly resources for it to mature." TIan Jian spoke before moving his lips slightly to speak in secret to the men outside.

The Black Hawk was immediately struck with awe upon hearing what Jiang Chen said.

Yan Chenyu said.

Seeing Jian Chen's emotions, Qingsuo couldn't hold back her silence and began to console him, "Master, do not be so discouraged. There is plenty of time in the future, and although the path set out for you is long and hard, you will one day have both the Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force."

"It was so fast that we couldn't even see it clearly. That speed is a bit too terrifying." Deere said in a low voice.


Following the large sound, Duo Kang and the other four's shirts were all instantly destroyed. Blood flew through the air as their heavy bodies flew along with it before falling to the ground five meters away. With difficulty then, each person tried to crawl back up from the ground.

Yan Meng shouted out in disgust. This matter had nothing to do with Wang Ting and the other three men. The four of them were innocent and shouldn't be involved in this. Yan Meng had fought and gone through life and death situations together with them, and if they die in front of him, he will also suffer.

"It is true that our patriarch is gone, but do not think our Changyang clan will be bullied like this. We will uphold the strength that our patriarch left behind and right the wrongs that we have once committed those years ago." Another elder said.

Hearing Jian Chen's words, all the students lined up behind him, aside from Tie Ta, showed expressions of shock. They all gave extremely strange looks at Jian Chen, and quite a few suspected that they had heard him wrong. In their opinion, if you needed to hand over your monster cores, then just hand them over. Why would you bother caring about how large the table being used was? Wasn't this simply asking for trouble?

His gigantic head collided with the Dimensional Creature's palm, instantly producing a metal clanging sound, and a large amount of sparks.

The elder had wanted to dodge when a fierce amount of pressure suddenly locked him into place. Feeling as if he had been bogged down by some sort of quagmire and had a thousand pound weight forced onto him, the elder had been rendered helpless to move. With no other choice, the elder could only make use of his Human Tier Battle Skill to try and defend himself against the Earth Tier Battle Skill.


Tian Yishan looked at Jiang Chen with a hint of anticipation.Chapter 216 Ă¿ Nine Leaf Resurrection Grass

"Alright, I'm on my way." Tie Ta cried out happily as he ran over, having now realized that victory was on hand.

"Ok, I'll also place a bet. I've been here in Phoenix City for 20 years already, but I've never seen a Class 5 Magical Beast appear in an auction. Actually, I've never even seen one before, so I don't even know what one would look like."

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