Celestial Of The Void Chapter 2680

Celestial Of The Void Chapter 2680

The man's mind filled with rumbling sounds, and his hand lurched to a halt. As of this moment, a sensation of deadly crisis had filled him, and something inside of him was telling him that if he dared to try to steal the pill bottles, he would be struck dead instantly!

In the time it takes to flick a sleeve, Bai Xiaochun was suppressed, and cheers began to fill the air. However, even as the cheers began, Bai Xiaochun suddenly let out a powerful shout, and steeled himself.

This time, the refining of the Beauty Pellet has used up the time of one whole day and night. Qing Shui was able to accept the time used to refine the Beauty Pellet as it was considered the best of the 2nd level King Grade pill.

Five Elements Fruit!

But because of that aura, Bai Xiaochi had no way of telling for sure.

Eyes flickering, Bai Xiaochun looked at Zhou Yixing fleeing off into the distance, and then decided to take one more risk.


A boom rang out as the Celestial backed up. However, in the moment before impact, the gravekeeper turned to the side, revealing that his target wasn't actually the Celestial, but instead, the little girl!

How could they ever have imagined that Bai Xiaochun would suddenly rise to the top in spectacular fashion, reaching the violet portion of the rainbow and shaking the entire sect? Of course, even after all of that, they had still felt confident that Bai Xiaochun wouldn't come looking for revenge, not considering that they were followers of Zhao Tianjiao.

"Feels good to the touch, very elastic, well-rounded, soft and tender¡­ If not that it was through clothes, it'd feel even better." Qing Shui grinned and then quickly walked two steps forward to catch up to Canghai Mingyue.

Five times his normal fleshly body power gave him terrifying battle prowess that even late Deva Realm experts would gasp at.

Eyes glittering, Bai Xiaochun committed every aspect of this conjuring session to memory, so that he could be completely confident in replicating it in the future. He wouldn't necessarily be able to succeed every single time, but he would at least have a sixty percent success rate!

Frenzied Bull Strength!


Qing Yi fell into a short daze as she stared at Qing Shui, unable to say a word! Especially after hearing what Qing Luo had said.

Moments later, the city devolved into a hubbub as people finally started to react!

Shockingly, his tongue was not the tongue of an ordinary person. It was forked like a snake's, and caused all the disciples who saw it to shiver in fear.

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