The Human God Chapter 1260

The Human God Chapter 1260

After that, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left the Island of Ice. The duo left with a heavy heart. Jiang Chen had always wanted to return to the Divine Continent, and the time was finally here. However, he had to depart with many of those precious to him before that. Yan Chenyu was just the first, as he still had his family here.

Jian Chen's words were brassy and arrogant in the eyes of Bai Yushuang, infuriating her. Mockingly, she spat out, "Xiangtian, this is not me belittling you, but the words of truth. Think about how strong the Hua Yun Sect is, have you forgotten about them so quickly? Going against the Hua Yun Sect by yourself? Hmph, even imbeciles can dream, I suppose."

Those who had been watching with interest at first all stared at the twenty year old youth with disbelief now. At this sight, the power displayed had been far more than what they had imagined.

The amount of people that reached the legendary zenith that was the Saint Emperor realm could be counted on one hand. It was not as if no one did, but the most important fact was that of all the people that had done so, their potential had not been as outstanding as Jian Chen's. It was extremely likely that Jian Chen would one day become a Saint Emperor.

The old man was in his fifties, and his sleeves fluttered with every soft breeze passing by. His oily face carried a friendly smile, leaving a good impression on all those who watched him. Furthermore, this old man had a pretty strong cultivation base; he was actually a peak Divine Core warrior.

Jiang Chen would never lookup towards someone, he wouldn't look at anybody with his head tilted upwards. In the mind of the once greatest Saint in this world, only he could sit up high in the leading position, while looking down on everyone else from the top.

"Yes, Chen Gege went to the Fragrant Sky City."

Suddenly, a Blue Wolf started to cry out into the sky. Immediately afterwards, the 20 wolves surrounding them started to howl as well. Their howls filled the air as they began to overlap with each other, before turning into a large soundwave that targeted a wide area.

Tan Lang said in a serious manner.


Within several seconds, eight different Heaven Saint Masters were flying through the skies to help Jian Chen fight off the four elders from the Shi family.

Alas, there was still a small amount of worry within his heart. With Jian Chen's simple agreement to this duel, would he try and eliminate him given an opportunity? Knowing this possibility, he still didn't dare to voice out his thoughts. He would just have to try it. While it was true he wanted to save his monster cores, he also wanted to test out Jian Chen's strength. Seeing how young he was, he didn't know how he could be as strong as the rumors said, just how could someone who was barely over 20 years old kill a Great Saint Master expert?

"Because of your words just now, you deserve a hundred deaths!"

All the disciples immediately jumped up and started cheering. The ending was one they had thirsted for, and were hoping to witness with their own eyes. Although Nanbei Chao wasn't severely injured, in a battle like this with Jiang Chen, being injured meant being defeated. Once his combat strength was weakened, he would soon be killed by Jiang Chen. No one doubted that.

"Town Marshal."

"What the fuck, again?! What happened? When is this going to end?"

"Master, what happened?"

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