Haunted? Chapter 73

Haunted? Chapter 73

After the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty left. The entire Black Sect erupted with cheers. All the disciples were yelling wildly. Today's battle had allowed them to vent their grief. They were all looking at Jiang Chen in the most respectful manner. Because of this young man, they were now welcoming a new life.

Jian Chen's Qi had interweaved with the envoy's Qi in midair in a way reminiscent of two dangerous beasts tearing away at each other without relenting.

Clutching at his head in pain, Tie Ta's eyebrows furrowed even deeper together with concern. "Changyang Xiangtian, Ming Dong, I have said my secret. You can't tell this to anyone else; not even my parents know about this secret."

The previous step where the body transformation was for the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master. Right now this system of refining his entire body was in according to the Azulet Sword Law's "Record of Bodily Refinement" method to increase his strength.

Someone said.

Although Zhar had suffered no injuries, the Light Wind Sword had still traveled at an incredible speed and pushed him back a few steps with a large amount of force. The moment he had seen the silver streak of light, his face instantly slackened with shock as he cried out, "Just how is this possible? You££just what did you use to hit me?"

"The Primordial Godsilk is extremely rare. Qing Suo and Zi Ying have existed for countless years, yet we've only seen a few, and every single one of them were possessed by heavenly emperors. It's primeval treasure."

"Hmph! Let me see what you're able to do today!"

That man said carefully.

The two people gnashed their teeth with fury as they glared at Jian Chen. Almost as if they were dripping blood from their eyes, they wished that their gazes would be enough to chop Jian Chen up into a thousand pieces. Clenching their Saint Weapons, they charged at Jian Chen.

Huo Yuner let out a snort, then he turned his head away. Obviously, although he didn't fear Yun Can, it was also impossible for him to kill Yun Can right now. A core disciple from a big sect was no easy target.

She had not expected to hear the words that had come out of Jian Chen's mouth. The one's about going to the Gesun Kingdom, and thus, she was shocked as a result. Looking suspiciously at Jian Chen, she asked, "Why should I go with you to the Gesun Kingdom?"

Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly;he could only go with the flow.

Faced with this situation, if she didn't stand out and say something, Wu Jiu would have been finished, and all of her friends would follow in his footsteps shortly afterwards. The Crown Prince was well prepared for this, and he would definitely not let anyone off the hook. Not only that, Wu Jiu was too impulsive, tearing the Imperial Decree, giving the Crown Prince a perfect excuse to attack Wu Jiu. Because of this, Yan Chenyu pretended to agree to marry the Crown Prince, giving her friends room to leave this place.

"Haha, brat, now you're scared! If you don't have the ability, don't disgrace yourself, come over and get yourself killed now!"

The people in the left group only had around 200 people. All of them were in sorry states; majority of the people there were wearing clothes made of bark or beast skins, and there were quite a few people that had naked torsos. However, all the people that walked out of the forest were organized by a teacher to join the group on the left.

Roar££ Roar££

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