The Hitman Chapter 2212

The Hitman Chapter 2212

The lion was extremely ferocious. It had a Late Divine Core cultivation, and with its pair of eyes that were filled with strong killing intent; it instantly brought bloodshed to the scene.

Soon after, everyone walked up to the body of the Magical Horned Boar as Xiao Dao took out his Saint Weapon which was a small dagger. Fiercely cutting into the stomach of the Magical Horned Boar, he attempted to extract the Monster Core, however, the moment he had stabbed into the boar's stomach, the blade was only capable of making a small finger sized hole in it.

Another Sect Elder shouted.

"Okay, since Changyang Xiang Tian is fine, then we should leave." The headmaster's gaze was directed at Jian Chen as he said, "Changyang Xiang Tian, right now you have just become a Saint, and you should properly familiarize yourself with your Saint Weapon's uses." After saying these words, the two people, headmaster and vice-headmaster, left Jian Chen's room.

Jiang Chen grabbed a Mortal Restoration Pill and consumed it, immediately circulating his Dragon Transformation skill to quickly restore his strength.

Although Jian Chen's fighting ability was no weaker than a Saint Master, that was only because of his fighting strength. The Saint Force within his body was still weaker than the one within a Saint Master by quite the amount. So if Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword were to make contact with the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries, then Jian Chen would be the one at a disadvantage here, making collisions between the two an unwise choice.

Yan Zhan Yun let out a cold humph. Of course he wouldn't move away, Jiang Chen was the savior of the Yan family; he had saved Yan Chen Yu. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life, he would still protect Jiang Chen at all costs.

Jiang Chen said.

Xuan Ye let out a cold snort. A silvery white pike appeared in his hand. This pike was a perfect-ranked combat weapon, and its power was far beyond what a high-ranked combat weapon could compare with.Here are 52 chapters!! Also, I will start doing more consistent releases next month (October). 1 chapter per day, and up to 7-14 sponsored chapters a week (each one will be 20$)!

"The Firethorn Savage has become extremely furious."

Jian Chen took another few moments to ensure he hadn't overlooked anything to perfect his new appearance. Satisfied, he immediately burned his old clothes in a fire and exited the alley.

"Young brat, you haven't even grown hair down there! Yelling in front of this master dog, really reckless! This master dog suggests you get the fuck outta here right now, then you mighty perhaps be able to keep your life! If you don't, you will see that same ending as that bitch lying on the ground!"

"Giant, are these two your friends?"

Within a Second Class City, an Earth Saint Master was already hard to spot, but a single Heaven Saint Master was even more rare. With six of them suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it would lead to a huge uproar for everyone.

The man nodded his head and dropped a hefty bag of coins onto the table in front of him. "This is your reward. Remember, you must follow Jian Chen and where he goes. If he heads far away from Mercenary City, tell me at once."

"Regardless of which superpower he came from, they're all existences beyond our reach. I only hope he can eliminate the Demon Palace, wipe out our biggest threat."

Big Yellow sprinted forwards and arrived in front of a Blood Ginseng that had aged for at least a few hundred years. Without hesitation, he swallowed it with just two bites.

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