His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God Chapter 1715

His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God Chapter 1715

Nangong Yunfan continued his question. At the same time, he threw his glance over at Jiang Chen, as if he had guessed something.

"So it's you who killed Mang Seven. We siblings have come here today to kill you, we will avenge our seventh brother!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Too bad, it was extremely hard to kill this Firethorn Savage. This big guy was just too strong.

Two figures came out from afar, a man and a girl. They were Yan Chen Yu and Yan Yang who had just come back from the Center Square.

Two of the three men looked to be around forty years old while the other looked to be thirty years old youth. Each one of them sent a cold glare toward Jian Chen.

"They're all here to help us fight the Martial Saint Dynasty."

"What Chen'er said is correct. With the situation all 28 cities are now facing, if a leader can stand out and be the backbone, regardless of whether it's for rebuilding this region or helping the people get over their pain, it is the best option. Furthermore, the only candidate for leadership is the Jiang family."

"Ha!" With a single roar, Tianxiong Lie raised his battle axe into the air and with a deafening shout, he swung it down toward Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. For him, the stronger the enemy, the happier he was. He loved challenges. Putting aside his hostile relationship with the Invincible Sect, even if there wasn't anything between them; as long as it was related to Big Yellow's survival, Jiang Chen would capture that Ferghana Stallion no matter what. He would do it for his brother; even if it ended up placing him against the entire world, Jiang Chen wouldn't even frown.

Jiang Chen held Yan Chen Yu's shoulder softly. Yan Chen Yu had the Nine Yin Meridians. The little Red city was not going to hold her forever, and sooner or later she would need to step into the real world of cultivation. In order for her Nine Yin Meridians to grow, killing was a step that couldn't be skipped.

The strength behind the elder's blow was tremendous and since he was unable to recall the hammer, the weapon struck against the ground firmly. The accumulated Saint Force within the weapon exploded out and left a two meter wide crater in the ground.

Around noon. An intense buzzing sound sounded out from within Jiang Chen's body, strong energy ripples hovered around his body, and the natural Yuan energies within the valley had turned into whirlpools, making all energy crazily flow into Jiang Chen's body.

"My brother, sorry for keeping you waiting."

"Alright, since Brother Jiang Chen has also agreed with this; let the war against the Demon King Palace begin! Everyone in the Profound River Palace is ready for battle, we can set out at any time."

Wu Jiu opened up his eyes, his cultivation had been restored to the Early Divine Core realm. Judging from his speed, he would be able to restore his cultivation back to the Mid Divine Core realm by the time they left this place. The speed could be considered incredible. But, since he had suffered severe injuries before this, it was no easy task for him to return to his peak form, it just got tougher and tougher to restore his cultivation back to his peak.

As outer circle disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan, whether its status or their rank, they were superior to any ordinary people. But, the trio would be cultivating within the clan at all times, so they never really had the chance to enjoy life outside of their clan. Besides, the feeling of being respected was really nice. As one of the four big clans in the Qi Province, there were more than ten thousand inner circle disciples. They were just some outer circle disciples.

Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and the others continued to travel on top of their Class 3 Magical Beast mounts back to the Kai family's compound as if nothing had happened. Right behind them, Kai Er and the other three pushed and prodded the trussed up Yun Li. Now that Yun Li had been heavily injured by Ming Dong and had been tied up in chains, his body was in an extremely weak state. Combined with the fact that the four men around him were as strong as him and the terrifying figures of Ming Dong and Jian Chen in front of him, Yun Li didn't bother to waste any time with trying to break free from his bonds. He knew that it would be impossible to escape.

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