Supreme Overlord System Chapter 437

Supreme Overlord System Chapter 437

Jiang Zhen Hai said while looking at Jiang Chen.

Lee Shan Yue had an evil smile on his face. The Jiang family was not the priority right now; destroying the Yan family and killing Jiang Chen was what he wanted to do right now.

Mu Rong Zhan's expression instantly changed.He looked at Jiang Zhen Hai and asked loudly, "Brother Jiang, what is the meaning of this?"

Even though the fifth story of the library wasn't open to the students, Jian Chen, who had achieved the first place in the Freshman Competition, could freely enter the fifth level.

The Old Emperor's clothes were violently fluttering in the wind. He stretched his arm out and performed a grabbing gesture, causing the void in front of him to instantly shatter. A gigantic transparent palm that looked like a crystal and was nearly 30 meters tall was unleashed, and it was rapidly descending toward Jiang Chen's head.

"Hmph, my master was a genius even among the Heavens and a person without equal. Just what mystery in the world could stop him? When he returns, he will raze your Qiangan Kingdom."

"There are many big provinces in the Eastern Continent. The Qi Province and Qian Province are both ranked the lowest. Putting aside the Jian Province which is ranked the second largest, even the Qing Province who is ranked fifth has countless Combat Soul warriors."

"Damn it, this dog is indeed a mystical Dragon Horse! However, there is one thing that puzzles me££ why does he look like a dog?"

The fourth elder glared coldly at Jian Chen, "Youngster, you had best stay within Mercenary City for the rest of your life." With that, the fourth elder left the building.

After Xiao Han had left, Jian Chen looked to Qin Ji, "Brother Qin Ji, just who is this Xiao Han?"

"Yun Lian, let us head upstairs!" The handsome man beckoned to the young woman with a gentle voice. His eyes hid nothing but admiration for the woman.

"Clan leader, the fourth master, he has returned!" The servant spoke once more with tears in his eyes.

Nangong Wentian said in a joking manner. However, it wasn't hard to tell how grateful he was from his words.

"Let's go, Mercenary City is right in front of us." After waiting for everyone to arrive, the Grand Elder led the group out of the forest. Since magical beasts weren't allowed to enter the Space Gate, everyone could only walk. Despite that fact, the traveling pace was quite fast.

Hearing this, Great Master Ran Feng and Tyrant's eyes lit up. Jiang Chen's plan was indeed a good one. The ancient Sutra and the three great seals were all with Great Master Ran Feng, and as long as he didn't join the Great Leiyin Temple, they wouldn't be able to openly take them from it. Meanwhile, letting Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple would show them Great Master Ran Feng's attitude, which would also indirectly shut their mouths. In the future, peace would once more return to Greenlotus Mountain.

Jiang Chen said out loud, ensuring everyone to heard him clearly.


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