Solo Leveling Up Chapter 2006

Solo Leveling Up Chapter 2006


When the thousands of magical beasts were three kilometers away, Yun Li gave out an order, "Fire the Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannons, let them feel the pain!"

Although Big Yellow's bloodline was nobler, in this world everything depended on your abilities. The old man's abilities were far beyond that of Big Yellow. If they had to fight, Big Yellow would be no match for him.


"Now then, have the seven of you decided what you will do in the future? Will you pick death? Or will you continue to live?" Jian Chen asked.

The owner was enraged. An energy wave erupted from his body as he retrieved his combat weapon. It looked like he was about to chase after Big Yellow and rip him into pieces. However, a young man came up to his stall and casually tossed to Earth Restoration Pills to him and said, "I'm sorry, I'll pay for that roasted lamb."

Swoosh! The inner circle disciple sprinted forwards and arrived in front of a man. He grabbed the man's collar and asked fiercely, "Tell me, what happened just now? Who killed them all?"

"The war between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty is unavoidable. I'll proceed to the Martial Saint Dynasty tomorrow with the Crown Prince and the heads of those emperors. I'll use them to save my father, father-in-law, and brother Jiu."

Seeing that everyone had felt something was strange about this wave, Yun Li knew that it was no use in trying to hide the secret anymore. Without pondering any longer, he spoke out loud, "Everyone, the truth is, this magical beast wave has a Class 5 Magical Beast hidden within it. For our Wake City, this magical beast wave could be said to be a test of survival of an extremely grim nature."Chapter 239: The Beginning Prominence of One's Reputation

Jian Chen looked at the group charge towards Dugu Feng with a cold sneer, "How reckless!" Jian Chen's hands clutched at the sky so as to gather the energy of the world. With a sudden push of his hands, Jian Chen let out a burst of explosive energy that howled mightily as if it was a dragon towards the group.

"Fellow friend, the words you say are too much." From this voice, everyone turned to see a middle aged man riding a black horse slowly approach them. The look on his face was a bit gloomy, but there was an icy tint to his eyes as he looked down at Jian Chen.

After a dozen more exchanges between the two, the blue-colored figure was finally injured by Xiao Tian. Blood poured from his mouth as his body descended to the ground before finally slamming into the ground a hundred meters away from the army. The impact was so big that a crater was formed.


Nanbei Chao's still responded pretty quickly. He had finally found out which one the real Jiang Chen was, but he had run out of time to fight back. What he could do was move his body and try his best to dodge Jiang Chen's longsword.

Qin Xiao suddenly stood up and said, "No, we have to save sister no matter what. She definitely can't marry the son of that bandit boss, or her life will be completely ruined."

Big Yellow said in a provocative manner as he stared at Jiang Chen.

Seeing the two Saint Rulers recede away, Jian Chen and the other thirteen felt unwell. From the appearances of the two Saint Rulers, everyone could tell that something terrifying must have happened and bore relevance to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

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