Release that Witch Chapter 1155

Release that Witch Chapter 1155

Furthermore, with Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu's help, the group was a formidable force that could eliminate every single Dimensional Creature in this area. It wouldn't take long before peace returned to this land. But, they still had to rush, because with every single second lost, the chance of another innocent person dying would increase.

The sun was setting, and the night had arrived.Jiang Chen changed into black clothes and walked out from his mansion.Tonight will be a sleepless night for Fragrant Sky city.This night, blood shall be spilled.

"Blast it all; what bad luck we have. Why are such strong humans coming out one after another? That elderly male next to that young female stands at the zenith of the Saint Ruler realm. Only one more step is needed for him to enter the Saint King realm, and that elder female is at the Eighth Heavenly Layer. The two of them could stop all the Saint Rulers here if they wished." Nubis cursed to Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen was floating in the middle of the sky, gazing at the white world of glaciers. At the moment, he had no idea which direction he should go.

Wu Ningzhu asked in a tone filled with disbelief and shock. She then started staring at Jiang Chen's face. Back in the Dancing Sun City, she really regretted not being able to witness this young man's face. And now, she was surprised by how handsome this young man was.

Soon, the crack grew larger, and a few minutes later, the crack transformed into a huge dimensional gate. It was nearly three meters tall, and it was blinking brightly.

Cries and screams were lingering by their ears. They saw a corpse of a demon the size of a small mountain, and some human warriors furiously roaring at it, venting their grief. It was a miserable scene, and it caused Han Yan and the few others to remember the scene of those Dimensional Creatures wreaking havoc on the other side of Mount Origin.

Li Hao was exasperated, but he couldn't do anything. After witnessing Jiang Chen's frightening ability, he just didn't have the courage to point his finger at Jiang Chen.

The stone tablet shattered into many pieces after the loud bang.

Qi Jing was the first realm in the five foundation realms.When a warrior was in the Qi Jing realm, his Yuan power will be scattered all around in his body, and when he reached the Qi Hai level, his Yuan power will be gathered in one spot.When one formed a Qi Sea in the Dantian, he can gather all the Yuan power in one place.This was the main difference between the Qi Jing realm and the Qi Hai realm.

Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together, "In other words, I have no ways of dealing with a Saint Ruler that can use the power of space."

Wu Cong shouted with a loud and clear voice, allowing all in the Martial Palace to hear what he said.

With Jian Chen entering the battle, the opposition no longer had the upper hand. Although Jian Chen wasn't a Saint like everyone else, he undoubtedly was the most powerful amongst everyone present.

Before this, they had all merged their attention into the formation. In other words, all these geniuses had merged themselves with the Skynet Formation. They were considered bound together with it, for the good and the bad.

"Jiang Chen, do you think you are the chief of the outer circle? We are the outer circle Sect Elders, how dare you not show any respect? We can report this to the Sect Chief and ask him to punish you!"

The moment he spoke the words £¦Heaven Tier', £¦Cultivation Method', and £¦Battle Skill', Qing Yun's eyes burned with a fiery passion. This was something he clearly desired, no matter if it was a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method or Battle Skill, the entire Tian Yuan Continent would ravage itself for a chance to be able to lay claim to either of the two.

"I'm Lee Shan Yue, greeting to the disciples from Heavenly Blade clan."

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