12 Works of Vidian Chapter 236

12 Works of Vidian Chapter 236

Shangguan Chong immediately burst into laughter. When he saw how Jiang Chen was concocting the pills, his confidence was immediately boosted. He knew he had won the bet. In his mind, the method Jiang Chen used to concoct the pills was basically a way of giving up.

The fat old man was comforting Jiang Chen.

Walking up to the rest of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen looked at everyone and asked, "Are there any major injuries?" With these Great Saint Masters being experts of the battlefield, Jian Chen wasn't willing to lose any of them.

Right at this moment, a human figure flew past the skies above, but he immediately turned around and landed not far away from Yan Chen Yu. The man had a handsome face and a tall body, he was Fan Kun.

Once the Saint Weapon was formed, then the expert would be called a "Saint". In the Tian Yuan continent, the Saints are classified into 9 different levels: Saint, Great Saint, Saint Master, Great Saint Master, Earth Saint Master, Heaven Saint Master, Saint Ruler, Saint King and Saint Emperor. Within each of the levels, they are further separated into 3 levels: Lower, Middle, and Upper.

"Yan Yang, take this blade."

On the other hand, his opponent was fighting with the utmost ease as if there was no pressure at all. Each Heavenly Layer that separated a Saint Ruler from another was extremely massive. A deficit like that couldn't be made up easily, unless one was an ancient beast like Nubis.

Tyrant said.

Hu Xiaotian had been with the Heaven Saint Masters, although they were all standing far away, their eyesight was strong enough to allow them to watch the battle with clarity.

Although the pattern wasn't complete and only had a picture of a palm and a blade, Jian Chen felt the power of the world through this picture. In this downward chop, Jian Chen felt that it contained the world within it.

Jiang Chen replied with a loud voice, not taking the Old Great Emperor's speech to heart.

Nangong Wentian was an aggressive man. Without any hesitation, he swung the gigantic ruler in his hand toward the bright earth-shattering palm.


Jiang Chen let go of Big Yellow's ear. Together with Guo Shan, they walked up to the peak of the mountain. After getting to know about Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's relationship, Guo Shan couldn't help but burst out in laughter. As for those few herbs eaten by Big Yellow, he just forgot about them. His relationship with Jiang Chen couldn't be compared with a few herbs.Chapter 134 Ă¿ Prodigal Beings

Wang Ting's blade was blocked by one of the two men, and the other man's attack was approaching him. He was being attacked by two men, and no matter how he tried, he couldn't defend himself from the other man's attack. He was going to die, a feeling of despair emerging in his mind.

"No! If I lose to Jiang Chen, then the first place will fall into the hands of a rogue cultivator, and if it does, then I, Li Wu Shuang, won't be able to stay in the Qi Province anymore! If I continue like this, with my skills and abilities, it would be incredibly difficult to defeat him££ looks like I have to waste my treasure now!"

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirits. In the next second, he turned into a ray of light and flew forwards. In an instant, he arrived in front of the altar. With the battle axe in his hands, he unleashed a bright light and pierced towards Lord Blood Moon.

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