The Blessing of Gaia Chapter 823

The Blessing of Gaia Chapter 823

Miserable shrieks constantly sounded out from the scene. In just a few breaths time, all the Divine Core disciples from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect had been killed by the trio. The trio left the place after completing the task. Of course, Big Yellow didn't forget to take away the storage rings of all those who had died.


Li Hao said with a voice filled with killing intent. He felt a strong desire to just rush forward and kill the Island Master. As long as he could get the Island Master's head, he would become the new 13th Tycoon.

"What? Just barely twenty years old and already a Heaven Saint Master as well as the Imperial Protector for our Gesun Kingdom? You're dreaming. How could that be possible? Even the most talented person wouldn't be able to become a Heaven Saint Master at the age of twenty." Another male student spoke in disbelief as doubt clouded his words.

"Who do you think you are, how dare you talk to my young master like that!?"

Smiling victoriously, Jian Chen replied, "Seems like you still care somewhat for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. I, Jian Chen, promise you that if you tell me what I need to know about Bi Hai, then I'll spare the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. If you don't, then I'll wipe them off the continent."

With a grim smile, Jian Chen twisted his wrist to allow his Light Wind Sword to chase after the other man's neck once more, before the man could even react.

Seeing the incoming Jian Chen, Qian Yun looked startle. A single attack from him had damaged his Saint Weapon and his fighting spirit. Without delay, he immediately turned around and began to flee.

"Is something wrong?" Jian Chen looked at Changyang Ke with a calm gaze while implying a hint of coldness in his question. Jian Chen did not harbor any good sentiments towards his third brother. In the past two years, Changyang Ke would always look for some way to bully Jian Chen, and ever since the news of Jian Chen being a cripple, his actions became much more severe. If it wasn't for the fact that Jian Chen rarely went outside, the amount of times Changyang Ke bullied Jian Chen would have been increased tenfold. However, every time he had tried to bully Jian Chen, it would always result in failure and sometimes Jian Chen would also find a way to bully him back. This had created a sense of resentment within Changyang Ke's heart which made him seek revenge even more.

"Ahh££ let me fight, I want to fight with him!"

Nangong Wenyang took out a golden message talisman and shattered it with his Yuan energy, causing it to turn into a trail of golden light and disappear in an instant.

The Tianxiong clan had controlled a large part of Wake City, causing every other clan to be incredibly jealous, but some of them had feared the power of the Tianxiong clan, so they had stayed patient. However, now that the Tianxiong clan had come across such an unexpected accident, their power was no longer the same. Many of the clans couldn't let this opportunity pass by them anymore, and began to stretch out with their hands for the Tianxiong clan's profits.

"Little Chen hasn't come out yet."

Immediately two maids came forward and courteously brought Xiao Han away from the palace, "Lord Xiao Han, if you please!"

A sneer formed at the corner of Jian Chen's lips. He did not plan on letting elder Luug go, so he shot his palm towards the elder's head with lightning speed.

"The Nine Solar Holy Water is extremely rare, even Lord Jiu doesn't have this rare item with him. According to my knowledge, none of the sects in all 28 provinces have the Nine Solar Holy Water. What should we do then?"

"Hey! Jian Chen, I'm back! You're here in the valley too. That's great!" A loud voice called out from the air with great excitement. His voice was so loud that the entire valley heard it, giving everyone an idea of just who had returned.

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