Chasing Family: Reborn an Ability Thief Chapter 1183

Chasing Family: Reborn an Ability Thief Chapter 1183

In his past life, he had used every single drop of his blood to break open the door leading to the Realm of Immortals, but he never had a chance to enter it, and this was his biggest regret. However, he now had the chance to do so. Jiang Chen would never give up this opportunity.

"I said it before; blood will be shed, and there will be no survivors. I want to establish my authority in the outer perimeter of Inferno City and get revenge for Guan Yiyun. No one is allowed to harm my friends."

The black-clothed man pointed at the valley in front of them and spoke in an obsequious manner. He feared that if his voice was any louder, he might provoke this malefic and die.

Opening up the box, Jian Chen could see the silver Space Ring tucked away inside. With the other Space Ring still in his hand, he took that other Space Ring and threw it into the second one along with the box and left.

Jian Chen began to look around the inn, taking notice of how small it was. There were only twenty or so tables adorned around the inn, but they were clean and sparkled with bright light. At another table, a middle-aged woman that seemed to be the shopkeeper looked intently at her abacus as she tallied up the day's finances. The sounds of the abacus could be heard clacking continuously while the male youth stood off somewhere else. Aside from the three of them, there seemed to be no one else around.

"Big Yellow, in my opinion, I think it's better if we send someone to check on those alliances. Someone ruling the entire outer perimeter has never happened before, so I fear those chiefs will do something behind our backs."

"But just how old is he right now? Just a few years ago, he participated in the Gathering of the Mercenaries in Mercenary City, so just how did he become a Saint Ruler so quickly? This is just insane."

On the other side, Liang Xiao saw what happened. His immediately face turn cold. He extended his hand and started grabbing towards Yan Chen Yu.

Zhuge Yun said with a loud voice. Right at this moment, he had to stand out and say something. If no one stood out, the spirits of these few hundred people would be destroyed by Jiang Chen's gaze, as well as the strike just now.

"Why would I want your dog? You just have to compensate me 100 Earth Restoration Pills."

A gleam of light flashed across the bandits boss's eyes who stood nearby. He said with a soft voice, "This person invited by the Tianqin clan really does have some ability. But if this is all he can do, he won't be able to leave Coiled Dragon Mountain alive today. The defense of his body might be very tough, but before a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it's no different from tofu."

Nanbei Chao said with ultimate arrogance.

"What happened, why is there such a tremendous sound now?"

"If young master was here, I'm sure he would be able to turn the tables."

"There's a total of four that I found. There's the Bloodthorn Mercenaries, the Bloodrose Mercenaries, the Feral Mercenaries, and the Carnage Mercenaries. Now, the relationship between the Bloodthorn Mercenaries and the Bloodrose Mercenaries is very interesting. I've heard that the captain of the Bloodrose Mercenaries is very beautiful but feisty. The captain of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries deeply loves her and has sought her attention for many years. They aren't a couple yet, but it is rather complicated between them I heard. Whatever the details are, I don't know, but I do know that the two of them could be considered a single faction."

"Jian Chen!" You Yue pleaded with Jian Chen. As a female, she loved seeing such a cute animal. Not only was it cute, but it was highly intelligent. Thus, You Yue was attracted by its adorable antics.

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