What if I was Reborn into another World? Chapter 1224

What if I was Reborn into another World? Chapter 1224

"Don't give up Uncle Zhou, I will introduce you to an alchemist.He can definitely concoct restoration pills with more than 70%of effectiveness."

Zhao Chongyang asked.

Mu Rong Zhan's expression was ruthless. He hated Jiang Chen to the core, and he wished he could devour his flesh. Because of the incident when fetching the bridegroom and the most recent death match, the Mu Rong family's honor had been ruined by Jiang Chen.

"We still ended up provoking the Myriad Sword Sect."

This had caused the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill to only exist in legends. However, its effects were truly amazing, as it could even be called a Divine Pill. If any cultivator consumed it, his body constitution would be tremendously improved. Put it this way, even a pig would become a genius after consuming it.

Every single person present was stupefied. No one could have thought that this young man who appeared out of nowhere was so powerful, even to the point that a Second Grade Combat King is no match for him.

A disciple asked. All of these disciple were treating Jiang Chen as their leader now, and since Li Wu Ling had come to their place, they needed to immediately inform Jiang Chen.

"Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to him."

At the bottom of the magma pool, Jiang Chen's cultivation had completely stabilized at the Late Divine Core realm. But, new Dragon Marks were still constantly forming. Only a small part of the Magma's Heart had been used.

Jian Chen and Chang Bai slowly walked through the courtyards before Jian Chen asked out of the blue, "Chang Bai, is there a method for a shattered Saint Weapon to be reformed?"

Jiang Chen's Divine Sense was swimming within the bronze plate's inner space. At the beginning, all he saw was a murky void, but when his Divine Sense was accepted by the bronze plate and resonated with it, everything became much clearer.

Wu Jiu roared out. With a move of his body, he leapt into the sky. Without hesitating, the Imperial Emperor followed after. The two men opened up another battlefield in the sky above. Regardless of who it was, Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor, or Wu Jiu and the Imperial Emperor; they all chose to open up a new battlefield. They knew very well how devastating a Combat King's strength was, and if they chose to fight in the middle of all those Combat Soul warriors, it would no doubt cause tremendous losses for both sides. Just the shockwaves from these Combat King warriors was more than enough to kill many Combat Soul warriors, and it would be a scene that no one could even begin to imagine.Chapter 456 ÿ The Flames of War

"Your££.your Four Harmonies Manor has connections with the Pure Heart Pavilion of the ten guardian clans?" Huang Tianba repeated in utter astonishment.

The warrior was extremely angry. Just before he did something again, a man suddenly appeared right in front of him. It was the man he had scolded as an idiot, Han Yan.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, this is vice headmaster Chang Bai En!" Came Bai En's familiar voice from outside the door.

"Forward!" Qin Ji roared. With his Ruler Armament in the air, he and three other men flew at the Flying Spirit Snake. At the same time, Jian Chen's body blurred away as he flew at the Flying Spirit Snake as well with his Light Wind Sword. Senior An and Yun Zheng both followed close behind Jian Chen.

The moment the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen's hands, it immediately transformed into a streak of silver lightning under Jian Chen's control, and flew at the other man at an inconceivable speed. Before the youth's sword could even get halfway towards Jian Chen's sword, it had already stabbed towards the youth's throat with a demon-like speed. The point of the sword halted right at the moment of contact on the outermost layer of thin skin at the throat, causing some blood to slowly drip down his throat for everyone to see clearly.

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