The Spoiled Girl Chapter 574

The Spoiled Girl Chapter 574

Great Master Ran Feng was really excited, he felt as if his life was well worth living up to this point due to the fact that he could witness a sacred pill such as the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.Chapter 535 - A Painful Topic

"Changyang Xiangtian, this is your living space right? Your family has to be very rich I bet." Tie Ta sighed in admiration.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist and said. He did mean what he said. Since he had met with this event, there was no way for him to just look away and pretend as is nothing was happening. Also, he had also benefited a lot from this war, as he had gotten one First Grade Demon King demon soul and one Second Grade demon soul. Both brought him tremendous benefits. Jiang Chen would soon go to the Divine Continent, and if he could break through to the Combat King realm before that, it would no doubt improve his strength greatly. Thus, he wouldn't be too weak when he was at the Divine Continent.

Jian Chen left the first cavern, and visited the other seven caverns, each one contained its own Saint Tier Battle Skill. Without any exceptions, each battle skill was illustrated on paintings that required the cultivator to comprehend it by themselves with no instructions.

Hearing this, the king hesitated for a moment, "Jian Chen, your authority allows you to command a division of a million at will without needing to report to anyone. However, we should talk about this matter once more tomorrow."


But the rare natural item and the soul-recovery pills were incredibly precious. The natural item that could heal the soul was even rarer than the materials for the pills, and it was impossible to find it in this small city.

The two princes, as well as the Combat Soul geniuses from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect were the fastest group of people. They flew forwards like shooting stars, and soon entered the lead.

"Heavens, it really is the Firethorn Savage! Hurry, inform the Sect Chief that the Firethorn Savage is here! Only Sect Chief can defend against this beast!"

"Haha, an apology? Are you nuts? So now you're afraid and want to apologize. If you knew this was coming, then you shouldn't have killed any men from the Green Sanctuary Sect! The score will have to be repaid with your life, I'll have your blood spilled today to protect the honor of the Green Sanctuary Sect!"

Indeed, this was a frightening moment. The Lion King started hesitating, and the way he looked at Jiang Chen was now filled with fear. Even with his Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he feared this mysterious young man.

"From this moment on, I no longer have to fear any other venomous toxin I might come across as long as it doesn't outrank the Silver Striped Golden Snake in toxicity." Jian Chen thought happily. Throughout the entire area of the Tian Yuan Continent, the toxin of the Silver Striped Golden Snake could be regarded as one of the most poisonous. Everyone knew how toxic it was in nature, and there weren't many other toxins that could beat it and thus were even rarer to come across.

Snorting, Xiao Yun replied, "Drag them out and break both their legs."

"Even the strongest student Ling Zhengtian was defeated by the hands of Ka Di Yun. Right now in Kargath Academy, there's no one that's a match for Ka Di Yun!"

An old man who was at the late Qi Hai realm walked into the hall with a panicked look on his face.

Outside the city walls was a flat prairie land that Jian Chen continued to fly across at a breakneck speed. With each step, he traversed at least twenty meters; even though he was not using the Illusionary Flash, he was still traveling quite fast.


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