My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 2465

My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 2465

"Bring it on!"

"What?! It's Island of Ice?! How can that be possible?!"

The man clenched the longsword in his hand tightly. Complicated patterns could be seen on the sword's body. The sword was emitting violent energies that tore apart the surrounding space and caused cracks to appear in the dimensions. Shivering dark wind blew out from these cracks.

The next morning, Jian Chen woke up and looked outside to see the early morning scenery. Taking in a fresh breath of morning air, he sighed, "I haven't slept in months, so I nearly forgot how good sleeping was. Now that I have slept again, it really was very comfortable!"

The old man shouted out loudly as he used all his strength. He tried to struggle and escape from Jiang Chen's True Dragon Palm, but too bad, he had to face disappointment.

"Someone told me that the man who killed Lord Nether is the same guy who attracted Heavenly Tribulation in the Dancing Sun City. He disappeared after that event in the Dancing Sun City, but unexpectedly, he has come back, and he even kill a Demon King! What an abnormal monster!"

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the three warriors.

Big Yellow's face carried an evil smile.


Looking at everyone, the man smiled kindly. Speaking loudly in a friendly voice, he said, "Dear students, I am the vice-principal of Kargath Academy Bai En. I will be the one in charge of today's martial arts competition today as well as being the one who makes up the rules. I am going to presume everyone has already seen the rules on the post board at the school gates, so I won't repeat it. The prize for this year is the same as always, the first place winner will win a Class 3 Monster Core, the runner up will win the Class 2 Monster Core, and the third place winner will get the Class 1 Monster Core. Other than that, the top 50 participants in this competition will receive a single Amethyst coin as a prize.

Obeying Jian Chen, the two of them slowly withdrew their auras, but they remained where they stood without saying a word.

The poison of the Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely potent. Even Jiede Tai, Bi Hai, and Situ Qing, who were fighting far away from Nubis, felt light-headed after breathing in the noxious fumes. Only Jian Chen remained unaffected.

Precisely! Shangguan Qingming's words were right to the point! The real frightening part of Jiang Chen was not his current combat strength, but his potential and speed of growth! It was so fast that it simply caught everyone off guard. If they didn't kill him as soon as possible and gave him room to grow, it would be really difficult to kill him in the future. There was a saying; nurturing a tiger only invites calamity. Sooner or later, Jiang Chen would become the Shangguan Clan's biggest threat.

Right in front of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, several rows of silver-armored soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords were mounted on their magical beasts in uniform order. The entire division let out a mighty battle spirit that combined with the presence of their magical beast companions.

"Senior disciple Jiang, Fan Kun££"

Big Yellow sniffed around with all his effort, hoping to find some rare natural treasure that could heal his upset feelings. But in the end, he only found disappointment.

Jiang Chen looked at the monk with a smile.

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