Odyssey of an Adventurer Chapter 2532

Odyssey of an Adventurer Chapter 2532

After Guo Shan had received the Six Profound Solar Energies skill, his cultivation base had increased exponentially. In just a few days, his cultivation base at the Mid Divine Core realm had completely stabilized.

Right now, all four geniuses from the Shangguan Clan threw their glances at the garden in the sky and looked at the half-empty garden. An obvious expression of greed emerged on their faces, as those remaining herbs were the most precious ones.


Late at night, Jian Chen sat on his bed and took out a map from his Space Ring. "It's about time to investigate that Saint Ruler's cave. I hope it does not disappoint and has a Ruler's Armament, Saint Ruler's skeleton, or anything else that could help me cultivate my Chaotic Force. When I am able to use my Chaotic Force, my strength will surely reach a new realm. Ah, I cannot wait."

If it were against one Heaven Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chen could probably escape from one without much harm, if any. But against the simultaneous blows of three of them, there was no way he'd be able to do that.

"Damn you! You call this stupid creature a Golden Mammoth? Woof!"

Too bad, an Early Combat Soul genius, even if his combat strength was five times stronger than usual, he would never be Jiang Chen's match.

In his previous life, Jian Chen would frequently use a sword that had a blade two finger widths wide. With that sword, he had brought his swordplay to a level that he had been famous for. With this two hand sword, however, Jian Chen felt like one of his arms was bound behind his back, since it was very heavy. He would not be able to use the full extent of his powers, and just swinging the sword with ease would demand a large amount of his energy. It was a shame that with the exception of this sword, there was no other sword around.

"Are your mother and father still alive?" The man asked.

Yan Chenyu waved her white sleeves and disappeared from the Red City. She flew toward one of the nearest cities with incredible speed.

5 Wednesday

Daoist Black asked with a frown on his face.

These poison-resistant elements weren't like World Essence that could be absorbed whenever one wanted to. If one didn't have the appropriate object to draw them in, then even if one had the blood, they wouldn't be able to absorb the elements. Although directly drinking the fresh blood could also detoxify the poison, this could only temporarily address the issue. Not long after, a simple trip to the toilet would drain the consumed blood; there was no way one could even think the way to obtaining an unpoisonable body would be like that.


Tan Lang said.

Chen Shuang roared out. The three of them attacked at the same time while grinding their teeth. They moved like three tornadoes towards the big yellow dog.

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed once again. No matter what, he was not going to let Jiang Chen slip away easily.

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