The Black Card Chapter 1757

The Black Card Chapter 1757

As soon as he was free, Qing Shui grabbed a few bites and took a bath, as it was about time to exit the realm again. He turned around and saw that the Flower of Life had fully bloomed already. The second bud had also grown out, but to bloom, it would still need about another two years time in reality.

Bai Lei had a serious expression on his face, but inwardly, he was chuckling. Although Bai Hao had uttered some sharp words the day before, as far as Bai Lei was concerned, he was still just a child.

"Essence does not exist in any one specific place, but simultaneously, creates and contains all places." As Bai Xiaochun smiled and spoke these fifth and sixth sentences, all the living beings throughout the starry sky became still and quiet!!

"Little Shuangshuang, you are so naughty! You better tell me. If not, your husband lord wouldn't mind detoxifying poison for you once again." Qing Shui playfully teased Wu-shuang. He loved to see the expressions on this peerless beauty's face every time she was teased.

The next time this happened, he could only eat the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus again and hope, that he could find a solution before he ran out of it.

Qing Shui didn't stop his feet and ran up the stairs. He wanted to be closer to them, but he didn't want his relationship with the girls to be a reason for him to slow down his progress.?

"You're quite the daredevil aren't you?" Zheng Yuandong said furiously. "Do you even think before causing so much trouble? You asked to go out and gain experience, and that was fine, but then you went so far as to hide your aura? Do you know how many villains are out there looking for you? Did you know that the four blood masters of the Blood Stream Sect swore an oath to kill you? If they found you, you would never have been able to escape!!

"Long San, Master had instructed us not to act presumptuously. See how this crafty this chap is. What shall we do?"

Qing Shui was a bit dumbfounded, but he was still quite happy. He already had the Beauty Fruit, and stuff like the Nine Fragrance Worm, while rare, could still be bought.

This time, they appeared 3,000 meters away. However, Du Lingfei didn't hesitate to unleash yet another divine ability, causing flickering light to spread out which took them 30,000 meters away. And then, more light glittered as they vanished again.

Li Hong lowered his head. His face was deathly pale. His eyes were filled with resentment. However, at that moment when he lifted his head, only a face with of forceful smile remained. The ten fingers were connected to our heart, even a warrior would find it really painful.

With that, he and Bai Zhentian began to chase Mistress Red-Dust. Clearly, their goal was to cut down the daughter of the Giant Ghost King, the sergeant-major and leader of the Giant Ghost Legion!

This development caused Bai Xiaochun's face to flicker, and then transform into an expression of delight.

Elementary Martial King was ten times stronger than a Peak Xiantian martial warrior. This was no difference for the promotion of each cultivation stage - Houtian, Xiantian, Martial King and Martial Saint - as a cultivator would always gain ten times the power after breaking through to the next cultivation stage. The benefit was irresistible but it would be extremely difficult and costly for a cultivator to reach a breakthrough.

Qing Shui didn't hold back and used all of his energy. However, this time he had no weapon or armor to boost his power. Even so, his power was about 5.5 million units without the additional boost.?

"BrotherĄ­" Bai Xiaochun said, his voice filled with pain. He almost seemed to be pleading, although he didn't realize it. "Come back with me. I can be your guarantor! It's not your fault you did all those things. IĄ­."

"Yes!" Canghai Mingyue nodded as she continued walking.?

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