Failed 1 Chapter 1767

Failed 1 Chapter 1767

Even as the words left his mouth, Bai Xiaochun spasmed. Although the medicinal pill had been eighty percent absorbed, there was still twenty percent left, which contained energy that did not belong to the Undying Codex. And nowĄ­ that power erupted!

Moreover, Mu Qian had never shown less love for Mu Qing just because she was a girl, in fact she might even be his favorite child. It was very likely that the future of the Mu Clan was dependent on Mu Qing.

"You're from the south?" Bai Xiaochun asked.

"It was an act!" he thought. "He's doing all of this just to get the people used to seeing him!!"

AST 286 - Legendary Supreme Beauty Misty Hall Palace Mistress, Might of the Tiger

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant let loose a loud roar; there was a small hole that had pierced the gigantic elephant.

"What'sĄ­. that?"

Qing Shui didn't stand on ceremony and kissed those red and moist lips, planting kisses all over her poised and dignified face. Before he knew it, his hands were already on her round and perky beautiful butt. That smooth and bouncy feeling made Qing Shui have a strong urge to eat her up immediately.

Qing Shui secretly snuck glances at Canghai Mingyue. Although she would be hurt when she heard the name of Canghai, nothing could be done about it. Firstly in order to heal, she had to accept reality. Only with acceptance would the wound in her heart slowly close up, eventually recovering with time.

A few of Cang Wuya's friends were men who were passionate and loyal to one another. Qing Shui found it difficult to make real friends with his status as the Patriarch of the Heavenly Palace. As they said, "a friend in need was a friend indeed." It would be easier to find a real friend in times of adversity.

"It's the Arch-Emperor!!"

"You're different. That'sĄ­ an old ghost! Old ghosts like that who have existed for many years are always very vicious!" Even as he spoke, he smacked a few more paper talismans down onto himself.


Huoyun Liu-Li's eyes immediately misted up. She knew full fell where that index finger was earlier.

When she thought about that, and about how distant he had seemed when she caught sight of him on the battlefield, she began to struggle inwardly. If she couldn't hold on to him right nowĄ­ then as time passed, they would grow further apart, and their relationship would definitely cool. Eventually, it would probably become nothing more than a memory.

What Qing Shui was feeling right now was anxiety damage. He didn't really know what exactly he was feeling anxious about. Perhaps he felt like he owed her something. For him, anxiety damage was the hardest damage to heal among the seven damages because he knew how to heal the other six damages.

She had not resisted in the least, because she was confident that Qing Shui would not attack her. When she first saw Qing Shui's gaze towards her, she had caught a hint of lust as well as a feeling she was familiar with. Young men tended to be lusty, and the woman was very confident about her looks.

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