Reincarnation System Chapter 1327

Reincarnation System Chapter 1327

Qing Shui thought that he would not have any interaction with anyone from the Yan Clan after he had resolved the Yan Clan issue. However, he had forgotten about Yan Ling'er and how they were now living one floor away from each other.?

In last place was Ghostfang, who was slower by twenty hours!

As of this point, his mission was accomplished. Clearing his throat, he joined the final five Spirit Stream Sect disciples as they approached the third entrance. The surrounding disciples from the Pill Stream Sect and the Profound Stream Sect looked on, aware that by this point, it was too late to do anything about the situation.

Big Fatty Zhang simply stood there with his mouth hanging open.

This was an increase of strength to Qing Shui's physical body. 20% to his physical body's strength would would be no less than 800,000 jin of tremendous strength. How could Qing Shui not be shocked?

After the time it took for an incense to burn, the two elders opened their eyes and looked at Qing Shui with shock. They had not taken this kind of medicinal pills to increase their strength for a long time because they were resistant to medicinal pills. There were very few King Grade medicinal pills that could help them increase their strength. Furthermore, these pills would only increase their strength by one country, proving that this was only a Grade One King Grade Medicinal Pill.

By this point, the Blood Stream Sect patriarchs were aware of what was happening. Eventually, it seemed they weren't interested in hearing any more, and one of the patriarchs cleared his throat. The sound transformed into rumbling thunder, and a lightning bolt even split the sky overhead.

Shield Attack!

"Cheap mouth, who took how many years with you?" Huoyun Liuli's heart skipped a beat when she heard Qing Shui, especially when recalling the scenes when Qing Shui gave her a massage and vice versa.

All the energy of the tribe was focused on fulfilling any request that Bai Xiaochun made, which he found to be a wonderful thing. At the same time, he didn't forget that he had promised to concoct soul medicine for them.

Soon, a figure could be seen floating down from the three mountains. The person to land by Bai Xiaochun and the others was a middle-aged man who had the demeanor of a transcendent being. The first thing he noticed as he alighted next to the starting line was the mountain of flesh that was Big Fatty Zhang.

Chapter 19 Portrait of Beauty.

Blood sprayed out of Bai Xiaochun's mouth as he looked off toward the horizon, where previously, a single black pillar of light had risen up into the sky. Now, there were two pillars of light!!

"The foundation of this sealing formation will be the energy of the Eternal Immortal Domains as a whole. And I will guide it with my magic of the Essence of time, Gravitational Extermination. I will create something like the area outside of a world I once visited, a place I call the Hourglass World. It will beˇ­ a grand time formation!!

Quite a few people broke out into smiles at the sight, whereas others were even more shocked than before.

After a while, she dispersed her nonsensical thoughts and continued to stare at Qing Shui. Lady Duanmu was genuinely happy to see how much Qing Shui had grown. As these happy thoughts lingered in her mind, she began to feel like she could put her mind at rest. Should there be another incident like today, she wouldn't need to worry anymore and she wouldn't need to tag along anymoreˇ­...

"Liu-Li, my lass. Qing Shui wouldn't normally do something he has no confidence in. He must have his own reason or reasons for doing this. Today, he needs to make us believe he will be fine. What do you say?" Cang Wuya smiled, even though he was still worried.

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