can a Dominatrix walk the path to Goddessship!?, maybe with a system Chapter 2618

can a Dominatrix walk the path to Goddessship!?, maybe with a system Chapter 2618

This was because Radiant Saint Force was different from the Saint Force of other attributes. Radiant Saint Force was innately filled with a gentle characteristic, possessing the wondrous and powerful ability of rejuvenation. As a result, it created fragile Radiant Saint Masters, which made Radiant Saint Masters to become known publicly as a harmless group, unable to attack, on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jiang Chen asked.

Since he was in midair, Jian Chen had nowhere to run and could only take the Sword Qi head on. The sides collided, resulting in a large bang as the shockwave sent Jian Chen careening into the ground with an equally loud boom.

Those lucky men who escaped from the attacking were also throwing up blood. The dragon claw attack was simply invincible, there was no way for them to defend themselves with their strength.

"The captain of the Flame Mercenaries!" Stunned, the elder looked at the men riding the magical beasts outside the doors and snapped back to awareness. "Ye-yes! I will go retrieve the lord!" Having said that, the elder stumbled back into the interior of the compound.

"This is the consequence of your Qiangan Kingdom meddling in this war. Today your imperial palace will perish and your Qiangan Kingdom will fall." Jian Chen spoke.

"Thank you older brother for helping, Jiang Chen is really grateful for that."

Jian Chen's eyes slowly moved away from the block of wood as he tried to restrain the surging emotions he felt within him. With a calm voice, he asked, "How much for this wood? Name your price."

"Thank you elder!"

"Ten pills are too expensive££ I'll buy if you sell it for five pills!"

Jian Chen saw through the thoughts that the patriarch was thinking, and moved to capitalize on the moment. "Looking at the long term benefits, submitting to me would not be a bad plan. The benefits outweigh the detriments and will help elevate your clan's status. From a hermit clan, you may very well become a clan that will survive from antiquity to the future. When I become a Saint Emperor, you may very well have a good chance of becoming a Saint King with my assistance."

"Hehe, I'm sure the City Lord is filthy rich after from obtaining his wealth like this. Why don't we sneak into this City Lord's mansion and steal something? Kaka££"

Bang bang bang££££

The old monk was happy with the news. He then squatted down next to Jiang Chen and threw out an examining look. With just one look, he was shocked, "Why is there such a strong and pure lightning energy within his body?"Chapter 530 - Lotus Sutra


"Yes, grandfather!" Fatty replied before giving both Jian Chen and the white tiger a curious look. But in the end, he went out to the fields to do as his grandfather asked.

"Impossible, it can't be that simple. If it was a treasure left behind by a Divine Core warrior, it wouldn't emit this kind of feeling."

can a Dominatrix walk the path to Goddessship!?, maybe with a system Chapter 2618 End!

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