The Legend of Futian Chapter 52

The Legend of Futian Chapter 52

Big Yellow kept talking and offending people.

Master Blissful had shown his mightiness, shocking every single person who witnessed it. The overbearing reputation of this strong existence from the ocean was not just for show.

"Hehe! It's your honor to be killed by this master dog's teeth!"

All the disciples of the Black Sect carried excited looks on their faces. Jiang Chen's reputation had left an eternal mark in their hearts.

Qing Styx hurriedly shouted. He couldn't let Firethorn Savage continue his attack anymore. In an instant, he retrieved the golden egg from his storage ring.

Jiang Chen asked.

"Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well."

"Fuck! Why is the Shangguan Clan so arrogant?! This sky garden doesn't belong to them at all!"

"Mu Rong family, let me ask you.If you were to go to war against the Jiang family, how certain of victory would you be?"

"Hmph! Damn eunuch!"

Accompanying his mother Bi Yuntian to the dining halls, Jian Chen was then later taken to the Changyang clan's official main hall.


"That's right, chief Jiang is going to strip you of everything you got! He won't even let them keep their Mortal Restoration Pills! It'll be extremely difficult for them to survive in Inferno Hell, no one can absorb natural yuan energy from the outside world here in Inferno Hell, and in order to cultivate, everyone needs Mortal Restoration Pills and crystal cores! Without natural resources to cultivate, it will be incredibly tough for them to progress in here."

As soon as the pill passed through her throat and into her stomach, a warm but docile energy began to spill forth from the pill and flow throughout her body.

The frightening lightning kept unleashing its mighty power, and it only showed signs of dismissing after a couple of minutes. It had created a huge turmoil which made it impossible for people not to notice. The Great Elder and Xiao Nanfeng, and even Li Tianyang who had arrived later sensed this, and was rushing over to this place. With their cultivation bases, it was incredibly easy to reach the location where Jiang Chen was facing his Heavenly Tribulation.

"Ding!" Following a metallic sound, a sword that was previously hidden in the dust storm was revealed. Knocked away by the force of the Light Wind Sword, the dust storm began to waver before Jian Chen's sword then struck out in quick succession once more.

"I have no right to interfere with what Nubis and Jiede Tai do. When I return, I'll ask them." Jian Chen replied.

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