Dragon Ball: Altered Time Chapter 1350

Dragon Ball: Altered Time Chapter 1350

Wu Jiu showed no signs of being afraid. In his life, he had never been scared of anything. He had promised Jiang Chen to protect all of his friends, and if anything bad happened to Yan Chenyu, how was he going to face Jiang Chen when he returned?

Without hesitation, Jian Chen replied, "I still have something important to do, Xiao Tian, you go in my stead."

All the spectators gasped in shock, and they repeatedly looked over at Jiang Chen who was still sitting in his chair as if nothing had happened. They felt as if their whole world was now spinning; as if they were dreaming. How could a man go through such a huge transformation in such a short amount of time?

Jiang Chen had decided to save this old man, not for any specific reason, but because this old man had been persistently staying alive in this place for ten years. Jiang Chen really respected his endurance. Besides, the old man showed an easy going attitude from his words, and that really gave Jiang Chen a good impression.

Sword met spear as Jian Chen and Zhou Yun were locked in a stalemate. Immediately in between the two a white colored glow appeared as the Light Wind Sword suddenly shot toward Zhou Yun's throat.

Something like this was more than enough to make her realize in this moment that her older cousin was a far stronger person than she had initially thought.

"Oh? Really?"

"Kill them, quickly!"

Now that there were five Class 6 Spirit Apes, Jian Chen didn't dare be careless anymore. With his mind, countless of tree leaves began to launch into the sky from the forest below. Then, with an azure and violet glow, they flew around Jian Chen's side as a sort of protective layering.

"Jiang Chen, I really admire your courage for coming here alone. But, why didn't you bring any of your helpers?"

These two men were strong enough to force an Earth Saint Master like Yun Zheng to flee, but in an instant, they had been killed in a single strike by Jian Chen. That made Yun Zheng open his eyes wide in disbelief and shock at what had just happened. This type of strength, was this really something a twenty-year-old youth should be able to possess?

"What! A Heaven Tier Battle Skill? You have one of those!" Jasmine had completely lost her composure at that as she cried out in shock. Both of her red phoenix eyes had grown wide with disbelief.

Jian Chen immediately took out two Space Belts and handed it over the female clerk. In these two Space Belts were Class 1 and 2 Monster Cores.

Sitting on top of the Eagle Beast, Jian Chen stared at the receding city walls with a complicated look on his face. It's been over 15 years since he came into this world, and he has only left the confines of the Mansion and Lore City twice.

Jiang Chen turned his vision onto the other three guys. These three fellows immediately gasped and started kowtowing. They were scared to death, as they had never met anyone so ferocious and brutal.

The ancestor watched the ancestor leave with a stunned expression. A little absent-mindedly, he muttered, "So that is the strength of a Saint King, they can tear apart the space to travel millions of kilometers." Shortly afterward, the ancestor looked to the jade piece held in his hand and began to grow excited. In this moment of observation, this jade piece was a thousand times more precious than any other treasure under the heavens. None other could compare to this one.

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