HUNTING LOVE Chapter 2796

HUNTING LOVE Chapter 2796

Jiang Chen moved his arm and drew the Heavenly Saint Sword. He looked at the buzzing sword in his hand and gently stroked it, then he said, "Don't disappoint me."

The man's attitude immediately changed, and a smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. Money really makes the world go around. He had just come to the Misty Mountain, and he really needed more information regarding this place and the Firethorn Savage, as well as the Green Sanctuary Sect who had sealed the Misty Mountain.

Upon hearing Qin Ji's arrival, Jian Chen immediately went out to greet him in person. As the two met, Qin Ji smiled, "Jian Chen, it really is you. I heard people shouting for the Imperial Protector, so I guessed it was you. I didn't think that my guess would be right."

"Hold on."

From the mighty power of the Fudo Seal, one could tell where Tyrant's confidence came from. At this point of time, Tyrant's cultivation base had improved significantly compared to when he was in the Chaotic Ocean. He was now a peak Fourth Grade Combat King, and he was half a step into the Fifth Grade Combat King realm.

Yun Li's voice was so great that not only did the soldiers within the mansion hear him, even the soldiers stationed out on the streets could hear his command loud and clear.

The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen's hand started shaking violently and issued ear-piercing cries. At the same time, Jiang Chen felt a very familiar aura! It was the aura of the Heavenly Saint Sword! He felt a resonance between himself and the Heavenly Saint Sword!

However, the group in front of them was proving hard to deal with. Just as the battleaxe was about to hit one of them in the thigh, a sword flew out and hit the battleaxe with a colliding sound.

Afterward, the general explained the situation to Jian Chen. Despite being treated like a guest, Jian Chen managed to have every single remaining high ranking officer come and greet him. Once they realized that he was the mysterious entity that had killed four Heaven Saint Masters and brought back the king of the Pingyang Kingdom as a captive, they all looked at Jian Chen with adoration.

Yun Zheng thought for a moment before a flash of realization streaked through his eyes, "Senior An, do you think that this Changyang Xiangtian may be Jian Chen?"

"Grandfather, I have gathered all information regarding this mission. Lord Blood Moon has a cultivation base at the peak of the Heavenly Core realm, and combined with his terrifying Blood Devil skills, even I wouldn't be his match! If Jiang Chen meets Lord Blood Moon, the only ending for him would be death."

The only one who felt bored was actually Big Yellow. He had a dull face when he saw that his two companions got endless benefits while he was getting none. This left him with an upset feeling in his stomach.

"Precisely! He has killed too many people in Inferno Hell, and those who wants to get revenge for those he killed are everywhere!"

Old Whiteghost's beard trembled because of his anger. Fury violently erupted within his heart.

Fan Zhong Tang scolded with a loud voice.


Jiang Chen said with a hint of concern. At the same time, he was astonished by her Divine Body's cultivation speed. Ever since Yan Chen Yu's Nine Yin Meridians had awoken, her cultivation realm had advanced swiftly and vigorously, and now she was going to use the ten thousand year old Freezing Crystal to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm. This kind of speed, ordinary people could only feel envy and shame.

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