The Rise of the Evil Emperor Chapter 1365

The Rise of the Evil Emperor Chapter 1365

"The Wargod Sect offers two hundred seventy thousand purple coins."

Even more relieving for Niu Er was the fact that Jiang Chen hadn't asked his name in order to complain to the young palace chief.

Jiang Chen said.

"However, although your elder sister has admitted defeat, I still want to taste defeat. Little brother, let's attack each other one last time! Elder sister hopes you can use the sword you used that day to fight against my ancient zither. Perhaps you can even provide some help to elder sister's cultivation?"

Jiang Chen and Han Yan flew with extreme speed. In just a few minutes, they had ditched all those people behind. Soon after, they saw another group of people in front of them. The group seemed to be discussing something. Jiang Chen and Han Yan sped up and got closer to them. This group of people were perhaps talking about the Blissful Island's trade fair, and they really needed more information now.

Ming Dong's eyebrows narrowed together, "The Carnage Mercenaries remain far too low-profile. Although they've been here for five years, the amount of information on them is ridiculously small. I had to expend an absurd amount of time and energy to find what I did. That's not even probing about their background. I think that only the major powers of the Cloud Capital know about them, but I don't know much about those powers. If we want to learn more, it won't be easy."

In the blink of an eye, another day passed. On that day, You Yue, Bi Lian, Jiede Tai, Nubis, Bi Hai and Huang Luan had all come to the Changyang clan from the faraway Flame Mercenaries, along with Tianmu Ling from the Tianmu clan and the Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King old woman.

The stone door was completely opened, and a deep popping sound could be heard after. Then, countless dazzling blood red lights shot out from behind the door. They were so bright that everyone were forced to close their eyes.

"The Yangji Sect has been destroyed!" After seemingly half the day, someone cried out in utter shock, startling everyone.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, I definitely won't let you go££" Luo Jian grimaced as he used his anger to roar in anger. Already his eyes became bloodshot as he stared at Jian Chen with intense hatred.

During the past two days, Ling Yi had been torturing and brutally beating him, venting all of his grudge onto Tan Lang. Not only did this bring disappointment to Tan Lang, it also made him extremely sad. No matter what, he was a disciple of the Asura Palace, and he had once considered this place his home. But even so, he still had to face such unfair treatment.

"He started fighting back, it must be because of those herbs! I'm sure Jiang Chen has the ability to completely absorb those herbs and turn the medicinal strength into his own energy! That's the only reason why his cultivation could have gone up so much in such a short amount of time."

Right in front of them was a valley. This was the valley where Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were fighting earlier. Big Yellow turned into a golden light and entered a cave.

Although this event did not go on for long, Jian Chen stopped moving, as his face was turning paler by the second. Slowly gasping for breath, both of Jian Chen's legs couldn't help but shiver and quake as he paused.

Upon hearing that this middle-aged man was actually Huang Luan's father, Jian Chen revealed a surprised look in his eyes. Though, he quickly recovered and smiled, "So you are the head of the Huang family, it is nice to meet you!"

The old man panicked when he saw Jiang Chen leaving. Without hesitation, he pulled Jiang Chen's sleeve and tucked the bronze plate into Jiang Chen's hand. He decided to sell it for 500,000 Mortal Restoration pills, since that was already a really huge sum. Furthermore, the bronze plate was useless for him, so he might as well exchange it for some resources he could use in his cultivation.

Jian Chen floated 500 meters away from the entire crowd with a suspicious look on his face as if he was trying to figure out what they would do next. His presence had already spread throughout the Pure Heart Pavilion sect grounds, and from his presence, he could clearly sense their strengths without fail.

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