Stranger is Handbook Chapter 2106

Stranger is Handbook Chapter 2106

"Please don't worry. Once we're back, we'll immediately send out a notice and ask everyone in this city to search for that dog. We won't let anything slow down the search, not even the examination."

Within the meeting hall of the Yan family.

Jiang Chen's words nearly caused Shangguan Sheng to choke. The mission was given to him by the Imperial Emperor, and he wanted Jiang Chen to complete the mission alone, without the help or interference from anyone on the spot. Even Wu Jiu was forbidden to help Jiang Chen. If the Shangguan Clan sent someone to kill Jiang Chen, it would be a violation of the Imperial Emperor's rule, and if Shangguan Sheng insisted that the death of Shangguan Ying was related to Jiang Chen, it would prove that they had broken his rule.

"Mother, Bi Lian, we should hurry the coffin back to the city. After spending so many years buried in this wasteland, I am sure aunty is fed up with this place." Jian Chen consoled them.

Jiang Chen asked.

"Mrrrrrr." At this moment, the soft cry of a beast sounded in the carriage. It was a snow-white, cat-sized tiger cub that lay on the youth's head, and stood up to look at the far away walls. Great curiousity could be seen in its bright eyes.Chapter 726: Radiant Saint Master Badges

Fan Zhong Tang and Guo Shan bowed towards the direction of Palace Black at the same time. The shout just now and the golden light came from Daoist Black. As the Black Sect's chief, one of the four most powerful men in the Qi Province, no one dared to stand in the way of Daoist Black.

If all roads ahead were closed, he would slaughter until a road opened. In his past life, Jiang Chen had attacked the heavens with sword in hand to pave a path out from this realm, and he was in a similar situation now. If he wanted to find a way out from this devil cave, there was nothing that could stop him.

The wind attributed Earth Saint Master was extremely strong. Just by himself, he could fight against two Earth Saint Masters and slowly win. Both of them had plenty of injuries on their body, causing their clothes to be dyed red with blood. The wind attributed Earth Saint Master however didn't have a single scratch on him.

Elder Wu's face grew troubled as he looked at the patriarch with disbelief. He truly didn't understand as an honored elder that he was, just why did he need to apologize to the younger generation?

Big Yellow started emitting smoke out of his nose and started threatening them.

Afterward, Ming Dong stayed behind in the shrine, and despite his begging, Jian Chen declined to stay as well. Escorted by two elders, Jian Chen was sent to the Space Gate and returned to the poisonous cloud filled mountain range.

Yan Chenyu's expression instantly changed. Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun were brought and imprisoned in the Martial Saint Dynasty. It looked like the Martial Saint Dynasty were planning on using them as their last resort.

Lee Chang Ming walked towards Jiang Chen and started talking to him without hiding his killing intent, "So, you're the Jiang Chen who killed my two brothers."

At Jiang Chen's residence, there were 4 or 5 men waiting outside. The man in front was Wang Yun, and there were a few other outer circle Mortal Core disciple as well. When they saw Jiang Chen coming, their eyes lit up.

Hearing this, Uncle Yun gave a gasp, "This youngster really is complicated. From the moment I saw his Saint Weapon, I knew that it would stand out from the masses; his Saint Weapon wasn't like everyone else's. Whatever happened within him, it made his Saint Weapon even stronger, even his strength isn't matching up with what is expected."

But, their blurry expressions only existed for a short moment, then all of them opened their eyes widely.

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