Arise, Pathetic Demon King! Chapter 443

Arise, Pathetic Demon King! Chapter 443

Jiang Chen swam like a dragon. After just a few twists, he reached the center of the strong current. Shockingly, what he found was a palm-sized talisman. The talisman looked like a crystal, and it was freezing cold. The bright lights Jiang Chen saw all came from this talisman.

"Little Chen, what kind of trade fair is this? It's no different from a bazaar! This is the first time I've witnessed such negotiations."

Jiang Chen smiled. He stared back at Nan Bei Chao and Liang Xiao without a hint of fear on his face.

"Grandfather, the person father rescued has finally woken up. Let me introduce you, his name is Jian Chen!" The fatty cried out in a hurry to greet his grandfather.

"Zhang Yang, I think you're being overly sensitive, I haven't sensed anything at all."

"Jian Chen, why would you go through such trouble? A magical beast usually has an exceptionally slow mature rate. A Class 6 Magical Beast could take at the very fastest ten years, or a hundred years at its slowest to mature. Then if we were to include the countless resources, it would be an extravagant cost. With your talent, it would take another ten or so years for you to become a Saint Ruler I'm sure, by then, you could tame another docile Class 6 Magical beast without having to go through the costs of raising one yourself while avoiding any trouble with our Moyun clan." The Heaven Saint Master clearly did not wish to be enemies with Jian Chen and was hoping that Jian Chen would take the initiative to give up. That was because every single King of Mercenaries have always been a Heaven Saint Master at the very least, and a Saint Ruler for the vast majority, meaning that Jian Chen was someone they couldn't afford to offend later.

Jian Chen knew that shaking them off at such a close distance would be too difficult. Even if he were to use the Illusionary Flash, if there were any wind attribute cultivators who were Earth Saint Masters, then at least two of them would be able to catch up with him.

After saying that, a powerful killing intent burst out from Jiang Chen's body. He waved his hand and unleashed five dazzling flood dragons, and they immediately charged into the group of Golden Guards, instantly surrounding them all.

"Jiang Chen!"

Looking toward the other elders, Chang Wuji spoke, "Fellow elders, please go and treat your wounds."

Not far from here was a valley. On top of this valley were layers of fog that were floating around. The valley was quiet, and with a scan of his Divine Sense, he discovered nothing unusual. Of course, Jiang Chen's Divine Sense was still weak, and the amount he can send out was still limited. There was no way for him to scan the whole valley right now.

Huang Tianba did not deny it and said, "Correct. Our Huang Family and the Hongfu clan have always caused trouble to one another, and have always wanted to end each other. However, the strength of our two groups have always been extremely close, with neither of us able to suppress the other. Even if we fought it out, the outcome would be both sides suffering defeats, with us ourselves suffering the most losses in the end. As a result, the hatred between the two groups has always continued up to now, unable to be resolved. However, this time, I wish that brother Jian Chen can work with me and obliterate the Hongfu clan. That would save troubles from undue delays, just in case any unforeseen changes happen"

Jiang Chen shouted again, by utilizing the force of impact, he spread his bloody wing, turned into two bright lights together with Big Yellow Dog, flying toward the deeper area of sector two.

"The five experts are men with a very well known reputation and are also the strongest men around. In a short amount of time, practically everybody and everyone knows their names." Yun Zheng spoke out to Jian Chen. While he knew Jian Chen was strong, he didn't know whether or not he was stronger than the five experts.

The appearance of the Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon made all these warriors even crazier.

The flames quickly receded from the skies, causing the temperature to drop as well. At the same time, the elder had a strange look on his face as if hesitating before finally sighing, "This old man admits his loss!"

Afterward, Jian Chen gave a few more personal notes of how he would often circulate his strength to familiarize himself before leaving her in peace. She would have to stay in the room herself for better results. Although she was a Saint Master now, she became one far too fast. Thus, her Saint Force almost felt foreign rather than being as easy to operate as her arm. Time was needed to familiarize herself.

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