Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 1322

Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 1322

In contrast to where Jian Chen and the envoy where, the garden around them was assaulted by a strong gale which only grew in size with each passing moment.


Yan Chen Yu glanced at Jiang Chen who appeared relaxed. A curve appeared on her lips. She knew that by following this man, her future life would definitely be wonderful.

Katafei nodded his head without saying a word.

Smiling with a surprised expression, he knew that Jiang Zhen Hai would come look for him after what he did in the main hall today.It was weird that he hadn't come to find him yet.

At the mention of the Pangolin Emperor, Qin Ji's eyes narrowed angrily; clearly, he had eaten up a heavy loss from it already.

Qiu Tianba said with an unclear voice while coughing out blood. He instinctively tried saying this while gnashing his teeth in anger, but since all his teeth were now gone, he couldn't do that.

"Hmph! I don't need to tell you how I got the news. Now, let me ask you, what is all this about? Beating fellow disciples, the outer circle Sect Elder, and burning the courtyard££ Are you trying to revolt here?"

Under the protection of the city guards, the city lord of Wake CityÿYun Li continued to walk into the Zhou clan courtyards. Stepping through the gates, he could only see the large amount of bodies littered about.

At this moment, a light went off in Jian Chen's mind as his hand blurred, causing a small pill to appear in his hand. This was the second Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill given to him by Elder Xiu. He wasn't too willing to part with it just yet, so he began to debate on what to do.

Yu Zi Han looked at the sky piercing energy waves and murmured to himself. He couldn't find any suitable words to describe the abnormal monster Jiang Chen anymore.

Just at that moment, a cyan robed elder came walking in with a look of bitter anguish on his face.


Jiang Chen nodded his head. He finally made up his mind regarding the trip to the Martial Saint Dynasty. As the ultimate ruler of the Eastern Continent, Jiang Chen would sooner or later have to face them. With Wu Jiu accompanying them, he might as well take this opportunity to face now, at least his life would be in safe hands. But, if someone bad really happened, Jiang Chen still had his own methods of dealing with it.


A coughing sound could be heard from the figure that Xiao Tian had downed. Struggling to get back up to his feet, the individual gave a frightened look to Xiao Tian.

"What happened? It seems like there are more stone golems around us! Looks like we haven't flown out from this area yet."

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