The Supreme Assassin Chapter 2961

The Supreme Assassin Chapter 2961

A crystal clear £¦click' sound was heard when the bronze plate was inserted into the socket. In an instant, the dead silent Teleport Formation started glowing brightly, and countless golden beams shout out from it. It no longer looked like a ruined formation, and the symbols engraved into the formation had become alive and were withering around like snakes.


Right at this moment, a figure landed in Jiang Chen's courtyard from above. It was Guo Shan who came with a panicked expression.

Behind them, Chen Shuang shouted and unleashed a sword beam towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Jiang Chen turned around and attacked the sword beam with his Single Solar Finger, blocking the sword beam.

The several men around them were quiet, but their faces were grim. The calamitous situation the Gesun Kingdom was facing was unavoidable now. Before the day was over, all of their hatred would be buried with them in the ground.

Jian Chen's own eyes had a cold tint to them as a small amount of killing intent slowly leaked out from him. There was even a sneer of disdain on Jian Chen's face as well. He knew all too clearly that the man was an Earth Saint Master, and a fire Saint Master at that. A single strike of his would be would be extremely overwhelming, but even then, Jian Chen did not see it as a threat to him.

Mu Rong Hao could feel a cold sensation between his legs, as he looked down and saw his torn pants.Blood began to seep out and then, a bloody mutilated object dropped down from within his pants.At that moment, Mu Rong Hao could finally feel the horrible pain coming from his groin.

After the three of them had left, all the people had already determined the top 3 winners, because the only people left in line were people who were not well-known in Kargath Academy. Their powers were all only primary or mid Saint levels, and there was, naturally, no way they could compare to the other three.


The one called third eldest was wearing a red-colored robe and looked neither fat or skinny. Although he was in his middle ages, his outward appearance made him look rather young. In fact, the one called third eldest was rather handsome and very confident.

Jian Chen stripped off all of his clothes, and jumped straight into the blood-filled cask. At the same time, he retrieved the snake gall from within the jade bottle, and directly swallowed it.

It was truly a gathering of dragons within Fengyang City. The entire city was not in an uproar because of the situation. Instead, they were quite subdued by their lifestyles. No matter how much they tried to hide it, the people of the city felt a tremendous amount of pressure on them. Even the mercenaries and the young masters of the richer clans had kicked their arrogance down a notch. Even they realized that one could never be too sure if one would meet a civilian or a person one could not offend.

Guan Yiyun reminded.

"Look, Yang Shuo flew out from the city! Who is that young man in white clothes? It looks like they're going to fight outside the city!"


Jian Chen focused his attention and pondered for a while. A ball of dense Radiant Saint Force suddenly appeared in his hand, reaching towards the three books once again.

"That's right. A natural formation is very different from those made by humans. A natural formation is naturally formed by nature after gathering natural yuan energies; it's a miraculous process, and humans know very little about it. Anyone can easily be trapped by it if they don't pay enough attention.

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