Dragon Ball: Yamcha Rebirth Chapter 1932

Dragon Ball: Yamcha Rebirth Chapter 1932

Qing Shui smiled and slowly shook his head! He lamented that the wealthy are really rich, but he soon understood it more after giving it some thought. After all, there were no less than 90 million population in the prosperous and wealthy Cang Lang County.

"Last is this dagger, which is also an earth-tier precious treasure. It can summon a rebel dragon of incredible power!"

"Attack!" he cried. Instantly, expressions of disdain could be seen on the faces of the Flashflame Four, and they began to walk forward. As they did, shocking flames erupted out from them, to the point where they themselves almost looked like beings made from flame.

More importantly, there was a dark side to Situ Luan. His heart was only filled with malice, and was full of holes. If his secret was discovered one day, it would be extremely easy to destroy him.

"Many thanks, Elder Brother Zhao," she said softly.

When he initially released the Demonic Swallow, he felt very relaxed, he felt that he would be able to suppress Qing Shui with the terrifying speed and strong sneak attacking abilities, this way, he would have breathing space when he was affected by the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly's petrify abilities.

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Zhou Yixing felt that he had no other choice than to pull out this trump card of his that he had been hoping to save for some other occasion. It was a special item given to him by his clan to use as a last-ditch line of defense!!

"Hold your horses!" Bai Xiaochun said, snorting coldly. "Do you really think I would challenge you with only one medicinal pill?!" With that, he waved his hand to produce some of the medicinal pills he had created in the Blood Stream Sect when trying to work with refined corpses, that caused long hair to grow out everywhere on one's body.

Plum blossoms had an unflinching and unyielding spirit. In fact, plum blossoms, Pines and Bamboos were known as the "Three Durable Friends of Winter".

Laughter echoed out as the air distorted, as if someone were using a magical item to distort space itself. A gaunt, middle-aged man appeared, a hunchback who, from the moment Bai Xiaochun laid eyes on him, gave off the sensation that he was no less powerful than Xiao Qing.

"Sky Prison Old Fifth, this is our Mu Clan's territory, your arrogance will not be tolerated. We haven't gone to argue with you and yet you come to trouble us, does the Sky Prison Sect have no morality and proper conduct?" Mu Qian said angrily but with restraint.

Nearby, there were three men who were approaching him, wearing Beast skins and holding some simple weapons. They all had a masculine build and their exposed muscles looked well defined and shiny. They were chatting with each other as they walked towards him.

It was the light of 361 shots of Archaean Luminescence, which shot out from the various Go pieces on the game board. Each and every one of them thrummed with the power of the great circle of the Archaean Realm. Although they did not match up individually to Daoist Heavenspan, who was a half-sovereign, their combined force was enough to light his eyes up with shock!

Everyone who saw Qing Shui bowed as they greeted him!

Art of Pursuing!

"This brat is seeking death!"

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