Will You be My Boyfriend Chapter 2102

Will You be My Boyfriend Chapter 2102

The reactions of the seven was within Jian Chen's calculations. After all, this was a good chance to curry favor with the Qinhuang Kingdom. Only an idiot would give up this once in a lifetime event.

"Yes, patriarch!" Everyone replied before setting outside.

Hearing this, Jian Chen felt a headache occur. The Huang family was certainly facing an unhappy situation. The Hongfu clan had two Saint Rulers that the ancestor of the Huang family was still able to fend off with difficulty. With the Yan and Shi family participating, there would be another two Saint Rulers added to the mix as enemies. With the ancestor by himself, he was clearly no match for the four.

The big yellow dog asked curiously.

Jiang Chen was furious, he felt like he was talking to a bunch of idiots and was just wasting his time and knowledge.

At this moment, the vice headmaster Chang Bai En walked up to the front of the crowd. He looked around at the group of figures that had obviously suffered through difficult situations. He smiled, and loudly said, "Very good. As expected, none of you have disappointed me. I hadn't imagined that this event to hunt magical beasts and stay in the forest for 3 days would have more people remaining this time time compared to all the previous times this event has been held. Now, I want everyone to maintain their current formations, and begin walking back towards the academy."

"Go, of course I'll go."

"What do you think?"

Within the deep belly of the mountain behind the Hua Yun Sect, three Heaven Saint Masters were gathered there. Two of the grand elders were taking turn imparting their knowledge to the newly broken through Saiya.

The Grand Elder led the group to the Space Gate and swept a glance at the men behind him, before passing several Class 5 Monster Cores to the Heaven Saint Master standing watch, "There are nine men total here, and we have nine monster cores as well."

Seeing Yun Li enter, Jian Chen realized that he had to be in the lord's mansion.

"I, Jiang Chen am back!"

Yan Hong Tai unleashed his energy as well. There were more and more men coming out from the Misty Rain Tower. This matter was getting serious.

"Reporting to the fourth young master, the third young master wishes to see you!" Just at this moment, the voice of a servant girl echoed from outside.

"What happened? Don't tell me Chen Jiang is giving up?"

If all his belongings vanished upon death, it would truly be a huge loss. Since Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he needed a huge amount of resources to support him, so he naturally wouldn't let go of the chance to rob his opponent.

"Haha, leave this matter to me. The Imperial Prince is in secluded cultivation, and I think he will come out in about half a month. At that point of time, I'll show him the surprise!"

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