The Great Storyteller Chapter 1833

The Great Storyteller Chapter 1833

"Your Majesty, please be rest assured. The princess has received no major injuries." Chang Wuji replied.


Changyang Hu's face ashened as he listened to Ka Di Yun's demands. Snarling, he answered, "Dream on, Ka Di Yun. Even if you're a Saint now, I, Changyang Hu, will never be afraid of you."

Ming Dong, right now, was almost as if he were a completely different person than the one from a year ago. Jian Chen couldn't help but feel some doubt, was this black robed youth in front of him the Ming Dong he knew?

Outside of the arena, many people cried out in amazement as they saw the speed that Ming Dong had just revealed.

Tie Ta's act of strength caused the surrounding wolves to cower in fear, as they watched Tie Ta hold onto the two halves of the wolf's carcass.

"Damn it, this master dog almost shit because of that!"

The headquarters of the Bloodmoon Mercenaries was situated within a revised castle. It did not hide the flying figure of Jian Chen from anyone's sight. With the fact that Jian Chen had not bothered to make his traveling discreet, the captain of the Bloodmoon Mercenaries was quickly notified of his arrival. He swiftly moved to welcome him, "A thousand welcomes for the Imperial Protector!"

"Protect the king!" One of the guards cried out before throwing away his fear and charging at Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen never took threats from anyone, this old man wasn't worth a fart in his eyes.

Hesitation befell Situ Qing for a brief moment. Then finally, a look of resolution appeared on his face as he finally relented to Jian Chen for the sake of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. "You win, Jian Chen. I££.I'll tell you about Bi Hai. I hope that you'll££.keep to your word then££."Chapter 667: A Mystery of the Past

Everyone was shocked. They had initially thought that when the Yan family said they would protect Jiang Chen, it was just a symbolic action. But, now they could see that they really meant it.

After what seemed like a long while, Yun Lian finally regained her ability to think coherently. With eyes wide open, she stared in disbelief at the young but handsome face of Jian Chen with one hand over her mouth in shock. "Yo-you-you're a££ a Heaven Saint Master!"

"This guy has become even stronger. He is now capable of fighting a Combat King warrior."

Jiang Chen carefully probed.

Someone said.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Due to the harsh environment here, it was unrealistic to inform Big Yellow via his Divine Sense. But, with the help of the Great Soul Derivation Skill, it was a completely different story.

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