Card Cultivator Chapter 2159

Card Cultivator Chapter 2159

"Yes, but only magical beasts would have such colors." Jian Chen replied.

"That Jiang Chen didn't appear even at a time like this, it looks like he really isn't in the Martial Palace. That man is a dangerous man, we have to lure him out and kill him; we can't give him any more room to grow!"

"He can suppress an Early Qi Hai warrior while only at the Qi Jing level££How is this possible, if he is defeated then the Mu Rong family will be destroyed!"

The crowd were whispering to each other. In today's fight, Lee Chang Hao had died, and the Lee family had lost a low rank combat weapon, what a double whammy for the Lee family.

Yunzhong He kept waving the feather fan in his hand, unleashing bright beams upon Shan Ying.

"Sire Hari, you should move back for now. We're not sure if it's safe yet, but based on the movements in front of us, it's either a group of mercenaries on mounts, or a large amount of magical beasts. And it's not just one magical beast." Hudolf's voice was calm, but his expression was extremely serious.

Xiao Wei brought Jiang Chen and Han Yan to a courtyard. The door to the courtyard was opened. There were three buildings within the courtyard, and it had an elegant landscape with a green hill behind.

After hearing Jacob's words of this item, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. The Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon part had only been in his possession for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, he had been unable to figure out how to assemble it and it could only serve as garbage as it was now. This was finally a chance for him to assemble the cannon. Jian Chen could feel excitement at this since this was a powerful weapon of destruction capable of killing an Earth Saint Master.

Everybody was looking at each other, the atmosphere had become extreme panic, they all knew Jiang Chen's temper, he would never let this off easily.

Jiang Wei became angrier and angrier with each passing moment, and his face had turned red. With his status and cultivation, it was disgraceful that he couldn't defeat an outer circle disciple after such a long time.

Jiang Chen was extremely happy.

The people in the crowd looked at the gate, trembling. They couldn't help but feel somewhat scared when looking at it.

"Brother Jiang is a true dragon among all mortals. Looks like the severe injury is a blessing disguised as misfortune."

This dog seems pretty strong!

Seeing the Purple Card in Jian Chen's hand, the manager looked at Jian Chen with disbelief as if trying to see if he was joking. Swiftly a smile appeared on his face as he took the Purple Card, "My lord is truly a positive person. This Multicolored Stone has been passed around within our Treasure Pavilion's circle for dozens of years, but now it has finally found an owner."

The man seated at the very front of everyone else sighed with sorrow. With a low voice, he spoke, "I am sure everyone remembers the one that stole our Ruler Armament, the Seal of Treasure Mountain."

The elder paused for a moment to clear his throat once more before continuing to speak, "This year the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House has seen its busiest year. That is because this year, this year we shall be auctioning off two precious items that our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House has already announced. What these items are, I am sure many people here are already aware of. So I, Elder Xiu will not waste any more time describing them."

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