Re:Birth Of A God Chapter 73

Re:Birth Of A God Chapter 73

Gold blood and purple blood belong to the noblest lineages acknowledge by the whole of the world of Nine continents. It is rumored that in the world of ?the Nine Continents, clans with such blood types are all the top clan in the Central Continent.?

Song Que's expression flickered, and he suppressed the arrogance in his heart as he stopped in place. No matter how incredible he thought himself outside the wall, now that he was back here, he didn't dare to do anything rash.

"The Nine Serenities King, War Champion King and Spirit Advent King were all scheming against me, the bastards. I might have broken the rules, but it was only after their plotting. Now I just need to lay low for a while and not give them any reason to cause me any problems. After some time passes, all of the issues can be resolved." A faint smile could be seen on his face, and a bright gleam passed through his eyes. It was wonderful to have all matters under his control.

Zhao Long and the others were in the middle of watching over the pill furnaces in the courtyard when they heard the war drum, and their expressions instantly flickered. The ten Nascent Soul cultivators also opened their eyes and looked up in the direction of the tower and the eye.


Bai Xiaochun's breath caught in his throat, and he felt as if the air around him had solidified. The pressure weighing down made it almost impossible to move.

All of a sudden, a black hole appeared inside of him that seemed capable of crushing everything in existence. As for his right fist, the black vortex that had formed around it emanated an aura that could shake heaven and earth, an aura that seemed impossible to constrict or restrain!

That was exactly how many playing spots existed on the Go board on the boat in the fan face, and was the true limit of the divine ability. Right now, nearly three hundred beams of Archaean Luminescence were causing all heaven and earth to tremble!! [1]

Shortly after that, the patriarchs got word from Bai Xiaochun that he planned to concoct a Deva Pill, which would make it highly likely that one of the half-deva patriarchs would finally be able to break out from the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage. Of course, the patriarchs were both delighted and deeply thankful.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun didn't have to get involved with the actual movement of the army, nor did the patriarchs have to waste energy on it. Zheng Yuandong was the sect leader, and it was in times like this that his authority was in full swing.

"Alright, take care of yourself in the future. I am leaving!"

Fire Bird wasn't flying too fast but after fifteen minutes, Qing Shui saw an enormous lake below him. It was a dead valley surrounded by the mountains, a place that was difficult for flying birds to reach.

There were a few grandmasters of the Dao of medicine in the Cloud Order who managed to get their hands on the pills to research them¡­. One of them was Ouyang De, who was considered to be the top apothecary grandmasters in the Cloud Order. As such, he came to understand the Fantasy Pills and Aphrodisiac Pills better than anyone else.

Since this was their first time meeting, the conversation between Qing Shui and the Jin Clan was very superficial. However, they had a congenial conversation, and Qing Shui could sense the Jin Clan's willingness to befriend him, which was in line with his plans.

"It's just that he is too arrogant." Qing Shui smiled and said.

The next day, he looked very tired. However, he took out the formula for the River-Defying Pill to study it a bit further, as well as the Frigid School Medicine Manual. After some time, he gritted his teeth and put them away, then produced the Holy Pill Wall Fragment he'd acquired in the Profound Stream Sect city.

Qing Shui was drenched in sweat after pushing everything for this moment. He felt extremely happy. Even though the effect of "Art of Pursuing" couldn't last for a long time, it had the ability to reduce the opponent's speed and increase their load!?

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