I want to reborn Chapter 96

I want to reborn Chapter 96

Clang! Slash!

Qin Ji smiled and joked, "I do. Do you not wish for me to? You've come to my homelands, am I not able to come to your homelands to take a look?"

The woman was quite tall and her hair shined on her cotton robes. Her clear and bright eyes could be seen shining in a way as if they could steal souls. Her fingers gently and tenderly caressed the strings of her zither. With each step, her slim waist swayed to the side gently. Although her appearance was not yet clear to see, the light radiating from her could only indicate that she was a matchless beauty that could cause nations to fall at the blink of an eye.

With his sharp eyes, the man looked at Jian Chen's sword where he saw the faint glow of the azure and violet Sword Qi, instantly drawing the connection between that and the Sword Qi that had struck his Saint Weapon. The man knew that he was no match now. Without delay, the man immediately turned to flee and instantly disappeared from view.

Jiang Chen said.

"Dad didn't look for me after he sent uncle Mu Rong away?"

Jian Chen's eyes furrowed together as he turned his head, only to see a squad of heavily armored soldiers running at him quickly with two middle aged men leading the squad.


"Brother Jiang be careful, this is an Earth level combat skill, don't underestimate it!"

Jiang Chen said in a loud voice. With a sway of his body, he once again leapt toward Lord Baoju. He stretched his arm forward and unleashed a frightening blood-red dragon claw. The True Dragon Palm came crashing down from the sky and crashed into Lord Baoju's body.

"I said it before; blood will be shed, and there will be no survivors. I want to establish my authority in the outer perimeter of Inferno City and get revenge for Guan Yiyun. No one is allowed to harm my friends."

"World Shaking Seal!"

Jiang Chen dared not show any neglect when facing the grim Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. In an instant, he drew out his golden battle axe and covered it with his True Dragon Flames. He let out a loud shout, then he unleashed the Clap of Thunder. The attack dashed forwards with an incredible speed, and it arrived in front of the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil in a split second.

Bringing up his Ruler Armament to defend himself, Dugu Feng quickly protected himself. The youth staggered back a few steps as his feet dragged across the ground.

After colliding with Big Yellow's head, this result was expected. His head could even break a mid-ranked combat weapon, let alone a human being.

"Not so fast, the Little Devil King admitted defeat, so Li Wu Shuang is still at full strength! Like this, Jiang Chen isn't necessarily a match for Li Wu Shuang! As long as Jiang Chen loses, we will get back twice the amount of the Mortal Restoration Pills we bet!"

"With our speed, we should be able to arrive at Coiled Dragon Mountain before sister is married. But we still should hurry, just in case." Qin Xiao said with a deep voice. Afterwards, the squad increased their speed again.

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