In cutivation realm with anime system Chapter 1139

In cutivation realm with anime system Chapter 1139

"Heavens! I can't believe there's actually a huge hand stretching out of the Heavenspan River. If the five fingers of that hand can each make a whole mountain peak, then how big is the rest of the giant...?"

The young man gave a pained smile.

"Kid, a slight mistake in my part has given you the privilege to act foolish and freely. I will definitely kill you today no matter what it takes to do so. You and your demonic beasts will not stand a chance in front of me." Donggong Nianyuan spoke with a voice full of malice and hatred. The usual impervious expression on his face had changed, albeit a bit.

"Oh, I don't have many friends like you, Miss Yuan. Even at a time like this, you are willing to give me a hand. You are the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for." Qing Shui smiled.

And yet, that was of secondary importance. More importantly, he could fuse with heaven and earth, effectively becoming the will of the heavens. His thoughts became the thoughts of the heavens! If he wished to punish his enemies, then the heavens wished to punish them as well!

Even though they were currently in the Core Formation stage, back when they had been in Foundation Establishment, they couldn't have competed with Bai Xiaochun or Lin Mu. The fight going on was completely and utterly shocking. Although Bai Xiaochun and Lin Mu were relying on a spell formation and a puppet respectively, what they were doing proved that they were far beyond ordinary. They were clearly at the ultimate peak of Foundation Establishment.

Cultivation of the Blue Lotus Art would always be done in one's basement. No matter which generation you were in, as long as you cultivated, you would be given your own basement. The practice yard was used for the purpose of increasing one's strength, improving one's martial art stances and one's hand-to-hand combat skills.

It wasn't just the Outer and Inner Sect disciples who bowed. The Foundation Establishment cultivators and the Gold Core experts also joined in. The junior patriarch of the sect occupied a position second only to the patriarchs themselves. It was even higher than the legacy echelon!

Qing Shui, who only had the strength of ten countries left in his body could also only deal a damage of fifty countries with the Mighty Elephant Stomp. However, it was still quite useful when used against Steelback Gigantic Bears who had the strength of only five or six countries. One Mighty Elephant Stomp was enough to instantly kill them all. His stamina would deplete very fast when battling in the air. Moreover, Fire Bird was still not a Martial Saint but even if it was, its strength would be restricted. He figured that it would be instantly devoured if it had to face the large group of Raging Flame Birds.

"We want your protection, if we want to consolidate our power in Hundred Miles City, we would definitely need someone strong looking after us. With our current strength, we are easy pickings for almost any of the bigger groups and gangs in Hundred Miles City." Qing Lang said helplessly.

The room didn't appear luxurious but instead, had a rustic feel. He looked at the peaceful old man lying down on the bed. Qing Shui took his pulse and affirmed that the old man had passed away. A faint smile on the old man's face indicated that he had truly left happily.

Although the Blue Lotus Art could be considered a Hou Tian level technique, it was at the pinnacle of all Hou Tian techniques, with a rating of the Heaven Grade. After all, Xian Tian level techniques are akin to the stars in the skies, the essence and concepts behind it are too unfathomable for most people to grasp, so a Hou Tian level technique with a Heaven Grade could be considered as extremely valuable! Majority of the cultivators in the Kyushu world could only employ Hou Tian level techniques. Only those from very established sects or big clans with deep roots would have the possibility to possess Xian Tian level techniques or higher; even the rumoured Legendary level and God level techniques!

"Giant Ghost, old pal," Bai Xiaochun said loudly, "why didn't you reconstruct Devil Penitentiary?"

Qing Shui stood still, brainstorming while executing his Hidden Weapon Technique to hinder Old Demon Ba.

Bai Xiaochun looked coldly at the clan chief for a moment before coldly saying, "So, is this how you Chen Clan people want to do things?"

"I really performed some meritorious service this time! I wonder how the Grand Heavenmaster is going to reward me?!" Even as he hurried forward to follow the Grand Heavenmaster, he realized that everyone was looking at him. Turning, he saw that many of the heavenly marquises and dukes were looking at him with the contempt of someone looking at a petty person who had unexpectedly achieved a position of power.

"Mingyue, Liu-Li, we have already flown for over a day, let's go down and eat something. We can prepare some necessary stuff as well." Qing Shui was randomly finding a topic, trying to break the silence.

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