Tell Me Again, My Love Chapter 2783

Tell Me Again, My Love Chapter 2783

Jiang Chen smiled. As he was filthy rich, let alone dining in this restaurant, he could easily but the entire restaurant.

Jiang Chen's expression changed into a serious one.

With Shangguan Ying's sight, he could clearly see the Skymend Formation in the sky, which brought him extreme shock.

"Ding" "Ding!" "Ding!"

"Brother Jian Chen, your strength is quite strong. In the future when you have time, we must compare notes. Right now, the captain of the guards is the only one capable of fighting me. There aren't many willing to fight with me, and I dare not find Earth Saint Masters to fight with since I would easily be overpowered." Qin Xiao explained as he drank from his cup.

Recalling everything that Big Yellow had eaten, he remembered that they had forgotten to pay the bill, but that was even better. Now that they had offended each other, what was the point of paying the bill?

Swoosh swoosh swoosh££

"I vow that I, Jian Chen, have never seen your master before!" Jian Chen could no longer bear her questioning, and so in order to absolve him from any future questions, he had to pledge in such a manner.

"Brother Jiang, those Blood Devils have suddenly become quiet, I'm sure they are planning something big."

Eleven kilometers££.

Xiu Mi could feel that the situation had grown serious and cast a deep glance toward the tiger cub before following his father into one of the rooms nervously.

The situation had caused all the men from the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect to completely lose all their hope. Since the beginning of the war, Nanbei Chao was their only hope. But now, it seemed like they couldn't depend on him any longer.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

Luo Jian's face grew angry as his eyes flashed dangerously, "Changyang Xiang Tian, you don't have the power to take away my monster cores."

The night was dark, and the wind was blowing. This was a night filled with blood. After this day, the Lee family would be gone, and there would be a new rule for this city.

Jian Chen's heart was full of sorrow at the sight of this muddy coffin. Letting out a mental sigh to himself, he slowly levitated the coffin out of the ground by using the energy of the world. He carefully set it down on the open ground.

Jiang Chen asked.

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