This is my Universe Chapter 1589

This is my Universe Chapter 1589

Out of the four geniuses who wanted to attack Han Yan and the group, only Xu Shuang from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Yilong from the Shangguan Clan were still alive. The other two had been killed by Jiang Chen without any chance to fight back.

Wu Lang replied with a sneer, giving absolutely no face to Wu Cong.

Within the room, Tian Jue was currently intertwined with a beautiful woman on the bed. Hearing the housekeeper speak, his entire body began to shake and another part of his body grow impotent. "What, Jian Chen is here in our clan compound?" Tian Jue couldn't help but think back to what happened between he and Jian Chen a year ago, causing his face to turn pale.

After a while, Jian Chen's foot suddenly stopped, halting his forward momentum.

Jiang Chen added. It was easy to say he was going to go to the Southern Continent, but when it came to the actual travel, the distance was enough to make them gloomy.

The youth revealed a wicked smile, "That's perfect. I need to go there to cultivate, so you will lead the way for your lord. And if I'm happy with you, you'll earn a reward."Chapter 126: Tianxiong Clan

At the same time, at another location in the first level of the Devil Realm, young master Qi's body suddenly sway. A look of anger emerged on his face.

Calming himself, Jian Chen departed from both his room and the restaurant to mingle with the crowded streets.

Jiang Chen smiled. With a determined look in his eyes, he said, "Let's go; just keep moving forward."

Above the disc, layers of spiraling patterns could be seen. This was the Spiraling Defense Mechanism that Big Yellow had spent two months making.

The azure robed Qingsuo opened up her mouth to speak, "Master, refining Chaotic Force requires a tremendous amount of world Qi. It would take ten years to refine even the smallest amount of Chaotic Force from the small amount of world Qi here. Master, the Ruler Armaments in your hands contain a massive amount of energy, Ziying and Qingsuo can use that energy to refine into Chaotic Force.

The Golden Guard shook his head, then applied force to his hand and prepared to swing the blade. After this strike landed, Jiang Cheng's head would no longer be connected to his neck.

"No no, I can't! My grandfather's anger is something you definitely don't want to see. Although my grandfather is usually kind, when he gets angry, even my father becomes afraid." The fatty instantly turned nervous as he thought about his grandfather.

Mu Rong Hao said.

Fan Zhongtang had become completely hostile towards his once fellow sect members. With a loud shouter, he forcefully punched toward Yuan Lei. A scene like this was no doubt incredibly ironic for the Black Sect. At this crucial moment for the Black Sect, two men who were once from the same sect were fighting each other. No one would ever have thought that this would happen.

Suddenly in the battlefield below, all of the crossbow bolts that hadn't floated into the air earlier started to fly into the air. Even the crossbow bolts that were being prepared to fire began to feel an invisible energy pull at them. One by one, they shot into the air before finally coming to a stop around Jian Chen's body. Every single crossbow bolt exuded the azure and violet Sword Qi, but the intensity of the Qi was even stronger than before.

The opening of the Space Gate alerted the soldiers of the Eastern Deity Swords. Immediately, several people saw Jian Chen exit the Space Gate, but they seemed to know who Jian Chen was. After seeing him clearly, they all dropped to one knee and exclaimed, "We greet the Imperial Protector."

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