Taking on the Magical World Chapter 1001

Taking on the Magical World Chapter 1001

After that, Jiang Chen calmed his mind down and began focusing on the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. According to the description, in order to cultivate this skill, Jiang Chen would have to find spirits of the Five Elements, only then could he master the skill. However, spirits of the Five Elements were extremely hard to find, and he might not be able to find them all even if he searched the entire Saint Origin realm.

He could see that Situ Qing's face was as pale as paper due to the lack of blood flowing in it. His eyes were closed and still from where he was, and his blood continue to pool underneath him in large amounts. Even the poison that had invaded his body started to appear in the blood around him.

Seeing the group, he hesitated for a small moment before taking the man into his arms. "He's still alive, but he's almost on his last breath. It'd be for the best if we return now."

"Jiang Chen, hurry up and let these men go! Haven't you had enough for one day?!"


Within the imperial palace of the Andreas Kingdom, several chancellors and civil and military officials could be seen gathered within with extremely serious expressions.

"Hurry up and give the orders, make the entire clan take guard. The Huang family wants to battle with our Hongfu clan. They definitely brought a lot of people."

"Oh no, this time Jiang Chen has run into huge trouble."

"Who are you? State your names at once!" The leader of the group commanded.

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. Judging from his abilities, a normal Late Mortal Core warrior would not be his match, but this monster in front of them was different. The environment was just too cold, so if they tried fighting the monster here, Jiang Chen would have to focus on fighting while at the same time withstanding the cold, limiting his ability to unleash his full power. Besides, this monster had help from the freezing crystal. It was far beyond any other monster.

The other people within the palace immediately looked on in surprise, "How brazen! Are you here to cause trouble, arrest him!" Thirty imperial palace guards instantly appeared from both sides. There was no hesitation in their actions as the simultaneously rushed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons.

Jian Chen had an apologetic look on his face, "I have matters to attend to at home and so I must leave now. I am afraid that something may happen back home."

Jiang Chen asked.

Jian Chen, You Yue, and Huang Lan were all seated around a circular table in a splendid and magnificently decorated room. Huang Luan was excited to see Jian Chen, and talked to him nonstop about the Flame Mercenaries with great curiosity. Whenever she asked another question, Jian Chen answered truthfully without leaving any mystery behind.

"There is still someone in there. Don't try to play this dirty little trick on your father. Let me tell you this; my patience is limited, and don't you dare think that I won't dare kill this Crown Prince. If I want to kill him, it will be no different from crushing an ant with my finger."

"Big Yellow, let's kill this monster!"

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