Skill Customize Creator System Chapter 742

Skill Customize Creator System Chapter 742

A day flashed by, during which terrifying howling sounds continued to echo out from the pit. Outside, everyone was looking on nervously, except for the old soul cultivator, who was trembling in astonishment and terror.

"Mother, what are you thinking about? After tonight has passed, I can finally be considered as an adult. You previously promised me that after my coming of age ceremony, you would let me know about the circumstances of my father." Qing Shui gently held Qing Yi's hands as he asked. The instant Qing Shui mentioned his father, a frightening, razor sharp, ice cold look flashed in his eyes. Upon seeing it, Qing Yi could not help but tremble as she felt the menacing aura emitted from Qing Shui.

Art of Core Qi!

Commotion broke out in the streets as many people saw the gigantic demonic beasts in the air. After all, in such a small place like the Hundred Miles City, it was hard to see any demonic beasts.

Within the 30,000-meter waterswamp, there was only the enormous bone spur. Compared to that spur, the cultivators were like bugs, whereas Bai Xiaochun was like an immortal being with the world in his hands!


"That reward is now a full set of five elements deva beast souls!!! The bounty is good throughout all creation, and is available to both members of our Holy People and cultivators from the Great Wall. The only requirement is to kill Bai Xiaochun! I, Red-Dust, swear an oath upon my cultivation base, and vow to never break my word in the slightest aspect. Furthermore, I will not reveal the identity of the person who kills him, nor divulge even the slightest bit of information about them. If I violate any aspect of this oath, let my cultivation base be ruined and my life destroyed in body and soul!" As Mistress Red-Dust's piercing words rang out, thunder rumbled up in the heavens, as if to bear witness to her promise. That in itself indicated that Mistress Red-Dust had just uttered a Dao oath!

Qing Shui had never entertained the thought of reaching Rainbow Level of the Art of Forging as he felt that it would take over ten years before he reached that stage.?

Booms rose up into the air, and shockwaves spread out across the battlefield. Bai Xiaochun was shaking visibly as he looked around at the fighting. Finally, he lifted his right hand. He knew what he had to do now, and that it would likely be a disaster for the Blood Stream Sect. Memories from the Blood Stream Sect flitted through his mind, and yet, he had no other choice.

After easily passing the level, the group of three used the same method to get through the nineteenth level. As of this moment, they were already in the twentieth level!

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Daoist Heavenspan was the strongest of them all. However, he was having trouble dealing with Song Que's Essence magic, and was sustaining injuries. If he had been fighting with Song Que alone, then it might not have been a big problem, but he also had the Saint-Emperor to deal with.

"He came at the same time as Ba Donghe!" Yu Ruyan smiled as she told him. It was better that she spoke of this matter rather than Nian Feng's grandfather himself.

Huoyun, at the side, giggled non-stop. She caused Canghai Mingyue to feel even more bashful.

Along with the sigh, he sensed certain fluctuations in his bag of holdingĄ­.

"You can see through my cultivation level?" Qing Shui asked, seemingly very interested.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun followed the black-robed figure through the imperial palace. He was no longer strutting, but rather, looking around vigilantly. Although he was pleased by how things were playing out, he was still fearful and anxious about this Grand Heavenmaster.

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