The Shop Merchant of any Side Chapter 996

The Shop Merchant of any Side Chapter 996

The monk asked in a serious manner.

The man kept kowtowing. When he heard Jiang Chen say that killing him would only make his hands dirty, even though it was a direct insult, it made him happy. It was as if it wasn't an insult, but praise.

Right now, Jian Chen could only tell that the man had no hostility aimed toward himself. With a smile, he cupped his hands together, "This was a misunderstanding from my own carelessness. If it were not for my recklessness, this would not have happened, allow me to apologize as well."

Jiang Chen and Han Yan flew with extreme speed. In just a few minutes, they had ditched all those people behind. Soon after, they saw another group of people in front of them. The group seemed to be discussing something. Jiang Chen and Han Yan sped up and got closer to them. This group of people were perhaps talking about the Blissful Island's trade fair, and they really needed more information now.

Jiang Chen turned around and smiled to a man behind him, then both their faces froze at the same time.

Wu Ningzhu's eyes became brighter and brighter as she looked at Jiang Chen.

Many people felt an impulse to give this arrogant guy a severe beating, but eventually refrained themselves from the impulse. Some Late Divine Core geniuses were staring at Jiang Chen as well, hostility leaking out from their eyes. However, they didn't do anything either. Firstly, they had to conserve their energy for the upcoming competition, and secondly, they did fear this man who could cripple Luo Song with a single kick.

Shaking his head, Jian Chen didn't give a second thought, "This shouldn't be something that elders should worry themselves with." Jian Chen knew that even if he were to hand it over, the Shi family would not let him be.

"Damn it, where did this dog come from? Could he be any more abnormal than this?"

He sighed once more. He had to be honest with You Yue, else he would only hurt her more.

After Jian Chen had attacked those 2 mercenaries, the rest of the mercenaries were brought back to awareness and flew at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to slash.

This appearance of hers had caused Jian Chen to be dumbfounded. From the very beginning of when he came to know Huang Luan, she had given Jian Chen the feeling of being icy cold and habitually silent. There was never a time where she had revealed such a shy expression.

For others, this Venomous Nether Toad was an existence similar to a messenger of death, but for Jiang Chen who was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, it couldn't pose any threat to him. It would instead just contribute further to Jiang Chen's abilities.

"Master, first walk into the illusion array." Qingsuo started Jian Chen off.

A thought struck Bi Hai, causing him to stare dangerously at Jian Chen, "Tell me who your parents were, and what name you used to be called by."

"Go, of course I'll go."


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