Out of Foxes to Give Chapter 1037

Out of Foxes to Give Chapter 1037

"Looks like the Dimensional Shift skill is the only skill I can use to catch up with this dog££ But, the Dimensional Shift skill is a profound movement skill. With my current strength, it is impossible to use it without feeling dimensional energy, which I can only feel when I reach the Combat King realm. Besides, this Dimensional Shift skill consumes a lot of energy. If I combine it with the blood wings, I can only use it for a short period of time, but it should be enough to ditch that Yin Zhong Cheng."

"I think the next Sect Chief will be brother Jiang."

The final round of the competition and the most important one would take place the following day. Because this was the final battle, it would give rise to the strongest individual of the Gathering of the Mercenaries and would be given the honor of being called the King of Mercenaries.

An upward curve appeared on Han Yan's lips.

Tianmu Ling followed Qin Ji's lead and left after that. Everything inside the cave was no longer recoverable, since it had collapsed, many groups of men began to leave in twos and threes. Yet, some people were still staying behind.

"Do you want this master dog to bite them to death?"

Han Yan's face instantly turned pale, and he hurriedly moved far away from Big Yellow. Only now did he realize, the reason Big Yellow had kept so quiet during these last four hours was because he was brewing his shit.



Cheng Mingxiang and Luo Jian's expressions changed. They glanced at each other with a serious look. It was obvious that they were somewhat afraid of Tie Ta. Even though Tie Ta's actual power wasn't very strong, and they could easily defeat him in a fight, Tie Ta had a formidable supporter that even the two of them were afraid to encounter. This was why they had never dared to touch Tie Ta at Kargath Academy.

"Commander Ling!"

At that moment, a male and a female student came through the gates of the libraryĆæit was the siblings, Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli.

Jiang Chen said with a smile as he walked out from the room. Guo Shan was his own brother, that's why he would try his best to save his life; this was part of the ideals of justice that existed within his heart, it was something unique to him, and it was what made him different from Nanbei Chao.

Li Hui was after all a Heavenly Core warrior, and his injuries weren't serious. If his Qi Sea wasn't sealed, then the rope wouldn't be able to hold him at all. Jiang Chen wanted to hang Li Hui no matter what, and he wanted to make this matter become more complicated. The more serious, the better. He wanted to get the man behind everything to come out. As for the consequences, Jiang Chen didn't bother thinking about those. The more he showed off, the more attention he would get from the sect management.

However, Tan Lang could also tell that the main reason why Jiang Chen and Tyrant could defeat the two Seventh Grade Devil Kings so fast was because their abilities greatly suppressed devils. Especially Jiang Chen; his flames were incredible, as the devil was greatly suppressed by it. According to such suppressive power, Jiang Chen even kill an Eighth Grade Devil King.

"Do you want this master dog to bite them to death?"

However, the war below didn't affect the Heaven Saint Masters up above. The blue-robed middle-aged man from the Sect of Dragon and Sect had only glared at Jian Chen. "Sire, you must be the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian. Becoming a Heaven Saint Master at such an age is truly a precedent within the entire Tian Yuan Continent, but lord Changyang Xiangtian, this is a negotiation between the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and the Qinhuang Kingdom. You have no rights to partake in this, or do you possibly represent the entire Qinhuang Kingdom?" When it came to Changyang Xiangtian, the man had been given his information by the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. However, what he knew was only limited to the intelligence from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

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