I am Legend Chapter 1567

I am Legend Chapter 1567

The men from the Shangguan Clan came to the sky garden in high spirits, but when they saw the dead bodies on the ground, all their expressions changed instantly.

Jiang Chen murmured. He had no doubt about Big Yellow's words. If the broken sword's origin was from Saint Origin, Jiang Chen would have been able to tell.

Jian Chen had already returned to the inn and onto the bed he had been sitting on before. The only difference this time was that a hole could be seen in the ceiling above him.

Jiang Zhen Hai cupped his fist and said to Yan Zhan Yun. His expression was a formal one. This man was a super power from Red city, and if it wasn't because of his own son, with Jiang Zhen Hai's own status, there would be no chance for him to stand in front of Yan Zhan Yun.

Jiang Chen said.

Ye Xiao was furious. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry Ye Xiao was right now. If Jiang Chen stood in front of him right now, Ye Xiao might just ignore all the rules and tear him into pieces.


Very quickly, the golden ray surrounding Jian Chen's body disappeared. The golden light in the Saint Ruler's eyes had also returned back to its normal color. As soon as the light disappeared, Jian Chen felt his body control come back to him.

"How is this possible? He was clearly a fire attributed Saint Force cultivator, just how is he using the wind attribute?"

Seeing Jian Chen turn his attention to himself, the eunuch let out a fearful sound before kneeling on the ground, trembling in fear. "Th££ this££ this sla££slave is the king's eunuch of meals. I am in charge of the king's everyday meals."

The proverbs once said that fortune and danger live together. So while the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts had many dangers, at the same time, there was also treasure to be found. The Magical Beasts frequently fought each other, so upon their deaths, their monster cores would be preserved. If one had good luck, then they would be able to come across a few magical beast corpses that still had their cores, and collect them, but the chances of that happening were still rather low.

"Buddy, you broke through?"

This was the personal room of elder Xiu. It was only ten square meters, and the furniture was arranged in a simplistic manner. There was only a bed and wardrobe in the room and a small pile of objects in a corner. Aside from this, there was nothing else.

Jiang Chen hated it when someone disturbed him while he was cultivating.

Seeing how Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword had managed to find its way to Tianxiong Daoyun's throat, the remaining seven people immediately went still with their eyes and jaws wide open. Even more so they stared rigidly at the broken remnants of Tianxiong Daoyun's sword with thunderstruck expressions.

Although Yu Zihan tried his best to defend, he was after all only an Early Divine Core warrior. The gap between him and Fan Zhongtang was huge. In an instant, blood burst out from his mouth because of the tremendous force, and his face instantly became pale white.

Li Tianyang cried out in shock and said with a hint of disbelief in his tone.

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