Creation And Destruction System Chapter 1687

Creation And Destruction System Chapter 1687

Afterward, Jian Chen found a river based on his memories, and washed away all the filth on his body. He then took out and then put on a new set of clothes from his Space Belt.

After killing the two, the white tiger glared dangerously at the rest before slowly walking into the dark cave, disappearing from sight. The tiger's actions left everyone completely puzzled on why the tiger had left the first person that entered the cave untouched,

Katata's words were so shocking that even the lord was unable to stop himself from bolting straight up from his chair. Shocked, he questioned, "What was that? The captain of the Flame Mercenaries was able to kill three Class 5 Magical Beasts as a Great Saint Master? Are you sure this is true? Are you lying to me?"

Jian Chen collected Jin Feng and Jin Tian's Space Rings before leaving, returning to where the Flame Mercenaries were.

"Jiang Chen, the two of us cannot exist together! Today, I will send you to accompany my grandson!"

"Is it truly that amazing?" Jian Chen had his curiosity piqued. Although he didn't know what an Artefact was, he could guess they were another way of classifying a weapon.Chapter 501: Saint Tier Battle Skill

Nodding his head, Jian Chen said, "Correct. He is an Earth Saint Master. It seems that he didn't feel confident and decided to flee. Well then, let's continue on our way."

Suddenly, two furious roars could be heard as a red and yellow streak of light flew toward the Gesun Kingdom's strongholds. With a huge amount of power radiating from their bodies, the soldiers below suddenly felt themselves breathless.

Looking at this, Shangguan Ying simply threw up a mouthful of blood. The blood was actually forced out by his extreme fury. He couldn't take it any longer, with his condition, he just couldn't fight anymore.

"Idiot, hoping to fight my muscle strength with just a fist."

A group of people stood in front of the Changyang Manor. For the entire day and night, none of them left the area. Not even their legs moved from the spot. But none of them felt tired even despite not having food or water.

Bang! Bang!

Dat dat!

After discussing the matter with the elder, Situ Qing and he left the Four Harmonies Manor together. Traveling in a certain direction for an hour, the two of them finally arrived at a hidden cave.

However, breaking through to the Combat King realm from the Combat Soul realm was a huge leap across a gigantic gap. At that stage, it would be very difficult to form new Dragon Marks. If Jiang Chen obtained Lord Zhanlang's demon soul, even if he couldn't break through to the Combat King realm, he should be able to reach the peak of the Late Combat Soul realm. At that point of time, he would have no problem fighting a Third Grade Combat King.

Underneath these corpses there was a huge pile of firewood. The Town Marshal and the remaining townspeople gathered around it, their faces filled with grief and hatred. Zhang Wei was holding a fire torch with a trembling hand.

The Magical Crystal Cannons fired a few more rounds before the magical beasts were only 500 meters away.

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