I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 568

I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 568

Looking at the crowd of magical beasts stop right in front of the city walls almost, Katata let out a breath of air. "This hidden Class 5 Magical Beast is very intelligent. It has fought against humanity multiple times and knows how our Magical Crystal Cannons work. At this distance, the magical beasts are just outside the range of our Magical Crystal Cannons."

Yan Chenyu was an extremely powerful Early Combat Soul warrior, she was completely bringing out the Nine Yin Meridians' strength. With just two ice-cold beams, she impaled the two Early Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, freezing them into solid ice cubes.

"Useless fool."

"That terrifying power isn't recorded in my inherited memories. Does this mean that it's never appeared on the Tian Yun Continent before? Perhaps it's just because no Silver Striped Golden Snake has come across it before."

Jiang Chen explained. It was understandable that Han Yan and the others didn't know about this. After all, they were in the Eastern Continent, and not the Divine Continent. Here, a Combat King was a war king who represented mightiness. In the Eastern Continent, the people only knew of one Combat King warrior; the Imperial Emperor. Therefore, there was no way for them to understand the real classifications of the Combat King realm. Only those who reached the Combat King realm could understand the gigantic gap between each stage, and would learn about the actual classifications of the Combat King realm.

When the battle reached its current state, it was considered the highlight of the competition. Those ordinary geniuses had been eliminated, and what was left now was the best amongst the best, geniuses amongst all geniuses.

Qing Styx went straight to the point.

When one of the vanguards heard Jian Chen callout Qin Ji's name, his eyes narrowed dangerously. However, when he saw Jian Chen hold up the jade piece, he started with a cry, "That is the Qinhuang Jade given from His Majesty!"

"Please spare our lives, Demon King! We have eyes but failed to see Mount Tai!"

"Of course, the Heavenly Sect is a sect with a Minor Saint, the Asura Palace has no way of comparing itself to it. They have countless genius disciples at the Combat King realm, and Combat Emperors aren't rare for them either. This training session doesn't include Combat Emperors, so it can only be considered an ordinary training session."

The number of Combat Soul warriors on the Profound River Palace's side far outnumbered what the Martial Saint Dynasty has brought. This was because the Profound River Palace represented all humans in the Southern Continent, and there were also a huge amount of mighty warriors who had volunteered to fight, and with the addition of those Combat Soul warriors rescued by Jiang Chen, the army contained more than a thousand Combat Soul warriors. This was an enormous force, enough to make one's hair stand on end just by thinking about it.

"Too despicable, this is unfair."

Jiang Chen shook his head. The Nine Solar Holy Water was his main purpose for coming here, and he was much more impatient regarding that than Han Yan was.

"I appreciate your help, Miss Xiao Wei.

"Yes, third prince!" The guard spoke before retreating outside.


After the big yellow dog finished vomiting, it felt depressed as well.

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