The Sword And The Arrow Chapter 2696

The Sword And The Arrow Chapter 2696

The Willpower poured into his mind like boiling water poured onto snow. Instantly, the illusions he had been seeing vanished, and he looked around ashen-faced to find that more than eighty percent of his frigid qi had been melted by the candles.

Despite being a half-deva, his mood was so foul that it had destabilized his cultivation base to a certain degree.

Before Bai Xiaochun had time to assess whether or not his idea had worked, Patriarch Droughtflame waved his sleeve, as did all of the other patriarchs. Eyes glittering, they all flew toward the blood eye. The last to reach it was the Song Clan patriarch. Turning to look at everyone down below, he said, "In a month, the trial by fire for the position of Middle Peak blood master will begin!"

"That's what my cousin said. That disciple that had been killed was a lecherous guy. He was brazen enough to harrass a woman from the Heavenly Palace but he was instead unexpectedly killed by her." Wu Laosan downed another bowl with a single gulp as he explained with a flushed face.

"She is a member of the Qing family. Her surname is Qing, not Yan. She no longer had anything to do with Yan Clan the moment she stepped out from the Yan Residence." Qing Shui said softly.

"Zhu Qing, we'll let Wu-Shuang learn under you. It's good news that now you have one more disciple who has the title of Protector." Baili Jingwei laughed.

As the shield shook violently back in the desert, Bai Xiaochun's vision was finally growing clear, revealing a very familiar scene¡­.

However, the swords were too fast, and before he could do anything, they were upon him.

Xu Xiaoshan's eyes went wide as he stared in complete astonishment. When he fought people, he always relied on the large numbers of magical items and refined corpses at his disposal. This was his first time ever meeting someone like Bai Xiaochun, someone who was actually on the same level as himself.

A boom rang out as more than half of the group of pursuing Dharma protectors were sent staggering backward as they jointly diffused the energy of the attack. Even as that energy faded away, Bai Xiaochun was upon them, and miserable shrieks began to ring out. By the time Bai Xiaochun was fleeing again, another Foundation Establishment cultivator had been killed.

Qingqing fell silent. She knew who Qing Shui was referring to. It was their father, Yan Zhongyue!

Inside the cell, Bai Xiaochun was looking in shock at the Cai Clan elder, who was shaking and twitching, his skin bright red. Despite the madness in his eyes, he was still aware of his surroundings.

Lady Duanmu was thrown back three steps, her face paled. She never expected that a section of the Flowing Cloud would actually be cut off. When Qing Shui saw Old Demon Ba charging towards them, he helplessly let out another Twin Dragon Explosion.

Seeing that the opportunity was about to slip through their fingers, Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and then drew upon the full cultivation base power of his Gold Core, as well as his Undying Live Forever Technique and blood qi, to summon an enormous blood sword!

Now that Big Fatty Zhang and the other Dao protectors had been promoted, Xu Baocai was the only one who remained to lead the rest of the Azure Dragon Society. For the most part, he just watched the merit points rolling in, and enjoyed a comfortable life.

Qing Shui started to move forcefully. So you are trying to drug and rape me? I will let you feel ecstasy today. Her soft and delicate moaning sounded. Maybe it was because some time had passed that Zhu Qing didn't feel the pain anymore. After all, she was a cultivator.

The footsteps of Qing Shui made no sound, as he wanted to give them a surprise. Qing Shui snuck up and appeared at the back of the artificial mountains. Following which, a scene occurred that left him stunned.

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