Mother Of All Systems!! Chapter 908

Mother Of All Systems!! Chapter 908

"Hahaha, it's not troublesome, it's not troublesome at all. My Yan family is extremely willing to help brother Jian Chen handle matters within our ability." The Yan family laughed without restraint, seeming to be extremely happy.

Jiang Chen waved his hand impatiently.

"There's no problem at all of course." Jian Chen replied with a smile. Even though Katata was smiling at him with such a kind look, he was still on guard. In his experience, if Katata's expression was a genuine feeling from the heart, then he was definitely a person worthy of being a friend with. However if it was nothing more than something fake, then the man's strength should be feared and guarded against.

Jian Chen and the group of five continued on when all of a sudden, they heard the animalistic sounds of a magical beast. Straight after the sound, an insanely strong amount of energy rippled through the air and caused the entire earth to tremble. The countless trees up ahead of Jian Chen could be seen slightly uprooting from the ground thanks to the energy before flying straight into the air. Ahead of them, several shadows of gargantuan beasts could be seen flying at full speed toward them with a heavy presence that made it difficult to breathe.

Ziying and Qingsuo were both extremely excited and seemed as if they were impatient for something.

An upward curved appeared on Jiang Chen's lip.

Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong were both Combat Soul warriors, so they responded quickly. The used their Yuan energy to block off the green air when they saw it. But, their expressions were many times darker than that of everyone else. This dog's fart had such incredible power, and if he really pooped? Damn it, they just couldn't imagine what would happen then.

The sun was out as Jian Chen walked across the sports field, where quite a few students were already exercising. Sparing a glance at those students, Jian Chen proceeded to move on towards the library. During the past 3 days, Jian Chen was constantly cultivating his Saint Force and did not have the time to go to the library at all. In Jian Chen's eyes, the only thing the academy had to offer that really attracted him was the library. When it came to the classes taught by the teachers, Jian Chen didn't have a single speck of interest, and he personally felt that it was a waste of time. The teachers didn't have anything worthwhile to teach him, but the library did. After all, the library had records of everything that had happened on the Tian Yuan continent.

"Alright, we are brothers.I will help you this time and marry Miss Mu Rong then."

"Three generals, I presume his Majesty has already explained the situation to you?" Jian Chen smiled, but inwardly, he was surprised. All three of them had the same surname, were they all related to the royal family?

Nine Jiang Chens struck out with their palms at the same time. Liang Xiao who was confused by so many Jiang Chens in front of him counter-attacked with his Great Fist of Devastation, instantly destroying five Jiang Chens with just one strike.

Jian Chen tossed a gold coin to the waiter, "There's nothing, go back to your own tasks."

Jian Chen, on the other hand, was still wrestling fiercely with the wolves. Suddenly, a wolf jumped from above, down onto Jian Chen.

At that moment, Chang Wuji and the king regained their consciousness and looked at Jian Chen in shock while also waiting for his response.

"The treasure's aura is pretty weak, let me try again."

"Alright, I will leave right now."

"You may leave to do your own thing, don't mind me." Jian Chen spoke before returning to his personal bedroom. Gently putting the tiger cub on the bed, Jian Chen sat by his table and began to think.

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