Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile Chapter 2030

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile Chapter 2030

Perhaps it was because of the happy reunions which had just taken place, but back on the damaged fan, Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked up, his eyes bloodshot, his expression exhausted, and yet clearly filled with excitement.

It was a moment of profound crisis, and yet he was profoundly decisive. Therefore, he immediately flushed all of the heavenstring energy in his body directly toward his dantian region and Bai Xiaochun's right hand.

It could also fend off the opponent's attack by 20%! It was also said that there were also some unknown effects!

Qing Shui knew that once he reaches the 179th cycle, his capabilities would improve vastly. With this increase, he had a feeling more dangers would crop up ahead.?

This influx of cultivators fueled all sorts of rumors about the Celestial taking in a new apprentice. The disciples in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect gossiped nonstop about the matter.


Qing Shui wasn't too worried. This was a demonic beast which could be either on land or in water. And although it was stronger in water than it was on land, it was now on land. Looking as the huge body pounced toward him, Qing Shui calmly took a few consecutive steps.

"I'm fine. I never thought of wanting to do anything. I just want them to know that their decisions back then were wrong..." Di Chen shook her head and said, in a daze.

The Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had died¡­¡­..

"Could it be that herbs of the precious grade and above can't be directly consumed?" Qing Shui mused. He knew that people in his previous world actually consumed things like 100-year old ginseng with no ill effects!

Slowly, Qing Shui entered the State of No Conscious. He closed his eyes and stopped thinking about other things. Ironically, at the same moment, he felt as if he could see everything around him.?

It was a case of even if I die, I'm going to make sure you feel some pain!

In the moment that Bai Hao faded away, Bai Xiaochun suddenly reached out with his withered hand¡­.

It was none other than the Blood Stream Sect's arch-patriarch, the most powerful cultivator in the Blood Stream Sect!

As for Bai Qi, his eyes were cold and filled with disgust.

Now, Situ Nantian and Situ Ba no longer felt anything about Situ Shang's death. It was because they now wanted to find out who had did this, and they also could tell how serious the problem was.

It was in that moment that he could sense a shackle inside of him!!

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