Meeting My Abductor Again: Book 2 Chapter 493

Meeting My Abductor Again: Book 2 Chapter 493

"Ah?! What's going on?"

Everyone felt that it would be best for Jiang Chen to admit defeat right now, even Guan Yi Yun reminded him.

Besides being shocked, Zhou Ben Zhen and the other two felt happy and relieved as well.Jiang Zhen Hai sure was lucky to have a son like Jiang Chen since Jiang Chen managed to produce restoration pills with 100%effectiveness££Their pill shop wouldn't be the one to suffer!

Passing the field, Jian Chen immediately headed towards the grotto. These past few days, Jian Chen was to spend some time every morning to teach his older brother some knowledge about the aspects of fighting. After all, in his previous world, Jian Chen was a wanderer and an expert for many years, so he had participated in countless battles. The amount of battle experience far surpassed that of the Kagarth Academy teachers. If actually compared, Jian Chen already had the qualifications to go teach the Kagarth Academy teachers.

Wang Yun took a deep breath and said, "Senior disciple Jiang, something bad happened to senior disciple Yan and senior disciple Han Yan."

This was the essence from the source of the energy vein, it couldn't be compared with the natural energy gathered by the energy vein in Jiang Chen's courtyard within the Black Sect.

Bi Yuntian's eyebrows narrowed together as she gave a critical look to Bi Dao and spoke with dissatisfaction, "Brother, Xiang'er is still too young. Why must you speak of such matters now? Xiang'er has only just returned from the bitter outer world and finally made his way back home. You needn't push even more worries onto Xiang'er now."

With a kick, Jiang Chen send the man's dead body away, retrieving his storage ring at the same time. All these men were chiefs from different strongholds, they were men with vast resources. Obviously, Jiang Chen wouldn't let their storage rings slip from underneath his nose. There were no moral principles in Inferno Hell, everyone here were thieves, and it was normal to kill someone and rob that person of everything he has.

Also, once they were gone, Jiang Chen would be able to wreak havoc in this Freezing Hell Jail. Those Demon Kings were going to suffer.Chapter 521 - Li Tianyang

Jian Chen couldn't help but laugh faintly, "I didn't think that a nameless person like me would garner the attention of so many influential people. However, your investigations are correct; the person who brought those two Class 5 Magical Beasts to the auction house was me."

"Duo Li, prepare the entire city immediately! Withdraw the scouts and shut the city gates to prevent anyone from leaving!" Yun Li thundered as he jumped from his seat to run out of the room.Chapter 238: The Eve before the Invasion

Jiang Chen swam like a dragon. After just a few twists, he reached the center of the strong current. Shockingly, what he found was a palm-sized talisman. The talisman looked like a crystal, and it was freezing cold. The bright lights Jiang Chen saw all came from this talisman.

With pointed eyes, Jian Chen stared down the young woman and urged her on, "Do you really have the Miracle Water of Bi?"

"My apologies!" Jian Chen replied instantly.

Cheng Mingxiang and Luo Jian's expressions changed. They glanced at each other with a serious look. It was obvious that they were somewhat afraid of Tie Ta. Even though Tie Ta's actual power wasn't very strong, and they could easily defeat him in a fight, Tie Ta had a formidable supporter that even the two of them were afraid to encounter. This was why they had never dared to touch Tie Ta at Kargath Academy.

"Little Chen, I thought you didn't want this movement skill? Why are you bidding for it?"

"Fucking idiots! Who was the one in charge of guarding the mountain today?!"

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