Re: Killing The Heavens Chapter 802

Re: Killing The Heavens Chapter 802

The two Saint Weapons shined with an eye-stabbing amount of light and streaked through the sky with the speed of lightning. With their attacks came a pressure that seemed like it could squash the world.

Jian Chen slowly pulled out his Light Wind Sword. His brows knit together at the sight of the scorpion's bright green blood and white fluid covering his treasured sword. With a single thought, the green and white fluids covering his sword slid off the blade, and it instantly returned to its original appearance.

"The moment the Imperial Emperor passed down the Imperial Decree to have all my friends and family killed; the Martial Saint Dynasty was destined to be annihilated. Since you want to kill my entire family, I will do the same to you. Emperors, do you not think that my words make sense?"

"Hmph! Stay here!"

"We won't feel shame if we win this fight. Wu Ningzhu, if I was you, I'd just give up and admit defeat, so I wouldn't have to suffer any pain."

Afterward, Jian Chen had followed Qin Ji's proposal and had the palace guards gather up the Imperial Advisors. In a flash, twenty varying aged Imperial Advisors had convened at the Qin Heaven Palace. Although Jian Chen was quite young, his strength had already earned the respect of all the Imperial Advisors. Despite the position between them and Jian Chen wasn't too far apart, they wished to become friends with Jian Chen. In their hearts, they knew that not only was Jian Chen accepted by the four Imperial Protectors, Jian Chen would sooner or later step into the realm of the Saint Rulers and even the Saint King realm. By then, they would want to be in his good graces, so this was the time to increase their connections.

Ling Du said.

Soon, another half month had past. News of the Multicolored Stone had already lost its interest in the Tianqin clan since everyone had already forgotten about it.

"Yes, captain!" Kai Er was barely able to contain his joy. A Class 5 Magical Beast corpse could only be sought after with thousands of purple coins. He hadn't thought that Jian Chen would use something so expensive for everyone to enjoy. Delighted, Kai Er couldn't believe his luck in deciding to follow the right person while at the same time his respect for Jian Chen skyrocketed.

Jian Chen's expression didn't change as he spoke casually, "I've already killed two men who had barriers and Ruler Armaments, do you think I'm afraid of that?"

Jiang Chen shouted, then waved his hand, unleashing the True Dragon Palm. The palm grabbed hold of the Devil King tightly. In the following second, the Seventh Grade Devil King's skull shattered, and a devil soul was taken out by Jiang Chen.

"Jian Chen, you really are amazing to kill even a Saint Ruler! I wasn't able to see the fight, but the sounds alone were enough to terrify me! The earth and the heavens themselves felt as if they were threatening to fall to pieces, and even the mountains had been utterly destroyed! I had almost thought that you were going to destroy the world." Wang Yufeng spoke passionately without pause. "A Saint Ruler is really strong after all, they're not someone any person can easily fight. Even if I came across a Saint Ruler, I'd be like a piece of paper to be blown away! A battle between Saint Rulers is something that is barely seen even once every hundred years."

The Light Wind Sword stabbed forward with lightning fast speed once more as it emitted an ear splitting sound while it cut through the air. At the same time, it carried a strong amount of power that would break through any defense as it headed toward one of the Great Saint Masters' throat.

"The Celestial Decay is a law of the world that transcends time itself. It is able to eliminate or discipline those at the Saint Ruler level or higher. There are five different stages to the Celestial Decay. The hair becomes as dry as hay, the body withers away, the blood within the body evaporates, the inner organs begin to burn, and finally the soul itself dies out. By this point, the body and soul are truly extinguished. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, no matter how strong of an ability one has, if they commit a great sin, they will not be able to escape the punishment of the Celestial Decay. Thus, the Celestial Decay is a rule that regulates even Saint Rulers to prevent them from committing any sins."

"Understood!" The five answered immediately.

The word £¶benefactor' instantly stunned Chang Qing and the other two disciples. They were completely blank in regards to the scene unfolding in front of them. However, they knew Tan Lang was a very prideful man, and a man who could make him bow so deeply must be a man with an extraordinary background. At least, this man was not someone they could afford to offend.

Jiang Chen burst out into laughter. He had taken away all the wealth in the outer perimeter by force, there was no surprise that so many people were eyeing him right now.

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