the system Chapter 1581

the system Chapter 1581

Daoist Black didn't say anything else. He led Jiang Chen and Big Yellow towards the depths of Palace Black.

Mu Rong Hao was still rolling on the ground from all the pain, he no longer had the strength to even cry any more.He looked at Jiang Cheng who was coming towards him with a large steel bar and almost fainted just from the fear alone.

"He's done for! Shangguan Chong and Ye Xiao are going to attack, this Chen Jiang is done for! Since Master Blissful isn't here, no one will be able to protect him!"

Tian Yishan seemed extremely worried. Although Jiang Chen's mighty combat strength had gone beyond his expectations and imagination, Yang Shuo was not someone who was easy to deal with. Everybody knew that he had mastered the Myriad Returning Swords, and somebody even said that Yang Shuo had other skills which were even stronger than this, skills so powerful that even Late Divine Core warriors couldn't defeat him.

"Thinking of eating me? I will eat you in a moment."

"Dad, Little Chen still has some important matters to attend to. We're really lucky for him to have come to the Southern Continent this time. Since our family's crisis has been settled, it's time for him to return."

After contemplating for a while, Captain Bai Fei Yun finally said slowly, "Captain Lang Tian, I'm sure that you still remember the battle we had against the experts from the Boundless Bandits a few days ago, and how at the end, a mysterious expert secretly aided us, right?" He said in a serious tone.

An old Mid Qi Hai stage man said as he charged towards Jiang Chen.All of them had seen what Jiang Chen was capable of.They did not dare take him lightly, especially since he could easily kill Lee Chang Hong.

"You! What are you going to do?!" Seeing Jian Chen appear right in front of him, the mercenary's face grew pale as he began to shake and timidly pulled out his Saint Weapon.

Jian Chen looked at the mercenaries who were shouting at Fiji with some admiration. For those who clung to their lives so cowardly like Fiji, Jian Chen held them in contempt the most.

"Dragon Transformation Skill, help me absorb this."


"Fuck you, daddy wants to kill you all!"


Han Yan said with an ugly expression.


"Jiang Wei, face your death!"

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