Struck by this sudden change, Han Yan and the group were greatly terrified to the point where their mouths were wide open. They had no idea what just happened, they only felt a sudden pressure, and then, nothing.

"This Jiang Chen is unaware of his own limits. He thinks he can fight the Imperial Emperor just because he has killed all the emperors. He is simply seeking his own death."

"This sword is my Natal Weapon. I believe the Imperial Emperor knows what a Natal Weapon is, it is linked with my own life, and if I give it to someone else, I'll suffer a serious injury. The Imperial Emperor is the ultimate ruler who sits high above all, and you possess a mighty King Weapon. I believe you don't want my sword.

The elder sneered with disdain at Jian Chen's words, "What? You still wish to seek revenge? Hmph, for someone who hasn't even reached the Great Saint Master level to want to take revenge on my Harido clan, you are an imbecile. To think you want to know my name, then there's no harm in telling you. Remember this, this old man is called Yan Kaizer."

"Then, I'll trouble the headmaster with this matter." Jian Chen cupped his hands with a smile.

A grin emerged on Duan Jianhong's face.

"I never took Liang Xiao seriously, but Nan Bei Chao is someone really extraordinary. He was born with a great destiny, not something Liang Xiao can compare with. With my current cultivation level and combat strength, I would be defeated by Nan Bei Chao in seconds."

With a grunt, Jian Chen spat out some blood. This pure Saint Force injected into his body had been extremely refined. With it fighting against his own Saint Force, it had already destroyed a part of his vitality since he couldn't contain it.

At that time, Jian Chen who was running away from them at an extremely fast speed suddenly turned around and slowly started to walk back to the commanders with his bloody Light Wind Sword in hand.

Just as these commanders lost hope, Jian Chen shot forward with his Light Wind Sword ready to stab. Immediately, the sword found a home within one of the commander's throat, killing him. Without hesitating, Jian Chen pulled out his sword and dashed toward another.

"A Heaven Saint Master only has a lifespan of a thousand years. Li Gui, you shouldn't have too much time left." Another elder said indifferently.

After meeting the mysterious person within the caravan, Jian Chen had some doubts. Judging from how that Captain Lan had so respectfully called out to the elder in the caravan and that Jian Chen couldn't measure the elder's strength at all, the elder was definitely not a Great Saint Master. Against Great Saint Masters, Jian Chen could easily discern their cultivation levels , but when it came to this elder in particular, Jian Chen had no idea.

Big Yellow asked with baring his teeth.

"Quickly absorb this Revival Pill, then we'll leave for Inferno City at once."

The king closed his pained eyes once more. After some time, he spoke, "Guard!"

"What? Senior disciple Jiang accepted Li Wu Ling's challenge? He is too impulsive!"

Not long after that, Yan Meng came back together with 6 men. Jiang Chen scanned these men with his Divine Sense and found out that they were all warriors at the Mortal Core realm. The strength of the Yan family was truly strong. No wonder they were one of the strongest families in Red city.


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