Vampire Primogenitor in Tokyo Ghoul Universe Chapter 747

Vampire Primogenitor in Tokyo Ghoul Universe Chapter 747

"Qing Shui, are you done looking¡­" Canghai Mingyue pointed out in annoyance. Qing Shui had been staring at her chest as soon she had opened the door.

She lowered her head slightly, only to see the ridiculous tent pitched at the lower half of Qing Shui's body. She couldn't help but to recall the scene from last time as she stared at Qing Shui embarrassedly and at a complete loss with her cold eyes.

Well, it wasn't completely empty. There were some turtle droppings inside....

The Bluebronze collar was considerably beautiful with its green glow. However, the collar, which was 4 fingers wide was very bare, didn't even have a single print or design.

Xu Baocai was thrilled at the prospect of his talents finally being used to the fullest extent possible. After thinking about the matter for a short while, he decided that he needed to convince Bai Xiaochun of how important he was, and quickly composed a response.

"Second. He will not concoct pills while in the north. His Dao of medicine is bizarre, and so powerful that it can destroy even a riversource sect. Therefore, he must abide strictly by this second point. If he does not, he will not just be locked up in Lightning Penitentiary, but he will also be placed on death row and executed!"

A day had passed!

He wanted to wait a little longer. Once the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's cultivation level increased again, he would refine it to let his strength reach 5,000 stars. During this period of time, he would also continue to work hard in his cultivation and strengthen himself. Otherwise, when the time comes for him to refine the additional power which came from the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he would need to take a very long time to get used to them.

Although it seemed incredibly difficult at first, after numerous attempts, he made a bit of progress.


At that point, he subconsciously glanced over at Zhou Yixing and thought, "This guy must already be one of his followers. I've got to do better than him!"?

Qing Shui suddenly picked her up in his arms. After a suppressed cry of alarm was heard, they made their way towards the bedroom.

He'd already forgotten about the trial by fire, or about the rankings. All he was thinking was that he needed to run, run, run... off of the bridge!

"Fear not, Lord Bai has lots of Archaean Luminescence left!" He reached out with divine sense to connect to the fan, whereupon¡­ a second beam of Archaean Luminescence appeared!

"She is an amazing woman. She is kind and charitable. She is someone that is very benevolent and sympathetic. She is honest and upright and values loyalty. On the other hand, she can be very cruel to her foes and she never shows mercy to her enemies. All in all, she has a good relationship with people and has a good reputation."

"Then where is the best looking part!" Huoyun Liu-li blinked and said with an enticing voice.

From a distance, it looked like the sky might be ripped apart! Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a moved with shocking speed, becoming vaster than the sky itself as he unleashed his crushing attack!

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