Overthrowing Fate Chapter 1003

Overthrowing Fate Chapter 1003

In almost the exact same moment, the Nascent Soul patriarchs from the River-Defying Sect also began to cry out.

The old man looked Bai Xiaochun up and down, a smile on his face that, because of his murderous aura, seemed particularly ferocious.

Even amidst the massacre, Qing Shui paid attention the the Sword Tower Old Ancestor.

Even as the words left his mouth, he moved his hand, closing his fingers into a fist that forced the sea of fire to converge on his palm and take the shape of a twelve-colored flame.

There were plenty of people below, when they saw a huge red bird in the sky and heard the words the man on the Fire Bird said, they panicked.

Staring through narrowed eyes at the incoming sand head, Gu Tianjun unhesitatingly slashed his sword through the air toward it!

"Putuo Mountain is a sect located deep in an island that's in Southern Sea. They're all women of extreme beauties and formidable strength. There were traces of them across the World of the Nine Continents even though it's very few. Legend has it that Tantai Xianzi is someone from Putuo Mountain. However, it's just a rumor, she would be the only one who knew if that's right." Ye Guysn smiled and looked at Qing Shui. Her beautiful pupils looked as calm as water.

"Sir, don't listen to his gibberish. This treasure of mine was definitely passed down from my ancestors. Take a look, can I trade it for that sword of yours?"Yang Laosan looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

There were even many people who hoped that this youth could defeat Donggong Taiqing. Many of them had suffered from Donggong Taiqing's humiliation and mockings. They did not dare to say it out but they hated him to the bone.


As for the Golden Crow Sword, it didn't change very much, but the light that shone off of it was more dazzling than before. Before long, almost all of his magical items had been enhanced.

Turning his head, Qing Shui finally noticed Canghai Mingyue. He knew that she was feeling extremely terrible in her heart because the injuries that had happened to Huoyun Liu-Li came about because her. If something had happened to Huoyun Liu-Li, he knew that Canghai Mingyue would never be able to forgive herself in this entire lifetime.

Qing Shui quickly replied: "Not really, I just came back yesterday. I am still not clear on the Heavenly Palace's matters."

The middle-aged man was none other than Beihan Lie's Master, and the peak lord of Sunset Peak, who had glared angrily at Bai Xiaochun when he took Beihan Lie away from the Chosen battles.

Eyes flashing, Daoist Heavenspan waved his hands out and said, "Starry Sky: Nirvanic Extermination!"?

When Qing Shui saw Baili Wufeng's expression, his heart couldn't help but thump. "Since when was Wushuang promoted to an elder?" He asked hurriedly. "What happened to her?"

The other cultivators in the shop also began to look away and return to browsing the bottles.

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