A Fallen World Is A Wonder Chapter 1555

A Fallen World Is A Wonder Chapter 1555

"Hehe, buddy, hurry up and check on our loot today!"


Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a big thumbs up. Thinking back, when Ruan Ling and the others treated him as Big Yellow's friend and wanted to kill him without any hesitation, it wasn't really their fault. It was just that what Big Yellow did really made him deserve to be hated by both man and god.


With that explanation, Jian Chen had a much more detailed understanding of how the Radiant Saint Masters operated. Judging from the man's strength, Jian Chen could only guess that his own ability had to be that of the Fourth Class or higher.

The young man called Zhang Wei said. He portrayed a respectful manner towards Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen must be someone extraordinary. The powerful Blood Devil were like puppets in his hand, and they couldn't even withstand a single strike.

Jian Chen led the group on a day long walk before finally returning back to his inn for the night. On the day after, Jian Chen left the inn once more. When he left, the attendants behind him followed Jian Chen thirty meters away.

With their Saint Weapons damaged, each one of the four men immediately felt the pain and cried out before turning pale.

Just then, another heaven shaking roar emerged from the forest and shook even the ground everyone was standing on. The moment the magical beasts fighting near Wake City heard the angry roar, a look of fear entered their eyes, and they began to shake as if they were cold. Even the magical beasts that had Saint Weapons slashed into their bodies just stood there without retaliation almost as if their terror had prevented them from making a move.

"The Myriad Demon Mountain isn't far from here, it's only about a thousand miles. With our speed, we can arrive there very quickly."

"Yea, I heard that as well, and if anyone can provide accurate information about Jiang Chen, he will be able to join the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan to cultivate, and enjoy the rich cultivation resources provided by the superpowers. Also, they're giving out a Superior Weapon, and the option to choose a High-Ranked Earth Combat Skill! The rewards are really attractive, it simply means a bright future for whoever gets them!"

None of them had realized that a sneaky big yellow dog had appeared not far away from them, carrying an evil smile on its face.

"A Divine Core warrior can quickly catch up with us."

Jiang Chen said.

Shaking his head in rage, Qiu Er had forgotten in that moment that Jian Chen still held the status of being the fourth master. With a snarl, he jumped towards where Jian Chen stood and sent a punch towards his stomach.

"The Heavenly Blade Clan is a big clan from the Qi Province. May I know the reason why Mister Chen travelled so far and came to Red city?"

General Liu shook his head, "Nothing too major. However the information I've heard keeps on coming. Honored Imperial Protector, let us talk about this inside."

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