Showtime Chapter 1379

Showtime Chapter 1379

"If your dad wasn't a demigod, Lord Bai would have already killed you!" Bai Xiaochun snorted coldly, and sucked even more life force out of him until there was almost none left. At that point, he felt his Tempered Bones beginning to thrum.

With the expert level Focused Concentration, not only would his attack prowess and defence be increased by 20%, it could also increase the resistance against spirit energy, allowing the powers of his spirit energy to be better unleashed.

Eventually, when the sun was setting, he finally let out a long breath and then emerged from his residence.

"The only thing the sect could do was spread word that you were in secluded meditation, and secretly search for you. We turned the whole Eastwood Continent upside down trying to find you!"

One's mental state could improve by having fun, by coming across some events or relationships which brought rise to a myriad of emotions, or even by broadening one's mind.

"The only thing the Arch-Emperor Dynasty people are good for now is to bolster the forces of the other two imperial dynasties. In any case, the end goal of it all is to deal with the great Enemy from Beyond. Of course, the sanctimonious Saint-Emperor Dynasty is weak and useless. Our Vile-Emperor Dynasty is the true strength of the Eternal Lands, and its only hope!" By the time the old man got to the last part of his speech, his voice resonated with devotion and zeal.

The room was longer on the east and west sides, measuring up to 15 meters. On the other hand, the north and south sides were only 5 meters. Adding in the area of the other rooms, the place was over 125 square meters.

On the second day Qing Shui had spent all the time till afternoon before entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After entering he proceeded to take a rest and slept fully before starting to train. After going through such an intense fight, he still was not able to get his Mighty Elephant Stomp to breakthrough to the Great Perfection Stage.

At that point, Bai Xiaochun's expression shone with unprecedented brightness. He watched as these two-legged creatures began to live in groups, and hunt in organized fashion. Then one day, lighting struck a tree near some of them, and their eyes flickered with fear from the resulting fire.

Bai Xiaochun listened quietly and didn't ask any questions.

"Heavens! How deranged! Could it be that because that bird couldn't take any more of Elder Zhou's torment, it finally went mad?!?!"

If he was able to push through the last set of waves, then perhaps the Sword of Fifth Wave might be able to see through the next realm.

Public opinion could be a powerful thing. Once the discussions had started, it would be unstoppable. Even if someone with a proficient persuasive ability intervened with the crowd, it would be hopeless because their words would not be able to reach the public's ears.

Gongsun Yi - Highest-ranking chosen on the Hell-Emperor Stele. Heir apparent of the War Champion King, and thus called the Junior Champion King

However, it was in that moment that Bai Xiaochun's eyes lit up, and he cried, "Hold on a moment, Fellow Daoist Thousand-Ghost! There's a chosen from the south named Sun Wu, rightĄ­?"

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Bai Xiaochi cast him an angry glare, and thought about giving him a piece of his mind. But at the moment, he was just too exhausted, and simply faded from view.

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