Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven Chapter 1306

Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven Chapter 1306

In short, the funeral of Bi Yunhai was very important. Not only did the major factions of the Gesun Kingdom come to visit, the king himself came to pay his respects.

At this moment, both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were crashing and slamming around in the separate groups in a similar manner, killing their enemies and causing them to wet their pants in terror.

"Senior, then do you know the name of the sect master?" Jian Chen's tone was rather urgent.

Wu Cong's hatred toward Jiang Chen reached new heights.

At dawn of the fourth day, there was still a gigantic queue at the entrance of the pill shop, and it had become even longer than the previous three days.

Jian Chen examined the female. She was around twenty years of age with fine features and was rather pretty. On the right side of her protruding chest, there was an orange badge, indicating the identity of a Class 2 Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen's expression grew solemn. His right arm nimbly controlled the Light Wind Sword to shake off the powerful energy that the man's sword had released. At the same time, he pressed his feet into the ground and instantly appeared behind the the man. Displaying all of the advantages his fast sword had, he began to openly attack the man with a typhoon of concentrated attacks.


Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen felt that he wouldn't come across anything too dangerous while he was in the Blue Wind Kingdom. Combined with You Yue's preparations to travel, there was no way he could easily decline. At last, he finally agreed to the request with a smile, "Very well. If You Yue wishes to travel outside to relieve her boredom, then why not let her travel with us?"

The severe pain from having his hands removed made Lee Chang Hao scream out loud, but Jiang Chen never cared about that. Jiang Chen lifted his arm and prepared to slap him.

"Ai yo, little sister has a large temper! This can't do, girl, you must be gentle, or else no man will like you." Tianmu Ling beamed.

The battle had come to an end, and Jiang Chen remained floating in the air. His black hair was dancing in the wind, and a faint smile was apparent on his face. Everyone could sense a strong aura coming from Jiang Chen; the aura of a true king! It caused all those who stared at him to feel respect, but also a bit of fear.

When his fourth brother had gone silent for years after leaving, Changyang Hu's heart had begun to think of the worst. Now that his fourth brother had finally returned, Changyang Hu couldn't help but feel relieved, and that relief nearly helped him forget about his own wounds.

Finally, Lee Chang Ming fell onto the ground with his face looking up towards the skies. He died with his eyes open. Before he died, all he could feel was regret about his defeat.

"Yes, patriarch. They are all the exact same. Whether it's in size, shape, or material, it's all the same. Would you happen to know the secret behind them?" Jian Chen asked.Chapter 671: Secrets of the White Beast Fur

Big Yellow spat out and raised his head with pride. Then he looked at Jiang Chen with satisfaction, "Kid, not a bad performance today, I never expected you to have so much guts! You really made me, your father, have a new level of respect towards you!"

"I have no idea. The Black Ice Talisman is a mystical object, and I have no understanding about it at all. Also, I learned about her Nine Yin Meridians from an ancient book, and if this Black Ice Talisman really has something to do with the Ice God, then I think Little Yu is most likely the true inheritor of the Ice God mentioned by the Ice Demon King."

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