The Taming of the Ruffian Hero Chapter 1495

The Taming of the Ruffian Hero Chapter 1495

"Let's go."


Such incredible reflexes and speed, how many people were even close to his level?

The devilish energies unleashed from the black beam swept across the entire devil cave in a very short amount of time, causing the place to be filled with rocking devilish energies. When all the Evil Devils in the devil cave sensed this supreme aura, all of them instantly kneeled down and kowtowed toward the source of the black beam.

To be chased down and killed by someone that he didn't see as worthy would be an unbearable shame to him. So to unite with this girl would be a good plan.

Jiang Chen coldly humphed.

Looking toward the origins of the sound, Jian Che said, "There's someone fighting against a magical beast over there. It seems to be quite far, I estimate the distance to be at least ten kilometers." With a small moment of hesitation, Jian Chen said, "We would do best to be on our way. There is a year until the competition ends, that is plenty of time. Right now, collecting tokens is quite strenuous, so let's wait for the tokens to be collected in large amount by a small number of people. Then, we can just loot it from them and may potentially earn several tokens at once."

"Ah, is that so? Then allow me to take you back. The noon meal shouldn't take too long to finish, so by the time we return, it should almost be ready." With that, the man waved his hand, enveloping Jian Chen within his energy before bringing both him and the carcass of the Bloodwolf King up into the air and through the valley.Chapter 378: Celestial Decay

There were many rooms within Jiang Chen's stronghold, Tian Yishan placed Guan Yiyun and the others in one of the big rooms. As for the two men who had died, Tian Yishan placed their bodies in his storage rings. He would wait until the doorway that led to the outside opens once again, so he could bring them out and give them proper burials.

Just as the blue sword was about to make contact with Jian Chen again, he twisted his body and caused the sword to narrowly scrape against his armpit. Jian Chen on the other hand already had his sword pointed at her throat.

What caused Jiang Chen to be even more shocked was that this oppressive aura was no stranger to him. It was an aura he felt when he broke through to the Minor Saint realm and Great Saint realm. It signified that a Heavenly Tribulation was coming!

Amidst the winds of change, a tremendous storm was brewing in the Eastern Continent. When the Imperial Emperor had passed down the Imperial Decree forcing everyone to wear mourning close, it immediately gave birth to a lot of discontent feeling amongst many great warriors, especially those at the Combat Soul realm. As Combat Soul warriors, they had their own pride and dignity, and they couldn't accept the fact that they were forced to wear mourning clothes for no reason. If it was under normal circumstances, they would have no way to resist this order, since they were too weak in comparison to the Martial Saint Dynasty. But now, things had changed! There was another power who was strong enough to stand against it, so they were now presented with a choice.

After saying that, Jiang Chen suddenly stomped the ground. In an instant, a force shot out from beneath the ground and fell onto Big Yellow's body. With a miserable cry, Big Yellow staggered and was nearly thrown onto the ground once again. If not for Jiang Chen retracting the force before that happened, Big Yellow would certainly have to relive the previous tragedy.

Tan Lang laughed. If Tyrant hadn't explained this to him, he really would have thought that there were only Buddhists in the Western Region. In fact, it wasn't just Tan Lang. Many people believed that the Western Region was a region belonging to Buddhists, and that aside from Buddhists, no other powers existed in this place.

"What?! They've escaped?"

"Disciple Jiang Chen greets Sect Chief."

Especially because of the Soul Crunching Tune! He could feel a tearing pain from his soul. But luckily, he had formed his Combat Soul, and was able to respond quickly. He instantly took out his Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon and managed to block Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's combined attack. Even so, he was knocked back a few steps, and his face had turned pale.

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