Revenge the Fallen Chapter 1410

Revenge the Fallen Chapter 1410

Jian Chen could be seen floating up in midair with the Origin energy blazing brightly in his right hand. The only difference to him from before the Heaven Tier Battle Skill had struck was that he was slightly pale and his clothes were in tatters. There was also traces of blood coming from his nose and lips that trailed down his throat and to his chest. With his clothes in such a tattered state, the pale white flesh could be seen underneath.

Right now, the entire Dancing Sun City was in dead silence. Everyone was holding their breath as they looked at the Thunder Dragon. No one here had ever seen Heavenly Tribulation before, and today was the first time they experienced this rare event. Luckily, the Heavenly Tribulation only focused on this white-clothed youngster. If not, the entire city would perish underneath this furious tribulation.

Even the mercenaries who were eating in a nearby restaurant ran out into the streets or toward the upper levels of the restaurant in order to survey the scene or to discuss with one each other.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow also looked into the distance. What they saw was a gigantic object emerging from the ocean. It had already broken through the surface of the ocean, giving them a small glimpse of what it was.

In the center of the academy was a tall tower around 100 square meters large. Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was currently respectfully standing in the center of a room on the top of the tower. In front of him sat Kargath Academy's headmaster, lazily sitting in front of the office desk, with a smiling expression. His profound gaze also had hints of happiness and excitement reflected in them.

"Brother Jian Chen, with such a precious gem on you, you must take care of yourself. While no one would dare openly try to steal it from you in Walaurent City, the moment you leave the city it will be a completely different matter. I cannot say for certain you will be safe from any person wishing for the treasure." Qin Xiao said seriously.

Later that night, the three of them sat by the campfire to count the pile of monster cores.

"Hou!" The warbeast was right in front of Jian Chen now. With another roar, it lifted a leg to stomp on Jian Chen.

Hearing this, Huang Luan's black dress wearing figure began to tremble. Her teeth began to nibble at her lower lip in hesitation before seemingly coming to a conclusion. Finally, she turned around slowly. She looked to Jian Chen's handsome face with a complex look of happiness.

Jiang Chen stood still like Mt. Tai, the Wolf King's attack unable to make him move even a single inch. It wasn't until the Wolf King fought Jiang Chen face to face that he understood just how strong this young man was. However, it was too bad, after getting caught by Jiang Chen, he would no longer have the chance to escape.

"Therefore, there is no need for Sect Chief to say anything more regarding this matter. In my eyes, Brother Yan's life is most important, so I have to go to Inferno Hell no matter what. Besides, all of you are afraid of this place, but I have never feared it. No matter how dangerous the place is, it will be nothing but a training ground for me."

Jiang Chen and the group sped up, and shortly after, they saw a man motionlessly lying in a pool of blood about 30 meters in front of them.

Looking at the newly emerged white stone, Jian Chen's eyes blinked in surprise, he had felt quite curious about this stone but De Shu's right hand had also caught his interest. He stared intensely at the ring on his middle finger, it was the ring he had seen from the books.

Suddenly at that moment, a silver ray of light flew from the tall grass at high speeds. Before the soldiers could even react, it slashed through his neck completely.

Jiang Chen followed the route he took last time, and soon, they found two tall trees.

What no one could have imagined was the fact that in such a short amount of time, the tides would turn almost instantaneously. The five Heaven Saint Masters of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom had been killed and the commander of the army had been captured. This was a joy that every soldier from the Gesun Kingdom couldn't contain.

"Helper? Is this some kind of a joke? Perhaps Wu Ningzhu only need to use a single finger to crush him££ sigh££ Looks like chief has given up. But, even if that's the case, he can't simply drag some nobody into the third match, this only serves to damage the Nangong family's reputation! If he let Elder Tu Yi fight this match, even if he ends up losing, we'll still have our pride. So, what is this all about?"

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