Limitless Era Chapter 1707

Limitless Era Chapter 1707

Bai Xiaochun felt like every tree and every bush was familiar to him. After all, his path in life had begun in the delta area close to the Spirit Stream Sect.

"I think she should be back soon. She had always been punctual, so she usually arrives by mid afternoon. I'm guessing she'll appear in another hour." Tantai Aoyun smiled as he looked towards the sky.

Poison Beasts are different from Demonic Beasts. The lethality of their poisons are more important to the Poison Beasts than their strength. As a result, the stats of most Poison Beasts cannot match that of a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast, not even a Martial King one. Despite that, they can easily kill off some types of Martial Saint Demonic Beasts as they possess very potent venom.

Seeing Zheng Yuandong beating Bai Xiaochun caused the anger among the onlookers to slowly fade. Soon, strange expressions appeared on the faces of the elders, and they began to cough dryly.

"We have to get him out of here. It's been made clear that Parole Captain Liu was right! He's a walking disaster!"

"And they have three other rainbows just like Sky Quarter," he thought, shaken. "There's also Starry Quarter, Polarity Quarter, and Dao Quarter...."

Wenren Wu-Shuang who had just came to the front courtyard from the back was startled when she saw Qing Shui. She greeted him happily before quickly walking over.

"I'm really biased against you too!" Duanmu Lingshuang responded without turning around.

"Uncle, what do you say, should we kill him?" Long Lingyun faced Qing Shui as she asked the question in a serious tone.

When the clan chief saw what was happening, his face turned ashen, but he didn't dare to continue to curse at Bai Xiaochun, and instead bowed his head.

"Help me thank those friends of yours, were it not for them, I would have landed in hot water."

Bai Xiaochun shook his head violently, but the rumbling sound inside of him didn't stop. Face pale, he stopped in place and looked at the middle-aged man who was walking out of the room behind Xuemei.

The lady's expression caused Qing Shui's inferior mindset to rebel. In his previous life, there would be nothing he could do. But now, this lady was begging him, and while she might have some hidden troubles to promise him, these were no longer important.

Qing Shui suddenly hit the extreme end of one of the gold needle. The bull-hair like gold needle started trembling. The speed of the vibration was beyond description. If they weren't gold needles, there was no way they could withstand the intensity.

Never once did he succeed, though. No matter what he did, he couldn't affect the water at all. The water was clearly so terrifyingly powerful that if any of it touched him, his fleshly body would melt instantly.

"Just what else does he know? What is his strength?"

"Oh, then is Sister Qing suitable for this training method?" Qing Bei asked.

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