Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning Chapter 2790

Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning Chapter 2790

"Quickly, report this back to the sect, we can only rely on the sect elders to help us."

As soon as he entered the city, Jian Chen bought a Class 3 Magical Beast for him to ride throughout the city. Combined with the fact that Mercenary City was large and that Jian Chen was prohibited from flying, Jian Chen would have to ride a magical beast mount if he wished to get to his destination swiftly.

At that moment from behind a tree, a slender python came slithering out noiselessly toward Jian Chen. Coiling around the tree it paused, before it slowly glided toward him again, and not too long after, it began to stretch its small jaws open.

"Let me do it."

Han Yan and the rest were startled for a moment. They were puzzled by what Jiang Chen said.

As Jian Chen and his entourage were on route to the Qinhuang Kingdom, the stalwart middle-aged man from last time was seated in yet another private room of a building in a First Class City in the kingdom closest to Mercenary City. Right in front of him was the same old man that had greeted him last time.

Their destination was the Martial Palace, the most powerful existence in the Eastern Continent, and it was solely built by the Martial Saint Dynasty. It was also the gathering point for all the elite geniuses.


Under Kris' lead, Jian Chen arrived at the mountain in the back of the sect and finally came to a stop right in front of a cavern.


"This monster has caused us huge damage! Although it's only a Late Combat Soul monster, it's still weaker when compared to us! However, it's still a deadly threat to the others! We have to eliminate it completely!"

At this time, many people were rushing over to place their bets. In just a few minutes, over several hundred people had placed their bets. Yan Chen Yu had collected more than 15 thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. In addition to this, the turmoil here had attracted the attention of even more people, they gathered around upon finding out about the betting. Everyone was so joyful that they almost jumped on the spot.


"This competition is held together by the four big sects in the Qi Province. Held annually, it's categorized into the inner circle competition and the outer circle competition. The reason why it's called the Qi Province competition and not the Big Four Sect competition is because all genii in the Qi Province are allowed to participate in it to give a fair chance to everyone. Of course, this is what they say, but in fact, it is still a competition between the four big sects. Most genii in the Qi Province were attracted into one of the four big sects, so there's no way for those ordinary people who participate in the Qi Province competition to compare with the genii from the four big sects."

Jue's eyes flashed dangerously as a cold white aura flowed out from her, making it seem as if the area around her was freezing into ice. The entire arena began to feel the effects as it instantly froze over. Even the barrier itself took on a layer of frost.

Taking the Space Belt back, Jian Chen immediately looked over his things before realizing his more important things hadn't been touched and sighed in relief.

Jiang Chen felt happy. With his experience, he could easily tell that although Yan Chen Yu was only a Late Mortal Core warrior, with help from the powerful Nine Yin Meridians, she could easily defeat an Early Heavenly Core warrior.

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