Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 1967

Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 1967

Someone started shouting Jiang Chen's name, and soon after, the entire crowd was doing the same. All the disciples from the Black Sect raised their hands high up into the air as they cheered. Influenced by this, the disciples from the Valley of Happiness did the same, and shouted Jiang Chen's name. This name carried a unique power, just by shouting it they could all feel their confidence returning to them. This name gave them unlimited hope!

Ming Dong sneered before leaking out his own killing intent, "Then we'll see if you can stay true to your words."

Both weapons collided, and the female disciple let out an alarmed cry. The soft whip was knocked out of her hand by Nangong Wentian's single strike. At the same time, Nangong Wentian's attack didn't stop there! With tremendous force, the heavy Myriad Star Ruler hit the female disciple's body.

When the Heavenly Saint Sword struck; what could stand in its way without breaking?

The ordinary-looking bead immediately began to glow with red light. Shortly afterwards, it began to change, going from the original red to orange, then to yellow, before finally turning to green.

One strike! One strike and the Combat Soul warrior was sliced in half! He died miserably on the spot.

The twenty-third and twenty-fourth elder staggered up from the ground in pain as they stared at the empty space of air where they used to be. "That's-that's the power of the barrier! The barrier just repelled us! But no££.that shouldn't possible. How could the barrier have that power to stop us?"

Secondly, the pill shop wasn't too far away from the Mayor's mansion, so if anything happened then the Mayor's mansion could immediately send help.

Jian Chen pulled out his Light Wind Sword from the skull of the warbeast as a few bloody drops fell to the ground.

"Give me a bowl of your blood, then I'll tell you."

Jian Chen then chuckled and revealed a smile full of disdain as he spoke, "With only your Peak Saint Master strength, you don't have the qualifications to speak of such things to me. Today, we shall see if you will be able to capture me, or if each and every single one of you will die by my hand, one by one." As he spoke, a hazy glow of Sword Qi began to circulate around his Light Wind Sword. Immediately afterward, Jian Chen's figure blurred as he moved toward the mercenary group. In an instant, he reappeared right in front of the weakest looking mercenary, and swung his sword with a stunning speed.

Inside the Jiang family's meeting hall, Jiang Zhen Hai was sitting in the main seat and next to him were 10 Qi Hai warriors, Zhou Bei Zhen one of them.In Jiang Zhen Hai's right hand was a written challenge.

Still holding the white tiger cub in his hands next to his chest, Jian Chen stared down the heavily injured Earth Saint Masters with an icy glint in his eyes, but an expressionless look had been on his face as he spoke, "Since you have all decided to form an alliance with one another against my Flame Mercenaries, I will not let you off lightly. Submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish. Make your decision."

Holding the two foot wooden strip, Jian Chen slowly entered a state of tranquility. Deep in his mind, Jian Chen slowly began to convince himself that the wooden strip in his hand was not a wooden strip, but a sword instead. A sword for a god, a sword for a god that could overcome anything. Slowly as he harmonized with it, he could feel the grains in his hands, and see them very clearly within his own head so well, he could even understand their internal compositions.

"You're right. There are people who wants to kill me everywhere. If we bump into any of them, our journey will definitely be delayed. If we're unfortunate enough to bump into some Combat Soul warriors, it would be even worse."

And now that the two of them were on the same page, neither of the two hesitated to begin to use their battle skills. As Heaven Saint Masters, using an Earth Tier Battle Skill could be done with ease and did not need any additional time to charge up the power for it.

"So you have some skill after all." The eyes of the ancestor flashed once more as the earth attributed Saint Weapon in his hand moved to block the sword.

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