Rebirth of Abium Chapter 2327

Rebirth of Abium Chapter 2327

"Okay, time is cutting short. Next up, I would like to talk about tomorrow's rearrangements."

"Goddamnit!" Ming Dong cursed. "The battle is getting far too rowdy. We can't delay any longer. Hurry into the cellar!" Soon after, everyone quickened their pace.

At this sight, Jian Chen revealed a sneer before he raised his right hand as well. The fire elements in the world began to gather in his right hand at a faster rate than the elder and formed a giant sword of fire. No matter if it was color or by temperature, Jian Chen's sword seemed much stronger than the elder's.

Seeing how enthusiastic Changyang Ba and Chang Wuji were, the five Imperial Advisors didn't wish to look rude either. With happy smiles, they returned the polite greetings and spoke with words that were even more polite than the ones they had spoken back at the imperial palace.

Pop! Bang!

For a moment, the entire Cloud Capital was quiet before suddenly erupting into a cacophony of sound. Everyone had turned their heads to the skies as if trying to find the origins of the voice.

Lee Shan Yue was a successful man, and he had already regained his rational sense by now.

The Magical Beast Mountain Range was very close to Wake City├┐about twenty kilometers away. It towered over the Class 3 City that was highly experienced repelling waves of magical beast attacks. Even the city walls were equivalent to walls in a Class 1 City. Every single time magical beasts attacked the city, this small Class 3 City would always stand straight and tall. So those who were born and raised in this city were all used to the besiegement of the magical beasts.

"Hehe! Beating you can't really be considered anything."

"He didn't even blink while killing the warriors! I think it's best if we keep a distance from him in the future!"

"Don't worry, Hao'er has a special combat weapon. He should be able to kill him."

Jiang Chen led the group toward the dimensional crack above Mount Origin.

"This is all because of that Jiang Chen! This man has killed all of Lee Shan Yue's sons; even Lee Chang Ming who had recently broken through to the Early Mortal Core realm was killed by him! It's no wonder why Lee Shan Yue has become so furious!"

The head of the Yun family was only a primary Great Saint Master, and thus possessed no defenses against Jian Chen's strike. Without even being able to react, his body was thrown back from the tremendous strike and into the wall behind him. He had slammed so hard into the wall that there was a crater from where he smashed through it. A splurt of blood could be seen flying out from his mouth.

"Of course! Uncle Tian has treated me nicely and spent a lot of energy to try and bring up my strength from the Great Saint Master to where I am now in the span of half a year. He also taught me many things." Ming Dong pointed at Dugu Feng. "Jian Chen, this person's strength is quite decent, could you give him to me to practice? Ever since I left uncle Tian a few days ago, I haven't been able to test out my strength properly."

"Changyang Xiang Tian!"

It was extremely calm within Kargath Academy; nothing had been riled up by Cheng Mingxiang and his group of people's movements.

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