The Great Storyteller Chapter 2025

The Great Storyteller Chapter 2025

Qing Shui had cold feet once he saw it. It could definitely kill him in seconds if it wanted to...

Mu Clan's old man dashed ahead once again and swung his rod downwards.

Furthermore, of those people who had come to the labyrinth with the intention of winning the deva soul, virtually all of them had planned to trade it for a set of deva beast souls. Therefore, to them, it actually made more sense to try to kill Bai Xiaochun!

Looking up ahead at the mountain path nearby, the slope gradient was small but the path zigzags and spirals to the top. At the foot of the mountain, a group of people were standing guard but there were also people moving in and out.

"The only thing is that, whenever I lit the incense, lightning would fall, which scared me so much that I would instantly give up. It was only on the thirteenth time that I gritted my teeth, lit the incense, and braved the lightning. And thatĦ­ was when I met Uncle Li." With that, he looked over at Li Qinghou, much the same way he would have looked at his own father.

"I'm out of options..." he thought. "Giant Ghost King, you can't blame me for what happens next. The Cai Clan wants you, and although I don't trust them to honor a trade, if I just throw you at them, then I might have a chance to escape." Although he didn't really want to do this, his poor little life was the most important thing, so he sighed and prepared to take action.

Actually Qing Shui more or less knew that too, he was just striking up a conversation. Her full strength could reach up to 120 stars with the Violet Jade Sword in her hands. Her physical strength was about 20 stars, her cultivation techniques and weapons provided a twofold increase respectively.

Roaring, Bai Xiaochun suddenly leaped toward the incoming 30,000-meter-tall faceĦ­ upon which he unleashed a fist strike of mountain-toppling, sea-draining force!!

He was a clear-headed person but also a heartless person

He almost couldn't believe what he was seeing. After all, Heretic occupied 2nd place among the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars, while Bai Xiaochun was only in 10th place. For him to have transformed so much in a few short years was shocking to the core.

As the intensity of the fire increased, it became whiter. This was Qing Shui's first time separating the Yin and Yang aspects of the primordial flames while concocting. The snowy white flames looked extremely odd.

"The level of that sword qiĦ­ it's Blood Qi Plasma!"

It almost made it seem like he was privy to all of the secrets in the world, a thought that caused Bai Xiaochun's heart to start thumping.

Heavenly dragonfish swam there, and would occasionally leap up out of the water, their golden scales glistening in the sunlight and making them look particularly beautiful.

"Second Bro, what did you call that fellow? Master Snortsnort? Now that's what I called talent! He single-handedly sired an entire sect! Do you mind letting me take this Master Snortsnort back with me, Second Bro? Talent like that is sadly missing in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty!" The Saint-Emperor was truly moved at how this Master Snortsnort had apparently managed to keep such a huge family all happy and harmonious.

Almost immediately, her body began to turn translucent as she prepared to fade into the air and make her escape. Her only desire now was to escape the Blood Annihilation World and then leave this place.

If he wanted to cultivate all the way to Gold Core, he had to reach Earthstring Foundation Establishment!

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