Becoming the richest woman in another era! Chapter 2403

Becoming the richest woman in another era! Chapter 2403

"You little bastard, I'm going to teach you a lesson today!" Qiu Er roared angrily. He dashed towards Jian Chen and sent a kick towards his head. The kick was fairly fast, and if it connected, it definitely would not result in a small wound for any normal person. But since Jian Chen was still in the body of a child, a direct hit from such a strong kick had a high chance of killing him.

Therefore, the Evil Devil had to kill this young man first. If not, it would be trapped by this sea of flames, and its combat strength would be greatly affected, limiting its ability to fight the enemies.

"Alright!" Tie Ta said as he placed his share into his own space belt.

"Yes, prince."

The two fists struck against each other in midair, and the impact created a loud sound. It was so loud, that everyone in the crowd below the arena could hear it as clear as day.

Jiang Chen once again jumped in the conversation.

In a distance, the stronghold of the Pingyang Kingdom could already be seen by Jian Chen. On the eighty meter tall stronghold walls were a myriad of stone faced soldiers. There were about two million soldiers stationed within the stronghold, and from the skies, the tents stretched across the grounds like a continuous blanket. There were plenty of soldiers that were also patrolling around the stronghold wearing their armor.

"Eh, I still have 2 Class 4 Monster Cores; one is from the prize given by Kargath Academy, and another is what father gave to me. Since the Class 4 Monster Core has way more energy inside it than a Class 3 Monster Core has, I don't know how long a single Class 4 Monster Core will last me." Jian Chen thought. He didn't realize that the amount of monster cores within his possession was considered a massive pile of wealth. To Jian Chen, it was just a way to sustain his cultivation for a mere 10 days.

Fan Kun still didn't want to give up.

"That's right! Jiang Chen said that once he has defeated the Martial Saint Dynasty, he'll reward us handsomely! The Martial Saint Dynasty has a lot of good resources, I'm sure there are many benefits awaiting us!"

At this very moment, the Old Great Emperor could be seen floating unsteadily. One of his arms had been shattered by Jiang Chen, and blood was constantly pouring out from his wound.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen shouted and pointed his finger in a direction. A huge golden beam, like a sharp sword, shot out; it was different from before when it was just a golden beam.

Jian Chen displayed a warm expression on his face. However, in the eyes of the nobles of of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, his smile was the smile of a demon.

Just as the blade was about to cut into his throat, a sudden burst of energy slammed against the sword and knocked it away from his body just narrowly.

After two hours of traveling, everyone finally reached the outskirts of the forest where they could all see a faint white light illuminating from within.

Feeling the slight pain from his stomach, the somewhat plump Changyang Ke couldn't help but start to pale. When he looked down and saw the bloodstains on his stomach, his face changed drastically. A wail was heard as he started to cry, with teardrops falling in a never ending stream down his cheeks as if his eyes were fountains.

"Haha, rules? I don't mind telling you that Brother Ming has given us an order. Today we will kill all the men from the Yan family. None of you are going to escape!"

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