Almighty God Of Creation Chapter 472

Almighty God Of Creation Chapter 472

Cracking sounds rang out in the air, along with an explosive aura. Bai Xiaochun looked at his two fingers in surprise for a moment before recovering his composure.

When he slammed into it, it exploded, and yet again he was hit with a backlash. However, he didn't attempt to do anything to avoid it. Doing so was virtually impossible. And apparently, this level tested one's ability to withstand backlashes.

And yet, things weren't over yet! Within a single breath of time, that area stretched to 3,000,000 meters!!

If a warrior from the World of the Nine Continents was to suffer injuries or even be at the brink of death, it would mean nothing if they had the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus. Having it would almost mean gaining nine extra lives for oneself.

This celestial magic that bordered on a great Dao was also one of the reasons that Daoist Heavenspan had been able to overthrow the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. It was the reason he was so confident that, if he left this world and went to the world beyondˇ­ he would be able to become a true celestial. He would definitely make his breakthrough! Furthermore, he would eventually be able to reach the peak level of power, the likes of which were as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns even in the world beyond. He would become an archaean!

The ˇ®King's Aura' not only has the ability to decrease the opponent's strength while suppressing their power, but the user would be able to gain extra strength for themselves. In conclusion, this was an ability that allowed the user to increase their strength by weakening their opponents.

"Recently, it is said that this martial clinic is the most famous within Hundred Miles City, why didn't you tell me that you were the one that opened it? Don't you treat me as a friend?" Wenren Wu-shuang glared at Qing Shui.

After some discussion, all of them concluded that it wasn't possible for Peak Xiantian cultivators to die there. The only possibility was that they had been poisoned to death!

Despite that, everyone was profoundly shaken.

After forming, the warrior immediately closed in on the Celestial again.

Of course, the higher one went on the mountain, the more intense and colorful the halos became, indicating the higher quality of the good fortune available.

"He's going to make a breakthrough with tens of thousands of people watching!?!?"

Qing Shui turned around as he replied and soon enough, he heard the rustling sounds of clothing being removed. Truth be told, he was sorely tempted to turn back. Yuan Su was beautiful in a distant manner, and was uniquely charming.

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress had actually felt strange in her heart ever since that time when she was molested by him in the sea of flowers dream. Although it was just a dream, it had felt very real, following that, that scoundrel had continued to torture her multiple times every day, she could not even rest properly. This happened all the way till she met him, it was surprising that she did not kill him then. How could a person that seemed so proper have such thoughts so many times a dayˇ­

Of course, the elders of the clan were aware of that, and actually encouraged the competition. As long as such competition was kept under control, it was a way to ensure that the blood of the clan pumped strong and hard in the veins of the clan members.

Two thousand cultivators spent an entire month searching the 5,000 kilometer area.

Big Fatty Zhang was familiar with this expression; it was the same look Bai Xiaochun had on his face when he brought up the idea of making the bottoms of the bowls thicker. Considering how much that idea had benefited the Ovens, Big Fatty Zhang couldn't wait to hear Bai Xiaochun's idea.

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