I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 2841

I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 2841

"I, Tian Yishan have returned!"

Jian Chen's eyes gained a determined light to them, "Huang Luan, don't worry. I, Jian Chen, will exhaust my entire efforts to help you. You won't be betrothed to a man you do not love."


The disciples and elders of the Burning Sky Pavilion were screaming and yelling. The attacks they were facing right now gave them no room to fight back. If this continue, the Burning Sky Pavilion would disappear into the abyss, eliminated.

Zhou Butong readied his own sword, "If you wish to claim my son's life, then let's see your reason why."

"Okay, we'll head back then. But you two have to keep this secret of mine between us three." Tie Ta pleaded with the two.

The man walked toward Jian Chen and stopped at his bedside with a smile, "You are truly tenacious in order to take such a fatal blow without dying. If this were anyone else, even a Heaven Saint Master would have died."

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh££

Depressed, Jian Chen left the area. If he had known about this earlier, he would have asked the Eighth Elder for permission to leave the city during his time in the holy land.

"I was worried about that too. If that is the case, I don't think we can defend ourselves."

Struck by this sudden surprise, a look of excitement emerged on their faces. Entering the Martial Palace and cultivating there was a dream that existed in the minds of everyone from the younger generation, especially Tian Yishan. He had spent the last two years wandering from place to place, and not once in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be able to cultivate in the Martial Palace.


Right at the moment when this beam of light was destroyed, the restless Earth's Forces suddenly fell back like ocean waves, rolling back into the ground with lightning speed. The once restless Mount Tianyuan had once again become quiet.

A loud bang was heard. Jiang Chen's fist had hit something.

With that, Jian Chen spent no more time and held the tiger in his left hand with a bundle of clothes covering its body. Then, with a leap, he flew outside in an attempt to escape.


When all ferocious and brutal souls met with the golden lights that was being unleashed from Jiang Chen's body, they all let out heart-wrenching screams. Their expressions became fearful, as if they were looking at their natural predator.

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