World Domination System Chapter 2764

World Domination System Chapter 2764

Lee Chang Hao shouted in disbelief. What he had cut through was just Jiang Chen's shadow? How was this possible? How did he avoid his attack?

The people in the left group only had around 200 people. All of them were in sorry states; majority of the people there were wearing clothes made of bark or beast skins, and there were quite a few people that had naked torsos. However, all the people that walked out of the forest were organized by a teacher to join the group on the left.

The men from the Yangji Sect were all prideful. Each one of them had a powerful group supporting them, so Jian Chen's words stung their pride. Taking out a purple coin, one of the youths spoke out, "I've a purple coin to give to the inn, do you have any problems with that?"

"The Skymend Formation."

When the men from the Myriad Sword Sect arrived, the huge sword carrying them immediately transformed into an ordinary longsword. The leading man grabbed the longsword and stored it away. The old man had an imposing appearance, and he was also a Combat Soul warrior.

While the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was incomparably precious, the most important part of the blood had already been absorbed by him. The remaining parts of the blood could only be said to be equal to water and did not have a single use for it anymore.

"Looks like these dead spirits can be produced endlessly. My guess is they're just like those stone golems we previously encountered. If we can find the main source and destroy it, we will be able to wipe them all out completely and leave this place."

Jiang Chen didn't reject the pills. He immediately put away the storage bag; the Mortal Restoration pills were something he really needed, and the more the better. Yan Zhan Yun always wanted to find a way to repay Jiang Chen, and now he had the opportunity.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, "But, this Banner is completely under Lord Blood Moon's control, it's connected to his bloodline, it's impossible for me to control it anymore££"

"Ha!" Hu Ba cried out angrily. The sabre in his hand shot out another three meter long blade of light, leaving behind mirror images of the blade as it traveled. The blade of light cut down the crossbow bolts around Hu Ba before he charged straight for Jian Chen.

Tiangang Yi said.

Jiang Chen's voice sounded out throughout the entire Black Mountain. A lot of inner circle disciples were on their way to check out what was happening, but their faces turned pale immediately upon sensing Jiang Chen's energy ripples. In an instant, they moved aside and tried not getting his way, worried that they might suffer from his anger.

"Not good, it's Big Yellow!"


Qin Ji Vs Zhar

"Where's the enemy, who's the motherf*cker that cried wolf££"

"Thank you Chief Yan for doing this."

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